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What we’re about

Hello Gorgeous You!

This group is for women who wish to empower themselves for abundance, health and relationship success, and who are willing to practice reclaimed (but ancient) techniques for manifestation, wellbeing and inner peace. The emphasis will be on nourishing and healing your feminine energy, which means:

* releasing past hurts
* building a good connection to yourself for inner peace and stability
* exploring how to create and attract healthy relationships
* how to meet your female needs mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually
* organising your life according to your lunar or menstrual cycle for ladies of all stages of life
* how to manifest using your feminine power using down to earth practical solutions and tools

I will be running women's circles on the full moons and the new moons both online and in person where you will experience a safe space to share, open and do some healing work to become your best most optimum self! I will also be offering courses and programmes to deepen your connection to your feminine power.

Who Am I?
I am Natasha Bailey, Soul Mission Guide and Female Energy Awakening Therapist whose mission it is to empower women to fulfill their life purpose and live a rich full life that is meaningful to them. I am a Level 3 Moon Mother energy healer specialising in feminine healing, and am passionate about bringing you the best and latest tested techniques for your healing and wellbeing.

I am so looking forward to supporting you on your femininity journey!
Love Natasha