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Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners

Van Nuys, CA

Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners

Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners (LARPBO) launched in February 2011 to bring together "Responsible Pit Bull Owners" in the greater Los Angeles area. Our mission is to join together in group activities, events, pit bull advocacy, education/training classes, and community outreach in order to promote a positive image of all “bully breeds.”

We are committed to educating the public about responsible pit bull and dog ownership, banishing the myths that the media feeds the public. We actively work together to share the truth about bully breeds: they are very loyal, loving, intelligent dogs who are amazing and wonderful family pets. Just like any dog, given proper obedience training, socialization with humans, and appropriate interaction with other dogs, this breed defies media misconceptions. By promoting attention and communication between dogs and owners we can show the general public what we already know: these are amazing creatures deserving of full and happy lives.

LARPBO promotes the importance of spaying and neutering all bully breeds, as well as rescuing and re-homing. The overpopulation of these dogs currently creates the assumption that these dogs don’t deserve a chance.

With so much controversy surrounding the bully breeds today, our focus is not only to increase awareness of the issues that affect pit bulls and their ownership, but to work together to be a part of the solution. Our goal with Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners is to gather pit bull loving friends and owners as a community – a community dedicated to making a stand for our best friends and strive to do so with the same fun-loving outlook that our dogs have in life.

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Peeps of LA & Beyond 🚀 (20s/30s Social)

Los Angeles, CA

Peeps of LA & Beyond 🚀 (20s/30s Social)

Welcome to the nexus! For folks who may be new this group is going to be an Eastside County or West Orange County focused millennial-aimed group for us to get off our computers and phones to go network and meetup in real life. Over the years I've had a lot of good experiences doing various young professionals events all throughout the east side of Downtown whether in Pasadena, Arcadia, San Gabriel, or Arts District and I hope for y'all to join us too.

The kinds of events you will see on here will be a sampling of what LA has to offer, from mixers and bar or coffee crawls, art nights, trips, game nights, movies, classes for archery or dance, or anything else that members might find interesting (and please send recommendations). Note that the reason I call this group a Nexus is because it will have a lot of events or places that I've found through meetup and now want to share with like-minded folks who might be in the same place on life.

So if you have any recommendations let me know and feel free to send ideas or spots in the area. Hope to see y'all soon!

We want to create a safe community where people can mingle and connect naturally. This can be a slow process regarding vetting new members to help us avoid a lot of issues that the other meetups have to deal with. Please understand that this vetting can include up to in person referrals because unfortunately too many bad apples have taken advantage of a lot of the other groups out there. So apologies if this may seem super strict! <br>

PS: Meeting new people is all about respect and personal safety is crucial, so that being in mind, so personal conduct is key as we are all a bunch of strangers in public settings and listening to others should always be maintained. With that in mind if any member is harassing you online or in real life that you haven't met then please inform an organizer so we can act on said individuals including and up to a ban from the group. Please no bar fights or extra drama :P

Disclaimer: Group organizers and assistant organizers assume no liability in any of the activities you participate in. By being a member of this group you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold any of the group's leaders, officers, or representatives liable for injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. You also agree that your membership of this group is based on an "at will" basis. <br>

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Los Angeles, CA


YOU are an LA woman over 40! And WE are adventurous, imaginative, enthusiastic women over 40 who are insatiably curious about the people and places that make up our magical mosaic called Los Angeles. We want to go where we haven’t gone and do what we haven’t done. And we’re as diverse as this city we love! You are welcome as you are, and no one is judged.  

Together, we’ll deep-dive into arts, music, dance, comedy, history, architecture, variety arts, craft fairs, antique districts, flea markets, local festivals, and all manner of culture and counterculture. Of course, we’ll find fun and fabulous places to eat and drink along our way. We want our activities to be as varied as our membership.

We're also extremely proud of our three signature event series: 

1) Cocktails in Unique Places (CUP) -- our signature event, 2) A historical based event, and 3) our casual Neighborhood Nights where we can relax, connect, and build great friendships.

And your ideas are always welcome! YOU can be an event organizer! We're always happy to help you make your event sparkle!

Some events will be free. But for others, we may ask for a small fee to cover Meetup expenses. (And of course, if you like our group vibe, you’re always welcome to make a donation on your own!) Some events may have limits on the number of people the venue will allow. But we’ll always try to have a waitlist.

Just a few rules to remember:

For the safety of all our members, we require a clear profile photo OF YOU ALONE, OF YOUR FACE (facing the camera!) NO HATS OR SUNGLASSES! -- SORRY, BUT NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you RSVP and then don’t cancel more than 24 hours before at 4 events, we’ll have to show you out of the group for four months. But that won’t happen because you’ll update your RSVPs and cancel with at least 24 hours notice! Right?  

And if you RSVP and we never see you that’s a NO SHOW even if you were there and did your own thing. 3 no-shows and we will remove you from the group for six-months.

No-shows and Last-minute cancellations put our ability to book terrific venues at risk! Your event organizers and sister members will appreciate your courtesy especially when there's a wait list.

Be kind and welcoming to everyone you meet here. We ask that you never contact group members you haven’t met in person. Don’t send group emails for any reason. Be respectful in the comments.

So come join us! There’s a world of new friends here that can’t wait to meet you!



Once again, we require a clear profile photo OF YOU -- ALONE -- OF YOUR FACE (shoulders-up facing the camera!) 



You can change your ACCOUNT profile photo OR your GROUP profile photos.

Your ACCOUNT profile photo will be used by DEFAULT for your GROUP profiles. After a GROUP profile photo is set, changing your ACCOUNT profile photo will not update your GROUP profile. You can update each of your GROUP profile photos individually.

Profile photo requirements: The recommended ratio is 1:1. For example, a square 200 pixels high by 200 pixels wide photo. Photos must be in JPEG or PNG format and under 10MB.


Desktop web

1. Click on your circular profile button.

2. Select Profile from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Change your photo.

4. Upload a new photo or pick from your existing profile photos.

5. Select Done to confirm.

Android & iOS Apps

1. From the Home tab, tap your circular Profile button.

2. Tap edit profile or the Pencil.

3. Select Change or the Camera beneath your current profile picture.

4. Select one of the following options:

 *Take a photo

 *Select photo from your device

 *Delete photo

5. Tap the checkmark or Save to confirm.


Desktop web

1. Navigate to the group homepage.

2. Select Manage group or You’re a member.

3. Select Your member profile.

4. Select change your photo.

5. Upload a new photo or pick from your existing profile photos.

6. Select Done to confirm.


For the ability to communicate with you your EMAIL UPDATES and NOTIFICATIONS must be turned on in SETTINGS both on your computer and phone app. Without notifications you will miss out on newly posted events, but more importantly you will miss out on schedule changes. Important updates can include, time and meetup location changes, a rescheduled event date, and in some remote cases an event cancellation.  

For instructions on how to change your settings, go to the Females 40+ For Friendship & Fabulous Places HOME page. Click on MORE (under the portal photo), then click on MESSAGE BOARD. Select "Email and notification settings." Make certain you've checked all the boxes and allow us to email and notify you. Please note the Message Board is available on the Web Application, but not on the Mobile App.

To edit settings on the Mobile App, go to your profile icon (bottom right corner), then go to the 3 dots icon (upper right corner). Select "Push notifications", then select "Change email updates." Make certain all options are GREEN. 


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Queer Folx Social Club

Pasadena, CA

Queer Folx Social Club

Welcome all those in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum! Basically anyone looking for wholesome gay/queer/lesbian/trans/bi/asexual/and more content in the form of fun events, workshops, and adventures! 

We're always working to make sure that we have a variety of events for different speeds from low-key/chill drawing meet-ups, to high energy night-outs and hiking adventures, and everything in between! If you have any suggestions or ideas you'd like to see, don't hesitate to comment or message any of the hosts to let us know!

Also, feel free to join our discord server for more real-time online chats with other members <3

and check out our gay calendar (I'm collecting events from all over LA to add here!):


Please note that while we appreciate allies, this is a queer safe space (including those who are questioning) and we politely request that allies / those not in the LGBTQ+ please consider other groups. Thanks for understanding!

Please also note that this group is also *primarily* queer women (including non-binary, gender-expansive, and transgender folx) so while we accept all LGBTQIA+ individuals, I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you're looking for a specific community<3

***image credit: @lovestruckprints ***

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Finding Female Friends Past Fifty® SouthBay (FFF>F)

Manhattan Beach, CA

Finding Female Friends Past Fifty® SouthBay (FFF>F)

Finding Female Friends Past Fifty (FFF>F) is a group of seasoned, interesting, and supportive women. If you're looking for friends, you've found the right place! Many women find ourselves at this age without the social connections we yearn for, and finding friends in our age group can be a challenge. 

If you join our group with an open heart, sense of adventure, and fun spirit, you may find that even after a few events, you will begin to make connections and form friendships.

Please take a moment to review our guidelines prior to your request to join:

MEETUP PROFILE: Our group is growing quickly and it is important for us to be able to connect and communicate with our members. And as a group of women, we are sensitive to being able to know who we are communicating with, as well as being able to recognize you and call you by name at our events. As a result, we require a few specific items regarding your Meetup profile:

Name: We require that you use your actual first name. You do not have to enter a last name, but your first name needs to be what you are addressed by. Profile names that appear to be obscuring identity will not be approved.

Profile: We require a close-up photo that shows your face, head and shoulders with no obscuring elements like sunglasses, a low hat or a mask. Please check your profile picture before you request membership. If your picture does not meet requirements, your request will not be approved. If you need help updating your picture, click here:

Membership Fees: Meetup charges our group a subscription cost every 6 months for us to be a part of their platform. To cover this, we ask that every member pay $5 to cover the cost of these fees. You can conveniently give your $5 to your event host at your next event. You will only pay this fee once, then we won't ask again for at least 1 year. Depending upon how many active members we have and what Meetup's subscription charges are, we should not have to ask for additional fees beyond your first payment for at least 1 year, likely longer.

Notifications: As a member, it is essential that you have your Email Updates and Push Notifications turned on in Settings both on your desktop computer and your phone app. It is also necessary to check back frequently in the days before a scheduled event in case there are any changes or if confirmation is requested. If you need help changing your settings, you can use the following links: Turn on Email Notifications: Turn on Push Notifications: . PLEASE NOTE: If we are not able to reach you when needed, you may be removed from the group.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance and punctuality are vital for us to create an environment where friendships can flourish; please note that we take attendance seriously. If you are unsure if you can make it to an event, please do not sign up; instead, wait to see if there is room last minute. Not following the guidelines below can result in removal from future events and/or from the group.

Tardiness: It is important to be respectful of everyone's time, including restaurant staff, event staff, and event organizers who often plan in advance to ensure our group can be accommodated, etc. Please plan ahead to ensure you arrive on time. Excessive tardiness of over 10 minutes may result in you being removed from future events, and/or from the group.

RSVPs: As our group expands, we typically have several ladies on the waitlist for our events. We ask that if you need to change your RSVP, you do so no later than 48 hours prior to the event. This will provide members on the waitlist some notice that they are able to go to the event and allow them to adjust their plans accordingly. We understand that life happens and sometimes there are last-minute changes; however, any sudden drop-outs with less than 48 hours notice will result in you being removed from any events you are attending for the next week. This applies to our waitlist as well. If you are on the waitlist, it is assumed you intend to come should a spot open up. If your plans change, please edit your response to 'Not Going' at least 48 hours in advance.

No-Shows: A lot of work and coordination goes into planning an event, and part of what makes events fun is having everyone show up! All event coordinators can be reached via message or email through the Meetup app. If you are signed up for an event and you do not attend, you will be marked as "No Show". If this occurs with no communication from you, you will be removed from any events you are attending for the next week. After three no shows, you will be removed from the group.

*****FFF>F CANCELLATION POLICY: Your host is a fellow member who has put a lot of effort into this event! Out of consideration to her and to fellow members on the waitlist, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance if you can no longer attend. The consequence for not doing so is removal from any events you are going to for one week.

Event Fee Requirements: You may find that some of our events require an event fee to be paid within a certain amount of time. If you are not able to make the payment within the allocated amount of time, you will be moved to “Not Going” to the event. If you RSVP for multiple fee-required events and have a track record of not paying within the allocated amount of time, the event organizer can move you to “Not Going” at their discretion without giving you the allocated amount of time to pay.

ATTITUDE: We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming, positive, and inclusive environment for our members. We are here to have fun and enjoy our time together. As such, the following behaviors are not allowed and we reserve the right to remove anyone from the group for violating these expectations.

~ Negativity: Our time together is reserved for uplifting and supporting each other. So please come with a positive attitude and leave any negativity at home.

~ Drama: We are grown women; drama in any form is unnecessary and will not be tolerated.

~ Business/Networking: Please leave your work hat at home. We are here to make friends, and not be sold to or recruited.

If you are looking for Female Friends past Fifty and these guidelines align with your personal values, please join us!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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The D&D Experience Point

Northridge, CA

The D&D Experience Point

WHO ARE WE  & WHAT WE DO:  We are a Cinema House for the Mind,  specializing in Dungeons & Dragons (and other fantasy and sci fi role playing games) for newcomers and veterans alike! 

We are here to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment to not only play the game but to experience it. For our (GMs) game masters D&D and other roleplaying games aren't just games, but vehicles of entertainment, self-expression, reflection, team building, and community building that when facilitated well create an emotionally unforgettable experience.

We invite you to join this beginner friendly D&D (5th edition) based group whether you are looking for a casual game or a full on campaign.

Our games encourages players to steer the course of the adventure. Everything is provided for you. To get a feel for the games check out:

Youtube channel:

Instagram handle:



We provide all of the essentials for you. You don't need to worry about bringing dice, mini's, maps or anything else! Just show up ready to have fun. (applies to in person games but we also provided access to most digital content as well!) 

First timers: For your first session you can choose from a pre-made character or build your own.


We all pay for high quality entertainment and D&D is no different.  Now don't get us wrong, we are not saying you NEED to pay to play D&D. If you have a great home group of friends you’ve been playing with for years and/or a solid group you play with at a game shop then we may not be for you. That said, maybe you are that "forever GM" who's always running the game but never gets to play a character. Maybe you are part of a group in which players constantly flake or that group of friends who have been too busy to get together recently. Maybe you have played a lot of games where the GM just didn’t seem well prepared. Maybe you are newcomer or an old player coming back to the game and you are looking for a great place to jump back in! If any of those apply to you then RSVP for a game. Our GMs treat D&D with passion and professionalism which adds to your overall experience. Below are just a few reasons why we believe a good gaming session is worth paying for!

·  Accountability: GMs plan session according to the number of players who RSVP and tickets hold players accountable to attending games. This makes a better experience for everyone at the table.

·  Leveling Up: We see skilled GMs no different from artists, musicians,  writers, directors, teachers, and the like. If you have been doing something long enough with proficiency (pun intended) there’s nothing wrong getting paid for it. (In D&D this is essentially adventuring 101. Adventures are usually offered coin for completing said adventure. )

·  Time & Money: On average our GMs spend 3 to 8 hours planning a single session. They are often spending their own cash for modules, game books, miniatures, digital products, dice, etc.  to give their players an awesome game!


·  Games range from $6 to $30 per session with price being based on GM experience level, time and prep cost, overall estimated length of session, and cap on number of players at the table.

·  Note that we are not clock watchers and session often typically go over our allotted time due to everyone having so much fun. We will never charge for going over.


Our Code of Conduct


Our primary goal is to facilitate collaborative adventure based storytelling through the medium of Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPG’s). We are committed to providing well crafted games that not only entertain but provide friendly, safe, and welcoming environments for all players.

This code of conduct outlines our expectations for everyone who participates in this community, as well as consequences for unacceptable behavior. 

Expected Behavior:

All players should come to the table prepared to have fun while being aware to be respectful to all others at the same time. All players should be allowed  time and space to express their opinions and listen respectfully, regardless of whether or not you agree with the other player’s opinion.

Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.

We see Game Masters like artists and therefore do not believe in stifling their voice or censoring their games.

 Sometimes games will cover more mature subject matter such as body horror, suspense, terror, violent combat, language, and/or sexual themes.  The gamemaster should make this clear in game descriptions and discuss possible themes and subject matter before a game. If players are uncomfortable with any particular scenario, they should refrain from participating in that session. If the session breaks any rules players should report it. (See unacceptable behavior below)

Depictions of specific sensitive subject material should be avoided for club games. E.g. Hate crime, rape, domestic and child abuse

Unacceptable Behavior:

Disagreements are a natural part of the game, but the attacking or use of  verbal abuse to fellow members of the table will not be tolerated. 

Offensive comments (in or out of character) based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or politics will not be tolerated.

Players of gamemasters who talk to other players in a condescending or belittling way will not be tolerated.

Consequences of Unexpected Behavior:

Offenders of the Code of Conduct will receive a verbal warning for the first offense. Consequences for multiple offenders include, but are not limited to, offenses temporary suspension from a particular table up to being permanently banned from the Group.

Reporting Guidelines:

Please report any perceived violations of the Code of Conduct to your Game Master. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if your issue is with a particular Game Master’s behavior, then please immediately message the head Game Master, Malcolm. He will respond ASAP.

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Los Angeles Grass Volleyball Group

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Grass Volleyball Group

ABOUT US: We’re a fun and diverse group who enjoy the workout, laidback atmosphere, and competitiveness of outdoor volleyball. Come join us and bring that positive attitude and competitive spirit! We typically play on grass and occasionally on sand and indoor.


LEVEL: To keep the games injury free, competitive, and fun for everyone, we will be limiting membership to intermediate level players and above. At the intermediate level, you are expected to have learned basic volleyball skills and be able to keep a rally going. You are also expected to know some basic court positioning and which balls are yours to get. You may not be allowed to sign up in future games or removed from group if your level of play does not meet requirements. If you are a beginner player, there are other meetup groups in the area that do sponsor all level plays. If you are unsure of your level, have not played for a while, or interested in volleyball clinics, feel free to reach out to the organizer to discuss a plan.


LOCATION: We typically set up in northern LA areas of Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and surrounding cities.


EQUIPMENT: For outdoor games, we use Park & Sun Spectrum volleyball nets system and official Wilson AVP and Mikasa balls. If you own a net system and would like to host some games, reach out to the organizer.


COST: This is a free meetup event but small donations are always welcome to help with equipment cost and meetup dues.


FORMATS & TEAMS: We play 4s, 5s, or 6s on full size courts and 2s or 3s on reduced size courts. Game formats and team size depends on interests and number of sign ups. We will follow indoor rules for 5s and 6s play and beach rules for 4s, 3s, and 2s. You are expected to know both rules and call your own faults. If there’s any disagreement, the point will be redone.


In the beginning, players are allowed to form or pick their teams. We typically do round-robin games or best of 3 games if there are only 2 teams. Based on the results of the first round-robin games, we may adjust or randomize the teams to keep the next games competitive and give everyone a chance to play with different players.


RSVP & NO-SHOWS: RSVP is required if you’re planning on playing so we know how many nets and balls to bring. If you know you can’t make it, you must update your RSVP at least 30 mins before meetup starts. If you are bringing guests, please ensure that they are experienced and aware of the rules of this meetup. If there are people on the waitlist, priority will be given to members with meetup history. Members with multiple no-shows will not be allowed to sign up in the future or removed from the group at the organizer’s discretion.


GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL FROM GROUP: please note that per organizer’s discretion, you may be removed from the group for the following reasons: 1) too many last-minute cancellations or no shows; 2) habitually late; 3) disrespecting other members; 4) playing level does not meet requirements (see above); 5) promoting outside events without approval from the organizer (i.e. other volleyball meetups); 5) inactivity


DISCLAIMER: By joining, you understand that you and no one else will be responsible for your own safety. This meetup group and members/guests will not be responsible for any injury or damage from attending the meetup. If you are bringing a guest, please ensure that you review these expectations with them.


All members must be at least 18 years old.

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Horror Fanatics

North Hollywood, CA

Horror Fanatics

Are you all about horror? Do you love watching scary movies? Talking about horror movies with other fans? I’m looking for some cool people (die-hard fans and people wanting to learn more about GOOD horror) to join a meetup where we watch movies, new and old, talk about great horror moments, road trips to movie locations (in the works), and group trips to: USH HHN(Halloween Horror Nights), Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest, Haunted Hayride, Rise of the Jack o Lanterns, Knott’s Scary Farm, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, ScareLA, Monsterpalooza, HorrorCon, and other Halloween or horror-related attractions. We will get together for shindigs and drinks/coffee and get to know other people who share our passion, HORROR! <br> <br>Now, for the rules: <br>- You must have a picture that clearly shows your face on your profile. This is so that we can recognize you at a meetup event. If you attempt to join this group without a picture that clearly shows your face, your Request will be denied. <br>- If the event is unhosted, there is no need to check in with a specific person. But we are all adults and we can at least make a good faith effort to meet up with the others that are attending the unhosted event. <br> - If the event is a hosted event, you must check in with the Organizer(s)/Event Host(s) at the event. <br> - If you cannot find the Organizer(s)/Event Host(s), post a comment on the event page and the Organizer(s)/Event Host(s) can guide you to where they are. <br> - If you are running late, message the Organizer(s)/Event Host(s) and let them know you are running late so they can make special arrangements to meet up with you. <br> - If you are unable to attend an event that you have RSVP'd for, please change your RSVP to "no" at least an hour before the start time of the event. <br> - If you need to change your RSVP to "no" after the event has begun or less than hour before the event start time, please message the Organizer(s)/Event Host(s) to explain the situation. <br> - If you RSVP to a hosted event and either do not show or do not check in with the Organizer, you will be marked as a "no show" to this event. <br> - For every "no show", your profile will be marked as such. Once you reach three "no shows", you will be removed from this Meetup group. <br> <br>If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by sending me a direct message through Meetup. <br> <br> Thank you, <br> <br> Gilda Olivares <br> Organizer <br>

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English Second Language people for pronunciation

Manhattan Beach, CA

English Second Language people for pronunciation

Tuning Your English Pronunciation, It Will Open Up Your Life.

Do you have any of these problems?

I get high scores on tests but people still don't understand me when I talk.

Have you ever talked to a native English speaker and felt that the person you are talking to English pronunciation is full of so is confused? It seems that many English learners face unexpected difficulties in integrating into the local community. And the most common factor that causes this is pronunciation. Why is it so difficult to pronounce English? We practice English pronunciation with Native people.

This group meets weekly for different purposes and levels as follows. Please feel free to join us first. Please feel free to join us first and then move on.


Japan time: Saturday - 10am

Los Angeles time: Fri - 6pm

New York time: Fri - 9pm


Sat, Japan time - 11:15 am

Los Angeles time: Fri - 7:15 pm

New York time: Fri - 10:15 pm


Sat, Japan time - 9am

Los Angeles time: Fri - 5pm

New York time: Fri - 8pm

= Skills Conversation (Conversation together)

Sat - 10am (Japan time)

Los Angeles time: Fri - 6pm

New York time: Fri - 9pm

(Daylight Saving Time will end on the 8th, 2021 and will be minus one hour!)

(Your time zone will be displayed when you access the meetup)



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