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Living SistahPeacefully SisCommunity EduRaps ™ 

Come join us at our ongoing SisCommunity EduRaps™ . . .

We're an Ongoing Open-format EduRap™ Group of Peace-Minded Wimmin Getting Together To Look At Various Ways We Can Keep Our Peace Of Mind By Offering A Brief Process & Solution Approach To Our Way Of Doing So . . .


We're womin-affirmative™ non-professional and professional wellness practitioners who get together to mindfully support each other to find and maintain [or regain] our natural peace of mind as we actively work within our diverse communities to make our own lives and the lives of others better.

We come together to support each other in all aspects of our lives, our work, our play and our spirituality, to enjoy the friendship of other peace-minded wimmin™ and to enliven and to strengthen our womin-affirmative professional and non-professional community.

We're a supportive and intentional SisCommunity™ of wimmin who are proactively exploring and learning to trust our unique instincts and intuitions; to find and keep our natural-born peace of mind in ways that relate to enhancing our personal and community wellness and spirituality.

http://sistahpeace.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/k1745310.229134405_std.jpg We welcome all peace-minded wimmin practitioners ~ including non-professional, and professional artists, performers, writers, dancer, musicians, activists and healers (including energy workers, therapists, life coaches, psychologists, massage therapists, mind-body instructors, students, medical professionals, ministers, spirituality teachers and any other mind, body, spirit healers/practitioners) who study, teach or practice and want to learn more about and discuss womin-affirmative™ wellness, life-balance and spirituality with other wellness & Peace-minded wimmin.

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About Our Growing WKOPOMT SisCommunity On MeetUp

Are you looking for a wimmin-affirmative™ place where wimmin are regularly gathering together to support each other in "Keepin Our Peace Of Mind Together™ " in a variety of ways?

Mindfully supportive, wimmin-affirmative™ groups and intentional SisCommunity creates safe healing spaces for wimmin to explore and express our feelings, build self-esteem, and learn to trust our unique instincts and intuition so that we may find, keep and cultivate our natural-born Peace of Mind.

When wimmin mindfully come together in a community of womin-affirmative support and speak to one another from our hearts, free of judgment, we become self-enabled [empowered] to know and express ourselves more authentically, fearlessly & powerfully in the world.

We mindfully affirm that by wimmin affirming and enabling other wimmin globally to be who We Really Are is what's going to help heal & bring lasting peace-mindedness globally, in our hearts, minds, homes, communities and beyond.

Wimmin-Affirmative support & EduGroups™ are also advantageous because they create a much needed loving viable and supportive sense of proactive SisCommunity. We affirm that wimmin need proactive SisCommunity and authentic connection with other wimmin who understand us, see us, hear us, and appreciate us. We need mindful SisCommunity™ , we need a wimmin-affirmative™ place where we feel we belong, in order to be whole, happy and well ~ which are essential needs for having and keeping our [natural and much needed] Peace of Mind.
Join us in Long Beach on the first Saturday of each month from 11 am til 1:00 pm for our on-going Living SistahPeacefully SisCommunity EduRaps™, where we'll explore seven essential topics on a rotating basis . . .

We're an Ongoing Open-format EduRap™ Group of Wimmin Getting Together To Identify, Discuss & Use Brief Process Solutions & Positive Wellness Approaches To Naturally Cultivate And Keep Our Peace of Mind . . .

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Here's a List of Our WKOPOM EduRap™ Topics . . . which will repeat in a 7 month cycles [on 1st Saturdays of the month ] Please consult our calendar for the dates for specific topics.

09/03/11 ~  Introduction to Wimmin's Spiritual Inner-Visioning Thru Creative Art Process EduRap™

09/17/11 ~  Helping Each Other ~ Moving Beyond Our Dilemmas SisCommunity EduRap™

10/01/11 ~  Beyond The Harm Physical, Emotional & Sexual Abuse EduRap™

11/05/11 ~  Wimmin's Intuition & Spirituality EduRap ™

12/03/11 ~ Beyond The Devastation of Betrayal and Deception EduRap™

01/07/12 ~  WOC Lesbian - Bi - Questioning Identity & Relationship EduRap™

02/04/12 ~  Wimmin's™ Harm Reduction EduRap™ & Support for Over-Partyers

03/03/12 ~  Introduction to Wimmin's Spiritual Inner-Visioning Thru Creative Art Process EduRap™  [our cycle begins anew] 

Our EduRaps™ are our No-Charge, Community Wellness Offering [donations accepted] to wimmin in the Greater Long Beach community & surrounding areas [you're welcome to join us wherever you live] and we only ask that you RSVP for each week your intention to attend and then keep your appointment, since the seating is limited.

While Our SistahPeacers ™ [Sistahs who have joined] can always come even, if they forget to RSVP ~ please do also remember that seating is limited and that non-reserved seating is on a first-come-first-served basis . . .

Wellcome to SistahPeaceful WellBalance™ . . .

AfraShe Asungi, LCSW, Organizer, Facilitating SistahPeacer™, & WellBalance ReShaper™

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Please Note: We don't charge for our groups or membership, however donations are always welcome in order to cover the costs of keeping our group active. With that in mind, in order to remain an active member, our members are required to visit and log into our MeetUp website at least once every 3 months and to attend at least one meetup event every 6 months.

We mindfully seek active members who really want to participate and actively help make our Meetup SisCommunity a proactive, vibrant place where interested wimmin mindfully gather together to assist one another to Naturally Keep Our Peace of Mind.

Therefore, anyone who RSVPs "Yes" and then fails to attend two meetups within a year will be warned about the 1st time; and may be removed from our membership if she fails to attend after an RSVP twice within the year.

Also- please be aware that our Organizer is authorized, and upon joining our group, you agree that the Organizer is authorized, to suspend, delete, and/ or refuse membership to this Meetup Group to any person for abuse of the site and/ or past suspension(s) and/or termination(s) of membership, without subsequent recourse.

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