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This Meetup group is a place to come together share our ideas and support one another.

In Irish culture we come together a lot to discuss life and anything that is important to us.

As a child I met up regularly with friends and we talked and laughed about everything. This helped me so much to understand myself and other people.

There is a beautiful energy right now in the world for growth and expansion. A lot of people are opening up to new experiences and are following more in their own direction.

Personally I have been opening a lot more recently. I would have never dreamed of taking over a Meetup group and be so visible on the internet.

So I think we need to take advantage of this time and come together and support one another.

Our focus with be on self love and empowerment discussing topics such as self care body confidence spirituality in all forms and relationships and all that goes with that!!! :)

I think it is time to make new memories with new people so come and join if you feel guided to.

I send a lot of hugs and love from here.


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Exploring the Power of Now: Through Conversation, Meditation & Yoga
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My boyfriend's Praxis


You probably know that wonderful peaceful, relaxing, centered feeling after yoga. But did it disappear the moment you commuted back home and all thoughts and ‘real life’ came crashing back in again? I’m sure we would all like to keep that state of mind which we learn and gain from yoga into our daily lives. And this is what this 2.5hour exploration will do: maximizing, integrating and experiencing such benefits so that super-state is your constant state! The group exploration will begin with tea and conversation about yoga and the special topic of this session: being in ‘now’. Mantra meditation and chanting will build energy and lead you into a heightened level of concentration and awareness. Yoga will get the heart pumping and release any mental and physical knots, followed by a challenging silent meditation. The exploration will end with a relaxing guided visualization where all the learning can be integrated. The exploration takes a very well-rounded approach and serves as a mini-retreat. A group of four, including myself, will sustain a good group dynamic so I will only schedule this session when we reach that number. Please your own yoga mat and I will provide the rest. 35CHF donation is recommended and it includes tea, teaching and the space rental costs. If you have special topics you would like to suggest, please just write me!

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