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Welcome to Fibre Sword Badminton!
A game helps to keep you physically fit and strong.

We are open to skill level from High Beginner to Low Intermediate or Intermediate Players.

Rating Skills:

- Professional players.

- Advanced player. Can perform every shot with consistency.

- High Intermediate player. Can perform 75% or more of all the shots consistently but has more weaknesses that can be exposed by the above.

- Intermediate player. Can perform most of all the shots but not consistently. Footwork and strategy OK.

- Low Intermediate player. Has proper footwork and adequate basic shots.

- High Beginner: Can consistently hit the shuttle. Has minor footwork, can smash, drop, clear, a minor backhand and serve.

- Mid Beginner: Can consistently make contact with the shuttle with an occasional miss. No fundamentals yet.

- Beginner - Beginner: Just started playing.

Let's have fun!

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