What we're about

Welcome to the world of Fierce Beauty!

This group is open for women, girls, mamas, sisters, grandmas of all walks of life who wish to dive deep into the ocean of femininity for a more harmonious and fulfilled life.

The Fierce Beauty classes are designed to re-introduce the importance of music, self-expression and free dance to the everyday life and to promote the power of self-healing through movement, sound, breathing and meditative techniques.

Fierce Beauty
The Fierce Beauty Dance and Movement Workshops invite you on an in-depth journey into our femininity through the power of sound and movement.

The aim of the workshop is to give you an overall understanding on how to release locked up energy and limiting physical and emotional blocks that are standing in the way of self-fulfilment.

With various exercises you’ll get to open up the power centres, the chakras to rejuvenate the body, to boost creativity and the ability to express your emotions in one of the most beautiful and sacred ways of all, through telling a story with your moves.

By re-connecting to your body’s wisdom you become more aware of the amazing power that resides within.

For Who?

The Fierce Beauty Dance Class is for you if you are want to :

-awaken your feminine energy pathways to cultivate more love, joy and vitality in your body;

-strengthen your connection to your centre;
feel alive and radiant in your skin;
-enjoy the benefits of deep meditative states while dancing to amazing afro-Caribbean beats:)


We start the class with a warm up that includes tantric breath work, grounding and energizing exercises to deeply connect to your power so we can build the foundations of the practice. This will be followed by a high intensity part with hips and shoulder isolation for more control and flexibility and step by step mini choreography sequences.

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Awakening Feminine - Movement Meditation Evening

Evolve Wellness Centre

Weekly Dance Class (Afro-Latin Fusion)

Needs a location

Weekly Dance Class (Afro-Latin Fusion)

Needs a location

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