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"Freedom is not a gift from heaven... we must fight for it every day!" ~ Simon Wiesenthal

Few people in the developed nations have a grasp of the magnitude of human trafficking. Fewer still take action. Welcome to Fight Slavery Now! Thank you for choosing to make a difference.

We are an all volunteer grass-roots organization of regular folks like yourself. Most of us initially knew little about this subject, or else believed that incidents were few and far away. But when we learned the truth, we knew we had to try to do something about it. We used Meetup.com to come together seeking a course of action. Though we are diverse in our backgrounds, outlooks and ages... we have become united in our outrage.

Founded at the end of 2008, we are still a fledgling group. This is a very exciting time to become involved as we are actively seeking new ideas and approaches as we continue to learn. Your participation will be highly valued. Additionally we are encouraged that the political climate has become somewhat more receptive, both locally and on the international stage, to addressing this debasing crime.

The sex trafficking industry overwhelmingly preys on young women and children. The slave labor markets rely on a ready supply of men and women fleeing desperate circumstance. Threats, trickery and false promises are the essential tools used by traffickers. Once under their control, victims find only abuse, humiliation, and endless exploitation. This is the face of modern-day slavery.

Because of its low visibility, too little is being done to combat this crime. Reliable statistics are scarce, but estimates run as high as 27 million people currently in some form of slave bondage. Not all trafficking is across borders. Many people are trafficked right here within the United States. Specific laws against Trafficking in Persons were formulated only in this decade, and in New York State only in 2007.

Meet other local people who are interested in the fight against modern-day slavery. Discuss how we can best educate ourselves and others, what actions individual citizens can take, and how we can join with others to end this abuse flourishing in our midst.

This movement needs all the help and all the talent it can muster. We need speakers and writers, doers and dreamers. We need wit and reason, passion and caring. People wise in the ways of politics. People with business savvy. People with organizing skills. We need artists and singers, poets and preachers. We need everyone who cares, all the men, women, and children who are willing to work to end slavery in our generation. We need YOU!

Learn more about human trafficking on our website: FightSlaveryNow.Org (http://fightslaverynow.org/)

Read more about this Meetup group on the page: "ABOUT US (https://www.meetup.com/Fight-Slavery-Now/about/)"

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