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What we’re about

Feng Shui meetups over a leisure weekend.

How to make my dreams true—these are easy and fun ways to personal success and wealth, happy home, healthy family and good friends.

Feng Shui is a very potent science and art for creating good luck and fortune, which has successfully stood the test of time through proven power. Used since ancient times as a privilege for the richest only, and widely spread now, it still remains as crucial as ever to know how to use it right so that it works.

In the form of short classes and workshops, we will learn about the various ways of Feng Shui practice and test the best that work for us.

Feng Shui can be applied to us personally, to our relationships, homes and workplaces. It is used originally to balance and harmonise the living environment and make the best out of our surroundings. Through the means of positively energising and improving the spaces, it creates the best flow of energy for our success in life.

Just imagine a dandelion floret flowing freely in the air and floating easily on the water until it seeds in its most nourishing soil to flower.

This is Feng Shui—wind and water. Indeed, we created this group where we spend our leisure time in an easy-flowing way while having fun and learning powerful means to make success for ourselves and make our lives and homes better. Wishfully, we also make new friends. Feng Shui attendance has a small fee and we also plan free events.

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