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What we’re about

This group of prosperity minded individuals is designed to bring together like minds for the purpose of co creating Financial Freedom through learning, sharing and growing as a group. Most people don't realize that becoming financially free is something that is rarely done by yourself. Creating wealth is a team sport and the quality of your network will often determine just how far you go. This group learns and earns together through sharing experiences (what works and what doesn't). 

Whether you are already financially free and looking to increase your lifestyle and network or someone who is just starting down the path this group is for you! Come learn and earn with us!

About Mike Wolf: Mike is a self-made freedom lifestyle entrepreneur, expert investor and international speaker. He has been investing in real estate for over 30 years, and helps people realize their dreams of a lifestyle of freedom by teaching strategies to achieve passive income.

Mike has been featured in The Globe and Mail, various print publications, radio stations, not to mention NBC, CBS and ABC news, including Yahoo Finance.

Mike and his teams have been involved in thousands of Real Estate transactions. Mike's trainings have helped students from around the world to change their financial futures.

Though he is Canadian, Mike is the leading authority on helping non-US citizens invest in the hottest markets of the United States. When he’s not training students he loves to travel, spend time with his 2 grandsons, and do humanitarian projects and volunteering.