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Part I: Do you have a fabulous dress (or for you Gents, a suite, or very nice evening attire) collecting dust on the back of your closet?
Do you enjoy dressing to the nines but struggle to find a reason in laid back, super casual Hawaii? I'm from Vegas and miss wearing my clubbing clothes or fine dining clothes.

I've tried rocking my fancy attire going out on my own, but I hate showing up places being the only one who dressed up and feeling "over dressed." So, I figured there's got to be other people here who feel the same way. Who misses wearing their high heels and Hervé Leger style, bandage dresses or cocktail dresses and suites?

Come on all you New Yorkers, Californians, Miami'ans and Chicago'ans, all you big city, classy folk, I know you feel me. Lets bring a new level of style to the islands and go out in big groups together, enjoying our expensive, (or not so expensive) fancy attire.

Part II: Do you like dressing up in costumes? Do you wish you had more excuses/reasons to do so. I was part of a costume meetup in Vegas that held themed parties every month or so.

Some theme ideas

• Pirates/Wenches/Mermaids

• Fave Disney character, sexified

• Fur Party

• Steampunk

• Eyes Wide Shut, Masquerade

• Octoberfest, Steampunk

• Sci-Fi/cosplay.

I love anything that involves using my creative juices to come up with something to wear that's outside of daily attire. I live in an amazing condo that's great for throwing parties and would love to start having annual themed parties.

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