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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - North County

Encinitas, CA

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - North County

Welcome to Girls Just Want to Have Fun – North County! We are the only meetup that hosts 100 events per year with women in their 25-50! If you're excited about new experiences and making new friends, come explore North County Coastal with us. <br>📷:

Mission: Connecting women and building community one event at a time

Membership Fee: We are currently not charging dues.

Follow us on Instagram! Username: girlsjustwanttohavefunnorco <br>

Events include:

· Book Club

· Paint Night

· Crafts

· Happy Hours/Dinners

· Beer/Wine Tasting

· Hikes

· Dancing

Pillars: Empowerment-Creativity-Self Improvement-Leisure-Fitness

GNC Colors: Pink and Black

Symbol: Crowns - symbolizing love, fertility, and celebration throughout history.

Member Policy:

• No shows to events or frequent less than 24hr cancellations may lead to removal. *IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME and update your rsvp to no. Members are required to drink responsibly.

• Vendors: We welcome email inquiries. Joining GNC for the sole purpose of marketing your business is prohibited.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – North County (GNC)

*By joining GNC, you may be included in photos that may be posted on Instagram.

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San Diego Ladies Hiking, Walking & More!

San Diego, CA

San Diego Ladies Hiking, Walking & More!

This group is for ladies living in San Diego County and looking for new hiking, walking & exercise buddies, to keep active. Sometimes it is a struggle to find people you can rely on to go work out with and get some exercise in and I know for me I am more likely to work out if I have a commitment in place! Let's all help each other out by making more commitments to exercise together! I welcome all women who can commit (no flakes please) to whatever meetup exercise activity interests you the most in this group!

Our meetups will have a variety to choose from: easy, moderate, moderate-hard, hard and some very hard. We will also have walks, work-outs and other activities and even grabbing a coffee before or after! Most hiking/walking areas will be pretty close to San Diego, CA examples: Mission Trails (all of the San Diego 5 peak challenge hikes), Torrey Pines, Iron Mountain, Rancho Penasquitos, Lake Miramar, Poway Lake, Blackmountain and more. However some hosts will post hikes further out.

Please follow us on Instagram @sdhikingladies
We also have a group website:

Please make sure to checkout & support our group's sponsor, who is helping cover some of the yearly costs to keep the group going strong! The Furniture Square (Online Furniture Auction in San Diego): and follow them on Instagram/Facebook for giveaways @thefurnituresquare

By being a member of this group and attending the meetups, you understand that the hosts and I are not professional hikers or guides of any kind. By being a member of this group and/or attending the meetups of this group, you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability that are related to or resulting from any group meetups and activities during meetups. Group Organizer, assistant organizers and other members of the group assume no responsibility or liability, including but not limited to injury or loss of any kind/form due to the use of information you receive from the meetups, or from participating in activities in the meetups. You agree that neither you nor a third party will hold any of the group organizers or members liable for any injury, loss, or damage of any kind to yourself or others as a direct result from anything that has to do with this meetup group. Please also read all information below in the "FAQ's & REMINDERS" section, as there are important details you may need to know before attending a hike!


PROFILE PHOTO: Please make sure to post a photo of YOURSELF, showing your face, as your member profile (instead of your kids, pets, flowers, etc). This helps members identify you during the meetups! Your request to join the group may be declined if you do not have a photo showing your face.

YOUR RSVP: Please take your RSVP seriously and read the hike description thoroughly before RSVP’ing. Way too often we get last minute cancellations. Yes we understand people get sick and things happen, but often times people just don’t feel like going or end up making other plans and cancel last minute. This is not fair to those who are on the wait list and really wanted to go. Please be respectful of this and only RSVP if you can 100% commit! Please note: No-shows or those who cancel from a wait listed event last minute could get removed from a future wait listed event, this will be up to the hosts' discretion.

DESCRIPTION OF HIKES: Please make sure to read the entire description of a hike before you RSVP. We often get people who had no clue how hard a hike was because they did not read the description. Things to look out for are the amount of miles we are hiking, the elevation gain (incline of hike), and other details listed about the hike (rockiness, pace of the group, etc). If you have any questions, be sure to message the host about details before RSVPing!

WHAT TO BRING ON HIKES: Please always bring water on any hike or walk. Wear a high SPF sunscreen. A snack is always good just in case your body needs it. Poles are optional for steeper hikes and very helpful to some.

WHO CAN COME: This is a ladies group only. There is also no pets or children allowed on our hikes, must be 18+ to join.

BRINGING GUESTS: Please do NOT bring a guest unless they are signed up and have RSVP’d for the hike. All hikers should sign up for our group so they can agree to our disclaimer and the details of the hike.

LIMIT OF PEOPLE PER HIKE: Yes we have limits of the amount of people who can go per hike. I sometimes get asked “why” there is a limit for a hike. It is up to the host and how many people they feel comfortable hiking with/leading. As a host, there is a level of responsibility we feel for those hiking with us and we have our limits of how many people we feel comfortable keeping track of and just hiking with in general. Please note: Some hikes will first be set at a higher “max” (example 15 people max) and then will get lowered as people drop out (example: from 15 max to now 12 max). This is done by some hosts because there are almost always cancellations, and we set it high to start as a cushion, knowing there will be multiple cancellations.

WAIT LIST: Please be respectful of the wait list and only show up for hikes that you are on the “going” list to. It is not fair to other group members on the waitlist or the hosts who have there limits, to just show up. As people drop off from the going list, the next person in line on the wait list should be moved to the going list automatically, unless the maximum is set lower. Please make sure you have your meetup app notifications on, as you will be notified if you are moved. Please do not keep yourself on the wait list if you cannot go last minute, since there is a chance people cancel last minute and you may be moved over last minute.

FEES: Yes this hiking group does cost the organizer money to run (meetup charges $99 every 6 months, that’s $200/year). No you are not required to pay if you are in this group, it is a FREE group. However, donations are gladly welcomed and helpful! You can donate even as little as $1 here: https://secure.meetup...

HOSTING: If you are interesting in hosting a hike this year or becoming an official host of the group to host multiple hikes throughout the year, please reply back to this email or message Michella for more details!

2020 CHALLENGE: If you haven’t heard already, we are doing a 2020 Hiking Challenge this year! Complete 20 new hikes in this group, that you have never been on before, and receive a prize for your completion! Due to COVID19 this challenge will be extended into 2021. For more details and to commit, visit our meetup page specifically for it:

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Single Parent Family Meetup (SPFM)

Carlsbad, CA

Single Parent Family Meetup (SPFM)

Who we are: We are a fun-loving active community of San Diego County area single parents. Our group provides a low pressure way to connect with other single parents, with kids 18 and younger, on hikes, kids’ activities, dinners out, events with other single families and more.

Parenting solo is not easy. The mission of this group is to get single parent and children interacting with each other for fun, support and friendship, and enhance lives in the process. <br>

Note: this is not a “singles” dating group. While we do not discourage dating in the group, our focus is on activities and events that foster friendships and support for the parents and kids in the group.

Dues: There are no dues however, does charge us a subscription fee of $14.99 per month (paid every 6 months at $89.94). The Organizers would appreciate everyone contributing $1-$5 each to cover this cost.

Your SPFM Group Profile: Your group profile on is our way of getting to know a bit about you. Please use it to introduce yourself to others in the group. As a safety measure for the single parents and children in our group, we require new members to have a recognizable and recent photo of themselves on their profile at all times, use of your name, and maintain an open profile for this group. Should your posted photo not meet these requirements, any RSVP's may be canceled by the Event Organizer. <br>

Expectations: As the number of members in our group grows, it is important to maintain a high degree of integrity and respect for each other. We expect that members will follow through on their commitments to attend an event when they RSVP “Yes.” Chronic no-shows or late cancellations may result in removal from the group. Please see the document: “Group Expectations” for more about our group and expectation of our members.

Event Hosts and Organizers: <br>

The strength of SPFM is the number of fantastic events on our calendar. This is only possible by having a deep list of event organizers and assistant organizers who do an amazing job coming up with ideas and posting and hosting events. We’d love for you to host an event, too! If you would like to host an event, send an email to the SPFM Board to indicate that you are interested in becoming an event organizer of the group. It is important to note that this group has a policy against cross posting with other groups, for the sake of safety and exclusivity. <br>

CONTACT THE BOARD: Please direct all concerns to the SPFM BOARD, we govern as a board, and contact with the board is the best way to address concerns. You will find the SPFM Board contact information on the left sidebar of all SPFM pages. See the document “Event Host Guidelines” for more information about planning and hosting events, including organizer guidelines. <br>

Once a Member, Always a Member: The relationships forged in this group are often deep and rich. This is true of the friendships our kids make with other kids in the group as well as the relationships their parents form. Most longtime members describe the group as “family.” In order to join Single Parents Family Meetup one must be a single parent at the time of membership. But, of course, life happens. Over time, some find partnership and even marriage. Being a single parent is a lifelong calling. Those who enter into new relationships and even create blended families will always have challenges unique to “single” parents. We rejoice with our members who develop long-term relationships. Our policy with respect to relationships is “once a SPFM member, always a SPFM member.” <br>

All-Volunteer Leadership: We all know the struggles and challenges of being a single parent. SPFM provides a unique and amazing opportunity for support and friendship. It is only possible by the efforts of the all-volunteer organizers and event hosts. Please show your appreciation to our volunteers who put out the time, effort (and often their own money) to organize us and to host events. Sometimes a simple thank-you can make the effort worthwhile. <br>

Our leadership team consists of: <br>

The SPFM Board (a group of 5 Co-Organizers) elected from the membership. <br>

AO's (Assistant Organizers) - Past or founding Organizers. <br>

EO's (Event Organizers) - The people who daily bring you great SPFM happenings. <br>

In 2014 we introduced a SPFM Governing Board consisting of five members. This Board will be responsible for making all policy and disciplinary decisions. Decisions will be by majority vote of Board members. Board members who have a personal stake in a decision (for instance, a disciplinary decision involves a close friend) will be expected to recuse themselves and allow the other Board members to make the decision. Each Board member will be given responsibility for a certain area of SPFM. For instance, one Board member might be responsible for membership. Another for the website. The exact roles and assignments will be determined by the Board. The Board can create additional positions and assign people to fill them. But the Board retains ultimate responsibility for all SPFM functions. The five Board members will come from the ranks of current SPFM Assistant Organizers and will be elected by their AO peers. Board members will be expected to serve for a year, with the option of continuing for a second year if elected. Board members can be removed by majority vote of the Board if they are not adequately fulfilling their responsibilities. Should a vacancy occur on the Board, Board members will select (appoint) a replacement. Being a SPFM Board member is a privilege, but also a great responsibility. It will require a significant time commitment. It will also require the ability to compromise and put the needs of the group above personal feelings. And it requires the ability to take the heat when not everyone agrees with your decision. <br>

Indemnification Of Risk: When you sign up with a “Yes” RSVP for an event, it is assumed that you know the risks involved with that activity and decide to participate at your own risk. Parents assume all risk when they sign a child up for an event. By RSVP’ing “Yes” to an event, you indemnify our group from any problem you should incur because of this risk. Specifically, by requesting membership in the Single Parents Family Meetup you agree to the following: <br>

EXPRESSED ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY I have voluntarily requested to join the Single Parents Family Meetup (SPFM) and/or the SPFM Classified &amp; Help Meetup group (hereinafter, “SPFM”). (Whenever used herein, the terms “Single Parents Family Meetup,” “SPFM,” and/or “SPFM Classified and Help”, shall include all of its organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, event hosts and agents.) I understand that during my participation in any SPFM event (a.k.a. “Meetup event”), I may be exposed to a variety of hazards and risks, foreseen or unforeseen, which are inherent in each event and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the event. These inherent risks include, but are not limited to, the dangers of serious personal injury, property damage, and death (“Injuries and Damages”) from exposure to the hazards of travel. SPFM has not tried to contradict or minimize my understanding of these risks. I know that Injuries and Damages can occur by natural causes or activities of other persons, animal, group members, group organizers or third parties, either as a result of negligence or because of other reasons. I understand that risks of such Injuries and Damages are involved in some of SPFM events and I understand that I may have to exercise extra care for my own person and for others around me in the face of such hazards. I further understand that at any Meetup event there may not be rescue or medical facilities or expertise necessary to deal with the Injuries and Damages to which I may exposed. In consideration of my acceptance as a participant on these Meetup events, and the services and amenities to be provided by SPFM in connection with the Meetup events, I confirm my understanding that: <br>

I will pay any costs and fees for the Meetup event, and I acknowledge my participation is the discretion of the organizer. <br>

The Meetup event officially begins and ends at the location(s) designated by the Single Parent Family Meetup and/or SPFM Classified &amp; Help . The Meetup event doesn’t include carpooling, transportation, or transit to and from the Meetup event, and I am personally responsible for all risks associated with this travel.

• If I decided to leave early and not to complete the Meetup event as planned, I assume all risks inherent in my decision to leave and waive all liability against the Single Parent Family Meetup and/or SPFM Classified &amp; Help arising from that decision. This Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law. <br>

To the fullest extend allow by law, I agreed to WAIVE, DISCHARGE CLAIMS, AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY SPFM, its organizers, assistant organizers, and agents (collectively referred to as “the released parties”) from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY on account of, or in any way resulting from Injuries and Damages, even if caused by negligence of the released parties, in any way connected to this Meetup event. I further agree to HOLD HARMLESS SPFM and the released parties from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by my own negligence while participant on the Meetup event. I understand and intend that this assumption of risk and release is binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. <br>

This release of liability includes those who are under my supervision or any friend that I may bring to an event. I assume responsibility for any non-member that I bring/invite to an event. <br>

The provisions of this waiver are severable and if any one or more provisions are determined to be unenforceable, in whole or in part, the remaining provisions and partially enforceable provisions shall be binding and enforceable. <br>

I have read this document in it’s entirely and I freely and voluntarily assume all risks of such Injuries and Damages and notwithstanding such risk, I agree to participate in the Meetup event. <br>

Our group sponsors are also single parents: These individuals and businesses help keep this group going. Please patronize and thank them for the generous donation or donations to our group.

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Stroke of Luck Golf Group - Intermediate Golf

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Stroke of Luck Golf Group - Intermediate Golf

Stroke of Luck Golf Group is an INTERMEDIATE, FUN GOLF group with some FUN AND FRIENDLY COMPETITIONS!  

We are an official SCGA member club.  Members may establish their SCGA indexes thru our group (for an additional fee) or may get them thru other SCGA qualified clubs.  We do not require members to have an SCGA handicap but we encourage it to allow our members the most chances to win "net" competitions for trophies and prizes.  ALMOST ALL of our members DO have SCGA indexes.

Our competitions include a monthly qualifier for our club championship that is held each fall. We also host three - 2 day competitions (partner eclectic, individual eclectic and team cup event) which are hosted at Encinitas Ranch (alternating with another course), Morgan Run and Ram's Hill.  Each of our regular events that are not monthly qualifiers will also have some fun game/competition for prizes that will be based on gross and net scores.

We host 2 events per month at golf courses around the San Diego, Orange County, Temecula and Palm Springs areas. 

We do an annual trip to La Quinta Resort which includes a day of 2 person match play and 2 days of fun golf with some type of competition.

We have been to Southern Ireland, Scotland (including St. Andrews), Myrtle Beach and Northern Ireland with many more trips to come!

The $50 annual membership fee, pays for the TROPHIES, MONEY AWARDS AND PRIZES at our events. You will make this fee back in your first round or two of golf with the group as we get discounts of $35 to $150 on the rounds we play.

The annual membership fee must be paid at least 7 days prior to your first event or within 30 days of joining.  If not paid by this time, we will assume you have changed your mind and may gently remove you from the group.  You are welcome back at any time.

Once your membership is approved we will send you an invoice to pay the membership dues electronically (i.e. Zelle).  We can accept checks but discourage it because it is alot of work for a volunteer!
We have a
strict group policy for late cancellations and no-shows for our events
. You may be charged if you cancel after the RSVP deadline or do not show up for an event.  This enables us to bring the exact number of players we contract for to the course and keeps our rates for golf much lower than other groups.

Please read the entire GROUP POLICY on the Discussion Board BEFORE you RSVP for any events.

As an intermediate level golf group, we expect all players will have a good pace of play, keep up with the group in front of them, adhere to golf etiquette and pick-up at NET double par.  Trash talking however is also encouraged. :-)

We have been hosting over golf events for nearly years and are approaching 500 EVENTS!!!

We have been organizing golf events of 4 to 84 players at the nicer courses in the San Diego Area, Temecula, Palm Springs, Myrtle Beach, Ireland and even Scotland.  Myself and the 7 other organizers have a reputation for hosting excellent golf events at a HUGE variety of courses that always include a pretty fun 19th hole and prizes and raffles!!!

We focus on nicer courses in the San Diego and surrounding area at substantially DISCOUNTED rates.  We have such a good reputation with courses that the COURSES OFTEN CONTACT US TO BOOK AND IF THE PRICE/PACKAGE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH WE DON'T GO!!! The courses we will play will include but not be limited to: The Crossings, Twin Oaks, The Legends, Maderas, The Grand Del Mar, Coronado, Barona, La Quinta (Palm Springs), La Costa, Encinitas Ranch, Steele Canyon, Aviara, Marine Memorial, Talega, El Camino Country Club, Shadowridge, Lomas Sante Fe Country Club, Golf Club of California, Arrowood and Pechanga.

Golfers of INTERMEDIATE LEVEL or better that have good golf etiquette are invited to join.


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Hiking Addicts - Excellent Hiking Adventures

San Marcos, CA

Hiking Addicts - Excellent Hiking Adventures

Hiking Addicts is all about excellent hiking adventures (as well as post-hike socializing). We may throw in the occasional trail biking event, but our priority is having good times on hiking adventures, laughing, and building relationships with quality people. This group is a fun, relaxed and friendly group of folks who love to hike, and maybe share a meal after an adventurous day.

There are so many wonderful places and views to explore all over our San Diego County. We often learn about nature, geocaching, map reading, survival skills, and, most importantly, how to find our way back to our cars! If you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced hiker, you are welcome on our adventures. We all have our own hiking pace and abilities and you can feel free to hike fast, medium, or slow. No one will be left behind! (No rescue helicopters will be needed to search for you!) We have several Hikeaholics experienced at the back of the pack. We may hike at sunrise or sunset, at the beach or the mountains, in rain, hail, wind, daylight, or moonlight and everything in-between. Come join us for some exercise along our beautiful North County trails that we can explore together.

If you are qualified and want to be an Event Organizer, great! We have lots of opportunities for all to participate at any level of involvement you desire. This group is your group so we are eager to hear about new ideas for great hiking and outdoor adventures.

Except for expenses anyone would incur when hiking (gas/carpool money, food, park entrance, gear, etc), this group is FREE. No organizer will ever ask you to pay or donate just to attend an outing. We simply love being outside and want to share the experience with others.

We are not professional guides and all outings are at your own risk. By joining this group and attending an event, you are demonstrating that you understand you are responsible for your own safety. Information on proper gear and safety checklists, as well as a release of liability, can be found in our Files section. (Click on “More,” then go to “Files.”) We also highly recommend that you carry your own medical and auto insurance policies.


There are fees from Meetup we have to pay regularly for this site. Please make a volunteer contribution based on amount of fun you have hiking with Hikaholics. 

See you on the trails soon,
The Hiking Addicts Team


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Power Scuba: San Diego Scuba Diving (and Beyond)

La Jolla, CA

Power Scuba: San Diego Scuba Diving (and Beyond)

You've been looking for a scuba group that actually dives? YOU'VE FOUND IT!

FREE mask, snorkel, and weight replacement program for members!

A SAFETY-FOCUSED, NO-DUES, NON-PROFIT, INDEPENDENT SCUBA GROUP that dives more than any other club or group in San Diego (and beyond)!

Whether you dive occasionally or every week, Power Scuba is the fun, easy way to stay connected with the underwater scene in San Diego county and beyond. Explore familiar and brand new dive spots throughout Southern California (and overseas).

Safe diving within your personal limits and skillset is our emphasis. Advanced & technical dives will occur (for qualified members), in addition to our normal dives, but safety is not just lip service with us.

Eco-mindedness, in addition to safety, is always at the forefront of our thinking. The group participates in (and hosts) various environmental programs and our president represents our no-fishing (for fish) group to various orgs and entities. What better ocean stewards than those who peer beneath the surface regularly?

WE ACTUALLY DIVE, NOT JUST TALK ABOUT IT! All certification levels are welcome at this no-profit group. We're fun, often irreverent, and very, very passionate about our diving and the environment. Sound good? Do you want to see more of San Diego diving, both from the shore and boats? In need of a dive buddy? Join up now!

* We're not a scuba shop or boat and do not represent any of the same. *

* Power scuba will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. All are welcome. *


You must read the following fascinating info before attending any event: Terms and Conditions

Then sign a liability release before attending your first event:

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The San Diego North County Pagans

Vista, CA

The San Diego North County Pagans

Merry Meet and Welcome to the San Diego North County Pagans!

Who we are:

This community, which began in the Spring of 2003, supports those who walk all paths, from Shamans, Druids, Witches and Wiccans, to Buddhists, Hindus, Occultists, and many other Spiritual Paths. We welcome a wide variety from solitaries, to covens and informal groups, to anyone with an open mind. Whatever your level of experience, you will be welcome here! We are an eclectic community, recognizing that no one single approach to Divinity is the "right" or "true" way. We all have things to teach, inspire and share with each other. Please have patience, tolerance, respect, and compassion for your fellow members. We're all here to learn and grow.

We are not an online group. We encourage our members to be active and contribute!

What we do & what do you need to know:

The mission of this meetup is to plan and support Pagan events that are community driven. When you contribute your energy, ideas, and time, it reflects the needs and desires of the community. Even a novice can contribute to help us celebrate the Sabbats, organize classes, and coordinate our yearly Samhain camping retreat. Some of the other types of meetups we have offered are classes of various topics, healing circles, divination parties, day trip adventures and so much more.


We have primarily been an in-person meetup up until the pandemic where we moved to a virtual platform for events. However, post-pandemic, we are still evaluating the needs of the community. Whether in person or virtually, we encourage our members to be active and contribute! If you are inactive for 6 months or longer, you’ll be removed to make space for someone on the waiting list.

Yes, we started a waiting list, as mentioned, when we implemented a membership cap in October 2019. Also, for security and the privacy of our meetup, we have a vetting process for in person attendance. If you’d like to join and attend one of our meetups, please be aware that you will be contacted by an Organizer for questions and introductions.


Our meetups are family friendly and “adults only” events will be specified as so.


All our meetups are free apart from our annual campout reservation costs. Part of being in service, is to give back, and so we do. If you’d like to contribute to the cost of supplies, the meetup listing or make a donation, we will gladly accept but all proceeds go back into the meetup. Feel free to contact the Organizer with any questions.

Where we are:

We're based in North San Diego county, approximately from Oceanside to Escondido and south towards Del Mar and Poway. We have both public and private events. If you’re willing to travel, we’re willing to have ya!


When we do events:

We celebrate the turning of the wheel, the seasonal 8 celebrations, known as Sabbats, that mark changes in the solar cycle. We also celebrate the lunar cycles which can include Full Moons, known as Esbats, to New Moons and everything in between. While some of these have fixed dates, sometimes we celebrate on the closest weekend.

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