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introduction of ''Feel your inner force'' to feel more free & energetic

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introduction of ''Feel your inner force'' to feel more free & energetic


Dear reader,
The introduction meetup of this course is moved from 11th July to tuesday 5 of september.
The introduction evening will give you insights and clue what and how you can reach and keep to your inner force.
You don't need to have big problems to improve your dailey energy and quality in life. To improve quality of life starts with awareness and some practical tools you can easily help your dailey life being more independant of the circumstances & situations. I am happy to invite you personal to this meetup in June to experience if this training can support you and contribute to your awareness and practising in you dailey life !

How can this course/training contribute? Thats where this introduction is about and you can subscribe for in this meeting: something you have to experience and can participate in .

A combination of self-awareness questions, some logics analysis and daring to feel where your habbits/issues/thoughts are limiting to feel more free and very important to feel your body & e-motions by doing some interesting practical & interactive (safe!) exercises also from the empowerment program Rock&Water.
This we do with a quit simple schematic how people in general use avoiding strategies that are probably were very functional in the time you were not capable of baring the reality/situation, but they are mostly not functional anymore! On the contrary : cost more energy then it helps or protect you. What is a real supporting replacement choise ? You can find out here!

Also i hope to find out if we have enough participants for (2-)weekly (active!) course/training, or just a probably few walk-in evenings to get inspired how to work on your energy & feelings of self-confidance and also happiness in your dailey living.

After this evening you will get some insights and some experiences during exercise & exchange where are hints how &where to pay attention to. Of course it helps when you prepair a with the questions to yourself which regular dailey situation(s) you loose your energy (or dont look forward /avoid it) and what do i miss (=hiding the answer what do you need really in your life (exept ''the'' perfect love or a lot of money where you make yourself a bit depending of external conditions)

If you are doubting if this approach is something for you, or have specific questions concering your previous courses/therapies you did or your condition, please feel free to call or make an appointment .

This introduction evening is for free entrance, but of course a volentairy donation for coffee/tea (with a cookie) €2,50 is appreciated what you can decide to leave your coins/money in a jar or your phone-nr/mail for a tikkie.

Hope to meet you over 2 weeks!
René van der Weerd
innovative mental energy coach & empowerment trainer

COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be indoors
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
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Find you Inner Force: Helps U to obtain more quality in life
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