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~ East Bay Over 40 Singles ~

Walnut Creek, CA

~ East Bay Over 40 Singles ~

Greetings to all singles interested to join our group.This Group has a heart ad soul with lots of great and fun members. 

If you are over forty, single,maybe   looking to meet someone, searching for that special someone or just finding new single  friends  that have similar interests like you and  have fun and  socialize ; then this group is for you.There is many groups out there to join but this one is little different just a bit .

This group is  designed for Singles  to meet new people and make new friends in our age group and it is not design for individuals that are married and joining just with intention to lunch their business platform and do solicitations . We are really not about numbers more quality then quantity ,so if you are joining please mean it ,be part of the group and SHOW UP

If you become member then please say something about your self ( it is important ) find events that are of interest to you and check it out  .If event is one of your first once walk to the event organizer and introduce your self we will  take it from there .My organizers and myself, plan a lot of great events, such as Wine Tasting, Happy Hours, Dancing, Dining out, Weekend Get-aways, Miniature Golf, Karaoke, movies and much more as much as we find time for it .

And for some of us  that possibly looking for love give your self time to know someone no hurry :0)  Just remember Giving someone a chance isn't "settling down" ..... it's opening yourself up to someone who may ultimately be right for you...nothing more nothing less just that .

Be respectful and mindful of other members .

  We welcome comments and suggestions.




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Trail running, hiking + Yoga (*PRIVATE GROUP, Oakland, CA)

Oakland, CA

Trail running, hiking + Yoga (*PRIVATE GROUP, Oakland, CA)


May 2, 2021

Join us for virtual workouts (YOGA, HIIT, CORE) to support your DIY trail hikes and runs. New in-person events for *FULLY vaccinated (2 WEEKS OR MORE after final shot) members. Check our calendar of events for updates!

January 8, 2021


* FOR CURRENT MEMBERS, FRIENDS, AND FAMILY ONLY, at this time. The group is currently NOT accepting new members due to COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your interest. Virtual workouts will be offered during the pandemic. In the future, we will meet to workout (trail run/walk/hike/bike) outside and eat together again in-person, when it is safe to do so!

Be well and safe. See you in the future!



SF East Bay, CA

"Generations and community running together in nature."

Over 1000 meets and counting since May 2012.


Welcome trail runners and hikers!

All members are expected to be able to read trail maps and be *self-sufficient. This group is for people training for foot races on trail and fitness for other sporting events. Run/walkers of all paces, including: visitors, those returning from pregnancy, breaks, or health issues, and experienced <a href="">run-walk-runners are welcome.

* Private and volunteer-run, EARLY AM EXERCISE group based in Oakland and Berkeley area. We run early morning with the occasional cross-training (e.g., YOGA, HIIT, dodgeball, etc.) together! <br>

How yoga can help your running (, Runnersworld

* See schedule below.

Photos: Summer training run, Tahoe Rim Trail, CA-NV

Photo: Summer training run on the North Face course, Marin Headlands.

New members

Ability to run-walk or run at least six miles and race goals. Read group requirements and pre-requisites.

We invite new members of all paces to drop-in and attend meets for a free two-week trial. Join us for weekly morning runs, on hilly, rocky dirt trails!

Capacity: 50 members (max.)

FEES (dues)

Two-week free trial membership.

Then, $6 /year to help cover the group's Meetup site at the basic plan rate (and supplies for socials if enough funds are raised for the site).

* Note: Group actually receives only approx. $5 after processing fees.


Please join us for our regular weekly early morning group trail runs on:

6 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Berkeley, and 10 AM on Sundays (easy) in Oakland or Berkeley.

• Other runs take place in Oakland and in other areas of the East Bay.



Discover and learn local trails using maps, with a group! Trail runs typically take place in the East Bay: Redwood, Strawberry Canyon, Tilden, Cesar Chavez parks. We run in darkness, rain, and/or sun.


Regular runs include: weekday morning training runs (5+ miles of trail fartlek, tempo, hill repeats), easy Sundays (~3-7 mi.), and weekend long runs (12 to 30+ mi.) with pace groups as needed. Special runs include: no-drop social runs, Women's, Midsummer Night, and Family Holiday season trail runs/hikes.


We meet out on the trails together for safety and camaraderie.

This is a private, small group of local, active members of various speeds, ages, and abilities. Our active members are family, friends, and neighbors. Members know their own limits and respect them, and practice Leave No Trace. Members participate in-person and train consistently for trail events, 5Ks to ultras (e.g., trail races by Inside Trail Racing, Brazen Racing, The North Face Endurance Challenge, TRT, American River 50, etc.). We also occasionally list cross-training meets (e.g., yoga, hiking, socials, etc.) that support performance and overall well-being.

This group's events, organized by unpaid VOLUNTEERS, are for people who love nature, running on our local East Bay trails, and community. This is not a coached group.

If you are looking for a trail running coach, check out the LMJS website. For evening trail runs, check out Berkeley running club and Salomon run club.

Photo: Morning weekday group, New Year's day run, east bay hills (SF in BG).

Photo: Winter snowshoe trip, Sierra mountains, CA

Photos: Run to the Winter holiday lights night run, Berkeley hills

Race and fitness goals

"Join forces. While many runners embrace the solitude of running, numerous studies highlight the benefits of working out with others, including greater satisfaction with exercise, increased motivation to set and reach goals, and greater consistency." <br> -- The Bliss List, Runner's World

"A race can give you something to focus on, an opportunity to be part of the running community, and a way to celebrate your training." -- Training Tips: Trail Running, Five Tips From Champion Ultrarunner Michael Wardian


Volunteering is a great way to support and help sustain the running community and environment. Members of our group have volunteered for local community events, such as those by: The North Face Endurance Challenge, East Bay Parks, Girls on the Run, Inside Trail Racing, and International-California Coastal Cleanup by the bay trail.

Our motto: "Run, have fun, respect others, and respect nature!"

(Eat, repeat... :)*

Interested? Join us.

See you on the trails!

Photo: Berkeley-Oakland hills

Photo: Sunol Regional Wilderness

Photo: First TRG group run, training on TNFEC course, Muir Woods, CA

Photo credit: Second and third generation redwoods, Joaquin Miller Park, via City of Oakland.


Note: If you notice few RSVPs, not to worry. We may be a small group, but we still have dedication, love the trails and plan to be at every meet! (Any meet changes will be posted.)

This group's event details and membership are available only to members for privacy and safety. Powered by: TRG volunteers.

Copyright Trail Running Group, for all TRG content, 2012 to present.


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East Bay Pick-Up Soccer (Co-Ed) EVERYBODY WELCOME!!!

San Leandro, CA

East Bay Pick-Up Soccer (Co-Ed) EVERYBODY WELCOME!!!

Words from the group's founder: Daniel "Uber" Bäsel

I am looking to start up a casual pick up game here in the East Bay with some like minded people. To see if you are interested, let me introduce myself...

About me:

I was born and raised in Germany and played soccer from the age of 3 all the way through high school and then casually into my late 20's.

Now in my mid-30's and many pounds heavier, I am far from peak conditioning but would like to start casually playing soccer again on the weekends.

Ideally I would like to play either Saturday or Sunday mornings for about 2 hours in the San Leandro/Castro Valley/Hayward area at a location we can all agree on. I can provide the nets and cones as well.

EVERYBODY is welcome, but if you are a pro player and expect an ultra competitive setting this may not be for you.

I would love to build a little community of like minded soccer fans from around the world to spend a few hours with each week kicking the ball around!

If you are interested, please join this group and i will get in contact with you!!


Here are a few rules to follow when deciding to join us for a friendly pick-up game. most of these are pretty "common sense" but I still think it is a good idea to lay them out so everyone knows what to expect (Please note that breaking these rules will eventually result in a ban from this group):

1) "The Golden Rule": We are all here to have fun, get a little exercise in and walk away happy and most importantly healthy. Slide tackling/Body Checking is ABSOLUTELY NOT permitted ANYTIME and doing so will result in a warning as well as a free kick for the other team. 

2) "Everybody's Game" : This is a MeetUp group for EVERYONE who would like to come and play. Young and old, male or female, skilled or brand new to the game of soccer. Please treat it as such. If you are a skilled player with lots of experience, try to involve the players who may be new to the game as good as you can.

3) "Foul Language" : We are all adults in this group and I sure have a potty mouth at times. Just a few things to keep in mind though. Cursing or directing foul language at another player is NOT TOLERATED and will result in a warning. If the game angers you to the point where you have to direct foul language at another player, perhaps this is not the meetup for you.

4)"Goalies" : Most people don't like to play goalie but if we all share the duty of playing goalie, it becomes less of a hassle for everyone. Please volunteer to play goalie rather than having to be asked to.

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Let's Hike

Castro Valley, CA

Let's Hike

We are a group of casual and social recreational hikers that meet for weekend half day hikes (and a few mid-week hikes) where we live, work and play, in the beautiful hills of the San Francisco Bay Area!  Special urban hikes in San Francisco are also be featured.  Come and enjoy some fun hikes with us and meet other active people with many common interests.  Friendly dogs are welcome to join us for on many of our hikes. 

All liability questions must be answered with, "Yes." for your acceptance into the group. 


The majority of the hikes that are currently posted are rated MODERATE DIFFICULTY - occasionally we will post some easier and sometimes if the group requests , some a little harder , maybe longer . By signing up to hike / attend our weekly hiking events you should have some Hiking experience with being able to keep up with the group (22-25 min per mile) . In order to finish the hike in the described time allotted , Please Note  :  It is not our intention to hike the pace of the slowest hiker . Out of respect for other hikers and their experience, please understand your own physical ability and select hikes that are within your comfort range !  The Organizers wish to remind all members of this group that we are merely hike planners and have discovered some interesting trails in the East Bay Hills to share with other like minded outdoor enthusiasts.

5-7 mile day hikes each weekend; an occasional longer one for the challenge. Hikers with a spirit for outdoor adventure and those seeking a weekend workout are encouraged to stop by and check us out !

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Diablo Valley Homeschool Group

Concord, CA

Diablo Valley Homeschool Group

***Please note that all prospective members must first meet with the organizers at an event within 30 days of applying before membership requests are approved. Once you submit your information to join you will be contacted by one of our organizers with upcoming event information to attend. Please make sure to check your Meetup Messages so you don't miss out!***

This community is focused on healthy, long lasting friendships and shared learning. The purpose of this group is to bring together families in the Contra Costa County and surrounding areas to build friendships, a support network, and cooperative learning opportunities.

Our Code of Conduct: Because we have a multi-age group, we remind all families, especially the older children, that they are influencing the younger crowd and so we ask that they act appropriately. Our group does not allow name-calling, or destructive/disrespectful behavior. We are building a community of friends and we expect that everyone act in a respectful way (this pertains to children and adults). 

Who are we? We are a group of families who share a passion for teaching our children through homeschooling. Our group is focused on school aged children (K-12) but younger siblings are welcome. We believe that children of all ages socializing together is a part of healthy development. 

What do we do? We have weekly park days in the Contra Costa County areas. Additionally we have monthly Mom's Night Out and sometimes extend that to Parents' Night Out and Family Fun Nights. It is our goal to have other activities such as nature walks, movie nights, even co-op learning groups available for families to participate in. Families may participate in any and all events, but are welcome to opt out of any that don't meet their families needs or interests. We do require that all families attend a MINIMUM of one park day per month. This ensures building strong, lasting friendships. 

When do we meet? We get together every Friday at 10 A.M. in the summer and 10:30 A.M. in the winter for weekly park day play groups. Additional events will be scheduled at various times.

Where do we meet? For most events we meet somewhere in the East and Central areas of Contra Costa County. We may occasionally schedule field trips that are outside of the county as well.

How can your family participate? Join our group! We are always looking to make great connections for children and parents - the more the merrier! Send us a request to join and tell us a little bit about your family. Then come to a meetup and start making connections! 

Membership fees - We do require all families to pay membership fees of $10 per family for the year. For all new incoming families, you will have a 3 month probationary period to check out our group, make new friendships and discover if our group is a good fit for your family. At the end of that 3 month period, new families are required to pay the membership dues to stay active members. 

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Ace Makerspace

Emeryville, CA

Ace Makerspace

Ace Makerspace

Where people make things and help others make things in a 24/7 shared workspace.

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East Bay Afternoon Hikes

Berkeley, CA

East Bay Afternoon Hikes

I love hiking, but most Meetup adventures start a bit too early for my tastes. So, I started this group to help afternoon and evening hikers make afternoon and evening hiking friends!


We mostly hike the central East Bay - Tilden, Briones, Sibley, Redwood Regional, the EBMUD trails, etc. At times, we may include urban routes, like Berkeley's hill paths.

We tend to stick to 5-7 miles at a normal walking pace. Our hikes are more about socializing than sweating, but we're on the move most of the time.

We'll occasionally do twilight hikes and finish after dark. It's amazing how much nature comes to life after the sun goes down!

At times - if the group is inclined - we may hike or sit in silence and just appreciate nature with all our senses. The Japanese call this "forest bathing," and it's a great way to slow down and reconnect with being human.

I've been hiking the Bay since the 80s. I work for myself and I don't have kids, so I have a comical amount of free time. I'm progressive and science-minded and tend to click best with kind, empathetic, self-aware people with a solid sense of humor. I dabble in bird-watching, plant identification, and astronomy, so if you're a fan of the natural sciences, all the better!


Please be cool, personable, and genuinely looking to make platonic hiking friends. There are a billion Meetup groups for dating, pyramid schemes, lizard enthusiasts, shamanic healing, lizard enthusiast shamanic healing, etc.

Please arrive fully prepared to hike. At a minimum, that means layers, a hat, decent shoes, water, snacks, a map, and everything else you need to be fully self-sufficient. If there's anything you think the group should know about your fitness or health, please speak up!


This group is for vaccinated people only. If you're not vaccinated, not feeling well, or have been exposed to COVID-19 within the past two weeks, please don't attend.


For liability purposes, I can't allow guests unless they're willing and able to RSVP on the spot. That may be difficult or impossible given trailhead reception.


I love dogs. Like, really love dogs. But many land management agencies have cold, dead hearts when it comes to fur-friends. Please review the entire route to determine whether Fido's OK. If so, please bring plenty of doggie-bags - there's a special place in hell for people who leave them on trails.


We're potential friends who happen to hike together, not a tour group, and I'm not a tour guide, first responder, wilderness expert, doctor, or otherwise trained or qualified to lead hikes or help you if you get into trouble.

That's important, because hiking - and the drive to and from the trailhead - are risky. You could get seriously injured or killed in any number of ways, and rescue or medical aid could take hours to arrive.

By attending any hike, you acknowledge these risks and agree to accept them and any resulting damages or liability you may incur. You also agree that Meetup's Terms of Service extend to and protect me from such damages and liability to the full extent they protect Meetup.


Happy hiking, Afternoon Adventurers - I hope to see you out there!

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Beta Breakers

Oakland, CA

Beta Breakers

“Life and climbing are not without challenges and hardships. A puzzle for the mind, privation for the body, and fuel for the soul”  (Some dirtbag climber, 2019)

We are Beta Breakers. A San Francisco Bay Area climbing club, keen on solving the conundrums of both rock and life. We are vertical travelers driven on self-improvement and solidarity to express our passion for jagged endeavors.

We welcome all levels of climbers from beginners to the exceptionally talented. We do not discriminate but we do expect our members to adhere to club policies. Our goal is to provide our members with fun and adventurous climbing events, indoors and outdoors alike.

We are not professional guides and Beta Breakers events are not guided trips, thus each member and participants to our events, including members' guests, are responsible for their own personal safety and well-being. It is our objective to provide a safe environment for our members by following proper safe climbing/belaying procedures, encouraging best practices, and sharing insight to appropriate use of climbing gear from anchors to trad protection. However, rock climbing and bouldering are dangerous sports nonetheless and accidents do occur. Personal responsibility is essential. By participating in our events, YOU AGREE NOT TO HOLD ORGANIZERS AND FELLOW MEMBERS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY OR FOR ANY HARM OR DAMAGES YOU MIGHT SUFFER WHILE AT A BETA BREAKERS EVENT OR WHILE TRAVELING TO OR FROM A BETA BREAKERS EVENT.


As stated in our introduction, rock climbing, bouldering and mountaineering are inherently risky activities that could result in injury, death, and/or loss/damage to your personal belongings. Risks include but are not limited to falls, falling objects, landslides, avalanches, aggressive animals, venomous insects or animal, poisonous plants, inclement weather, equipment failure, climber error, belayer error, and the actions of other people at or near the event site. All members guest or other participants to our events are responsible for their own personal safety and agree not to hold any Beta Breakers organizers or members liable for injuries or losses that might be incurred at Beta Breakers events. We are not a professional guides and our events are not guided trips. Members are responsible for inspecting gear before use and for assessing dangers and risks present in both indoor and outdoor climbing areas before climbing or belaying a route. 

For more on climbing safety access this link here: 


RSVP for events that you have full intentions on attending. I understand that things happen in life, and some days you would have to bail. Please be mindful of others and communicate to the event organizer that you wont be able to make it NO REASON required (a repeat offender of flaking out will less likely be able to join future events however).


All members are expected to observe the following regulations:

1. Do not litter or vandalize the parks and crags and all other outdoor and indoor recreational areas we visit and use. 

2. Do not steal or intentionally damage other people's belongings. 



If at any point a member felt they are being treated unethically, please contact me (John F. Kim) or Adam Robertson (Co-Organizer) and we will happily address the situation accordingly.

Training and Education:

Beta Breakers Club have partnered with SAANO Adventures who can readily provide professional guidance and training relating to different varieties of climbing disciplines from anchor building to alpine climbing. Contact Max Stewart (can be found in member directory) for further information. Additional training may be available from the Outdoor Adventure Club run by Richard Bothwell.

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