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We now have a facebook meetup group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FlintAreaRPG/), feel free to join to stay up to date on group info.

This is a group for people in or around the Flint to Saginaw area to get together and have fun playing their favorite tabletop RPGs and board games. The group was designed around my own desire to get involved in a campaign (or multiple campaigns) in the area with experienced players and GMs. I saw a lot of people in the area that were looking for a group, but no groups to accommodate them, so instead of just putting my name on a list, I took the initiative to start one myself. Anyone who is interested in starting or playing a tabletop RPG campaign from a variety of different games and is geographically close to Flint or Saginaw should join. As the member count of the group rises, different campaigns for different games can be formed, creating small chapters of the main group for people to gather and play. The group needs some experienced players and GMs to get the campaigns going. Beyond that, anyone else with the desire to play or learn how to play should feel free to give it a go. So come on everyone. Take the Initiative and join up. Let's get some great games going and have lots of fun.

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