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Our F.E.A.R. meet-ups look to continue the conversation around digital-self.

Unconstrained by physical limitations, and drawn to more extreme examples of our own world-view, people feel free to choose and construct their identities. Virtual spaces which foster such freedom and anonymity allow people to depart from the expectations, norms, and behaviours of their daily lives. Which at first sounds empowering and liberating, but is also allowing people to behave in primitive, often dangerous ways.

As extreme as this scenario may seem, we face the genuine reality that at some point the suppression of norms and natural expression would deem the physical self the avatar, and the online avatar the true self.

Is it time that we stopped and acknowledged that technology should always be a key component in establishing humans and society, but that we also need to demonstrate the importance of technology as a human creation that aligns with social values, and does not come at the detriment of our long-term identity and happiness? I say yes. Others disagree with me.

For a few hours we'll disconnect from the grid. Huddle as group. Share our stories in private, and talk openly about the world as it is, where it's going, and what we would like to happen.

IMPORTANT: Our events are organised at a secret location in London, which will be disclosed a few days before the event. All participants will be expected to switch off any internet connected devices and place them in a sealed bag for the duration of the event. After the event attendees acknowledge that they will not be able to share any information discussed, or the identities of other attendees. Failure to adhere to our few basic rules will prevent you from attending future events.

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F.E.A.R - Identity in a Digital World

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