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OC Girlfriend Circles

Irvine, CA

OC Girlfriend Circles

Are You Interested In: 

• Making meaningful friendships? 

• Learning new skills to improve the friendships you have? 

• Meeting women who share your desire for healthy friendships? 

• Making real connections with women who are also looking for the same? 

We are looking for: 

• Women of all ages (21 to 101), in all stages of life who are seeking to find, create and build friendships. 

• Women who want to improve their friendship skills. 

• Women who are willing to be responsible for their behaviors and be respectful of others.

Who we are:

Our group was founded in August 2014.  We are a Women's Friendship group based on the concepts and principles in 2 books by Shasta Nelson.  

In "Friendships Don't Just Happen" we learn about the 5 Types or Circles of Friendships that we have in our lives and how to strengthen those circles so that we have friends in all areas of our life.

In "Frientimacy" we learn that there are 3 requirements to every friendship: Consistency, Positivity and Vulnerability.  The book goes into depth about each of these, how to develop them, and how to know which might be missing in your friendships.

We use these teachings by requiring consistency and commitment from our members.  You can't get to know people deep enough to develop and strengthen your friendship if you don't see them regularly.  Statistics tell us that it takes 7 interactions with one person to really start building friendship.  We keep our group numbers small, less than 50, to help improve the chances that you'll see the same people over and over again.

We are NOT just about the fun events or finding someone to do something with you.  We are very focused on our connections and for this reason there is always a time for connecting at every event.  This is the crucial component of our activities.  I understand that finding events you enjoy is important and we all LOVE to do fun stuff while creating memories and strengthening our bond but if the fun event is all you're looking for we aren't the right fit for you, there are LOTS of other Meetups for that.

We are open, warm and friendly.  

My Southern upbringing tends to shine through and I will go out of my way to make you feel welcome and included as will the rest of the group members.  

What we’re offering: 

• Interesting and fun events from low-key local OC to adventures around SoCal. 

• Examples of what we've done in the past:

Painting & Wine                             Escape Rooms                   Universal Studios/Disneyland              Glen Ivy Spa Day

Oscar Night Viewing Party          Slumber Parties                 Afternoon Tea                                         Museum visits

Scavenger Hunts                           Movies                                Restaurant Hopping                              Wine Tastings

Day-trips with carpooling             Girlfriend Getaways         Dancing & Concerts                              Theater 

• Events in evenings, daytime, weekday, weeknights, and weekends. 

• Pre-set monthly events: 

• Girlfriends Lunch on the first Thursday

• Girl's Night Out on the second Friday

• a Birthday Celebration event on the third Saturday for all the birthday ladies for that month

• Brunch & Fun day on the fourth Sunday

• We also have other events thrown in at various times, usually on the weekends but the occasional weeknight or weekday does sometimes happen too.

• Meaningful discussions and practical applications of great books/blogs on friendship including "Friendships Don’t Just Happen" by Shasta Nelson. 

• A welcoming, compassionate, and drama-free place for meeting new ladies and making genuine friendships.

Our guidelines/policies:

• The $25 membership dues are collected annually.  All new members receive a 30-day free trial before their dues is collected.  Dues are not pro-rated and are non-refundable.

• We try to keep our membership roster up-to-date and current.  As you can tell, we are not about the number of members but more about active, involved and committed members.  If you are not actively pursuing attendance at events, you may be removed.

• Please keep lines of communication with the organizer(s) open and timely.  Please make sure the organizer(s) know the best method of reaching you.

• If payment is required for an event, the member is responsible for any fees that may be associated with making online payments and unless stated otherwise, are non-refundable.

• No marketing or self-promoting of professional services of any kind  

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OC Singles who Mingle 45+

Brea, CA

OC Singles who Mingle 45+

Hey Hey!! Welcome to OC Singles who Mingle 45+!! Thank you for checking us out! Please note that this is a private and exclusive social group and NOT a dating group.

We are a Brand New Group of fun adults, in their mid 40s thru 60s, who enjoy mingling together while making new quality friendships and enjoying social activities and events like:

Bike Riding, Kayaking, Stand up Paddle boarding, Hiking, Walking, Dining Out, Happy Hour, Comedy Clubs and anything else that looks like fun. It’s limitless. If you’re interested in hosting an event, let me know! Yay!!

Because we are a private and exclusive group, we are selective with which "Requests to Join" are accepted and will remove those members who we later decide are not a good fit for various reasons and also those who are not actively attending events. Unlike some groups who only care about the size of the group, we care about quality over quantity.

Our goal is to create and build a solid group of hopefully close friends, like a second family maybe, that you look forward to seeing again and again at the next event. We want you to feel like this group is your home and that you are welcomed and fit right in.

We want you smiling, laughing and having a great time and a great experience at whatever event of ours that you choose to attend! You'll notice that we not only have a LOT of events per week, but various kinds because we happen to LOVE variety! Please feel free to give me suggestions and let's see what we can come up with. Hey, this is the second half of our lives - let's enjoy it, together! Life is short!

We care about honest, respectful, loyal, trustworthy quality people. We want to create a safe space for everyone, especially for those who desire it. If there is ever an issue, please private message me.

♥ Jenny ♥

Group founded: June 26, 2021


A few housekeeping items:

*All members must have a clear and recognizable picture (i.e. no memes, cartoons, pets, kids, landscapes etc. You know who you are) so that we can identify you at events. Those without one are subject to removal from the group.

*Strict Zero Tolerance Policy: We ask that you actively and enthusiastically participate in our events, especially with the time, efforts and occasionally additional monies that it takes for us to put an event together. We ask that you respect all organizers, hosts, and attendees. This includes honoring your RSVPs and letting us know if you can’t make it as soon as you are aware. Those who have 3+ "no show" or frequently RSVP and then cancel will be subject to removal.

*We ask that you do not contact (private message) members you haven’t met in real life. Exceptions include inquiring about group events with the prospective hosts and organizers.

*Keep in mind that this is NOT a dating group, altho it may happen if you meet and there is a mutual connection. If things work out, great!! But if it doesn't, please keep any drama outside.

**By joining our MeetUp group, you agree to the MeetUp terms of service releasing the organizers, assistant organizers, event organizers, hosts, and members from any liability related to any incidents, injuries, or accidents that may occur at MeetUp events**


Eligible attendees are encouraged to be fully vaccinated or had a recent negative testing prior to attending any event. Note that we are NOT checking vaccine records for this meetup. It is up to you to assess your own level of acceptable risk and take any precautions you deem prudent ie wearing masks and washing hands. That said, please use common sense and do not attend if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or otherwise feel unwell.

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Friendships of the IE

Riverside, CA

Friendships of the IE

We have members as young as 40  and we welcome everyone! The average age of our members is 50 and over. 

During these COVID times, we understand if you come and wear a mask, but it is not mandatory. We accept people with and without masks. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

Friendships of the IE has much to offer! We have game nights, theme parties, murder mystery dinners, bunco events, holiday events, potluck events, concerts in the park, University Village Summer Concerts, Redland Bowl Concerts, Fox Performing Arts Center events, Riverside Community Players as well as dining and concerts and dances in Temecula and Murrieta. Also socializing dinners, karaoke at the American Legion and Laws,  comedy shows, bowling and much, much more!

Four important things:

1. For the safety of all our members, you will need to  post and keep up a recent picture of yourself. We will not accept you as a member without this. Please post your first name. 

2. We understand that life can get busy and plans can change, but if you RSVP yes and you cannot make it please do us the courtesy of changing your RSVP. If  you are a no-show 3 times we will remove you from the group.

3. If you do not attend or even visit this page for more than 2 months you will be removed from the group. If your schedule frees up so that you are able to participate we'll be happy to add you again.

4. This is a drama free zone. If you cause a scene, we will give you one private warning and then if it happens again, you will be removed and be able to join other meetup groups more suitable to your interests. 

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So Many Women...So Little Time

Orange, CA

So Many Women...So Little Time

Please click here for our mailing list!  Glad you found us... Welcome to the So Many Women…So Little Time meetup group. Our group is alive and well and growing by leaps and bounds. We host online zoom events with members from all across the country and are now starting to host some live outdoor events as well, as long as they are safe. Time and space have taken on a whole new meaning. For all of you out of towners, don't worry. I never plan to leave zoom!

I have been so touched by the intimacy and connections that are being created day by through our group interactions. Lots of friendships have been made and yes, even some romance! I try to mix it up and keep it interesting for you all and I’m always open to new ideas and feedback. My commitment to every member is that there are no "outsiders" and all folks that identify as a woman loving women are welcome. I believe that the experience of inclusiveness is palpable in our group events whether live or on Zoom.

For FB users, please follow us ( If you would like to be part of our secret FB group, please friend request me at Jody Potiker and I will invite you. Once in, you can invite your friends directly from there too.

I would love it if you joined the smwslt mailing list. This separates out our special announcements from all the other meetup emails which can be overwhelming at times. I ask that you please set your notifications at minimum to receive organizer messages and new event announcements. This has to be done while actually on our group site. You can find the settings by clicking on your round profile photo on the top right corner and select email and notifications. 

I am so looking forward to meeting you whether it be online or in person when that time comes.

Until then, Your organizer, Jody

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AMTR / All Mountain Trail Riders (AMTR)O.C, L.A,I.E and S.D

Irvine, CA

AMTR / All Mountain Trail Riders (AMTR)O.C, L.A,I.E and S.D

Ride! That is what we do!! We are a group of riders that enjoy and are very passionate about Mt.Biking and all aspects of it. We believe in riding within a group for camaraderie, fun, knowledge and most importantly safety while out on the trails. Everyone that starts a ride with us will finish. Struggling or been off the bike for a while? No Worries!! The group who shows up to ride will always determine the pace. We will make sure everyone that shows up to ride has a fun and enjoyable time. We want to help you get better, faster and stronger! You get out of Mt.Biking as much or as little as you put into it!!

Many of our rides take place on the beautiful trails that Orange County has to offer. Additionally we are now starting to expand and offer rides in LA area, the Inland Empire and all the way down to San Diego County. Some of our favorite spots to ride are Fullerton Loop, Santiago Oaks, Whiting Ranch, Aliso and Woods Canyon and El Moro (Crystal Cove), Sycamore Canyon, Box Springs, Skyline, Chino Hills State Park, Big Bear and so on. In addition to this we occasionally will plan weekend getaways, as well as hit up trails that other places in So Cal and beyond have to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Come and judge for yourself. We encourage and welcome anyone and everyone to join us on our rides. Have ideas or want to ride somewhere? Drop us a line and we’ll make it happen.

"Sleep. Work. Eat. Ride and Repeat!"

DISCLAIMER ***The Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Organizers, Ride Leaders in this group are not professional guides. The function of the organizer(s) is only to organize the meetup. Each person who signs up for a trip/meetup/or outing is responsible for his or her own safety. By signing up for a Mt.Bike ride, or any other event organized by this group, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any outdoor activity and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards. In addition, you further agree to release and discharge the Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Event Organizers, Ride Leaders of the All Mountain Trail Riders Meetup Group from and against any and all liability arising from your participation in the group activities.***

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The Riverside 20's, 30's and 40's Meetup

Riverside, CA

The Riverside 20's, 30's and 40's Meetup

This is a group for Riverside and surrounding Inland Empire locals in their 20s, 30s and 40s to have great experiences in the Inland Empire and beyond whether it is in-person or on Zoom! It is modeled after the successful Desert 20s and 30s Meetup group in Palm Springs. 

Even though this is a college town, there aren't many spaces for young professionals to hang out other than the bar scene or salsa dancing lessons. And now, with Covid-19 in our county, our spaces remain virtual until we can all get vaccinated and can see each other again. 

Despite that we are not meeting in-person, the spirit of the Meetup remains with the help of our own creativity and camraderie. We believe once we meet a few times and "expand our horizons," and grow the group, our social circles will triple in size....even if it has to be virtual for now.

Everyone is welcome- singles, couples, students, professionals, you name it. We want you...even if we can't see your legs for now (virtual meetup joke). 


With the rampant spread of Covid-19 in the county, our creative and crazy virtual Meetups are mostly through the Zoom video conferencing interface. For more information, visit When the links and info are provided you can see us anywhere you are, as long as you have good Internet reception!

Although there is one in-person Meetup scheduled monthly with safety protocols, the in-person Meetups will mostly appear online through our Facebook groupchat #riversidefoxes. You will need a Facebook account to join this group. More information about our Meetup's reopening plan is here for you all to review-


Reopening this Meetup to in-person events will require getting the vaccine in Riverside County or San Bernardino County. For more information about the Covid-19 vaccine and to register for the vaccine when you are qualified and the vaccine is readily available, please visit the following sites:

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

The slots for the vaccine fill up faster than tickets to the Coachella Valley Music Festival so my advice is to bookmark the sites and check them periodically throughout the day as more vaccine administration sites become available. Welcome to #VaxChella. 


Harassment and/or discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated in violation of our policies could result in a permanent ban. #dontbeadouche #wearenottinder

If you find yourself being messaged by someone who is making you feel uncomfortable, please contact the organizers. Your information will be treated confidentially.

We are a private organization and reserve the right to remove or ban members without need to disclose the reason, but it is mostly for bad behavior.


We will be accepting people in their 20s, 30s and 40s within the 30 to 35 mile radius of Riverside, including the cities of Riverside, Corona/Norco, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Chino, Rubidoux, Perris, etc. We encourage those outside the boundaries to support their Meetups in the high-desert area, Temecula, and Los Angeles and Orange County areas or start their own.

Due to virtual Meetups occurring, we have stretched our boundaries into the 50 mile radius of Riverside to start including Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Palm Springs, and Montclair since Zoom allows you to travel to the Meetups wherever you are! Even in Texas! However, these boundaries will change once the Meetup is allowed to open in-person again. 


Please click here to see our No Show Policy regarding participation in our Meetup. #dontbeadouche

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Jay's Fun Meetup Group

Anaheim, CA

Jay's Fun Meetup Group

Welcome to Jay's Fun Meetup Group! We are a new fun meetup group of mostly singles in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who enjoy life and having fun with other like-minded quality singles in Orange County, Los Angeles & Southern California, who enjoy participating in our fun indoor & outdoor events, activities and adventures in Orange County, OC Beach Cities and surrounding Southern California Cities.

Our members come from all over Southern California, Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and San Diego to participate in our fun singles events, fun couples events and fun single social events & activities.

While, we are not a singles dating group, per se, There will be many fun hosted singles events and activities here in OC and Orange County, where you will be able to meet and mingle with many of our single members during the singles events. If you are single over 30, single over 40, single over 50 and single over 50, you will be in good company, because most of our singles are 30+, 40+, 45+, 50+ and 60+. So, Jay's Fun Meetup Group is a great place to meet singles in Orange County.

Jay's Fun Meetup Groups offer many fun opportunities for Los Angeles & Orange County couples and attached people to join in on the fun events and activities that we host.

We recognize that life changes and you may find yourself newly single, newly separated, newly divorced, newly widowed, new in town or just visiting OC and would like to meet and make new friends and enjoy participating in fun singles events and activities in and around Orange County. So, we encourage you to join Jay's Fun Meetup Group to meet other like-minded fun singles in our group.

We are more than a meetup group. We are a growing, caring community of new friends to share and enjoy life's memories with in Orange County.

So, why did I name the group "Jay's Fun Meetup Group"? I named it this way because many people, friends and those who have participated in fun events that I have hosted. always say "Jay is Fun" to hang out with, to be friends with, to socialize with and to enjoy life with!

So, why did I name the group "Jay's Fun Meetup Group"? I named it this way because many people, friends and those who have participated in fun events that I have hosted. always say "Jay is Fun" to hang out with, to be friends with, to socialize with and to enjoy life with!

Some of Jay's and our group's favorite activities and events include SUP stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, beach cities events, bicycle riding and fun bike rides at the beach, hiking to fun places, going to concerts in the park, listening to live music at clubs, dancing, eating and dining out, having pot luck picnics and beach bonfire parties, group walks and walking for fitness, going to live theater events, comedy clubs, sporting events, happy hours, movie premiers, traveling, visiting historic places, going to cool museums, going to cultural events and fairs, wine tastings, art exhibits, cooking classes, teaching and learning photography, teaching and learning how to play an acoustic guitar, singing and karaoke nights, playing pool, throwing darts and many other fun group activities together to come...

Event Suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. We would love to have as many different types of events posted and hosted that you can help think up.

Please let Jay know if you are interested in becoming an event host or event organizer for the group.

We are a social group and want you to feel like you a part of the greater good. We ask you to participate in events and activities as often a possible and contribute to the group's success.

* We do not charge membership dues to become a member of this group.

* We may at times charge a small event fee to participate in certain events to help cover costs and to defray our annual Meetup subscription hosting costs.

Some Group Rules:

1. You must have a real profile photo of yourself

2. Please be nice, kind, friendly, respectful, courteous and encouraging to each and every member of this group, at all times.

3. You are expected to meet your commitments to show up to the events that you have RSVP'd to.

4. You are expected to cancel your RSVP ahead of time if you cannot attend an event.

5. Three event “No-Shows” and you may be dismissed from the group.

Wait lists:

1. Some events and activities will begin with everyone on a wait list. As participation conditions are met, you will be moved from the wait list to the “going” list.

2. Some events will be wait listed to balance the number of male / female participants of an event. Such as a Valentines Day Gift Exchange.

3. In the case of a required event fee, everyone will be placed on a wait list until the required fee is paid.

4. In any event, it is best to join a wait list sooner, rather than later, for priority.

Meetup Liability and Releases:

1. Some events may require members to sign or agree to a liability release for an event's physical activities. This is above the general Meetup release that you checked and agreed to to join meetup.

2. It shall be up to each individual in the group to assess your own physical and/or medical condition to determine whether you are fit enough to participate in a physical activity event.

About Jay:

Jay is an experienced meetup group organizer, who has hosted hundreds of fun successful meetup events across several Orange County meetup groups. Including the OC Good Life, SoCal Tribe and many others.... And, now has decided to host his own group.

Jay's goal is to make sure that everyone has a great time at each event and that you feel personally welcomed in the group.

Thank you for joining! And, please invite your friends to join!


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After Failure: Are Rewarding Lasting Relationships Possible

Corona, CA

After Failure: Are Rewarding Lasting Relationships Possible

If you’d like to be more successful in relationships, if you need to heal, if hopes and dreams have been beaten down by betrayals, invalidations, mis-reading the other person or a breakdown of communication with your partner, I would like to share with you some things I have learned in my many years of trial and error, grief, trauma and horrible setbacks but finally and thankfully, triumphant success leading to a rewarding, wonderful relationship despite having far from ideal roll models.

If there is something that could be done wrong regarding relationships, I have most likely made that mistake; whether it’s dating the wrong person, having horribly low self-esteem, not knowing who to trust, or taking baggage from the past into new relationships.

Yet today I am in a wonderful relationship. I’m not here to brag, but I figured if I can be happily married, I’m quite certain anyone can also achieve a lasting, rewarding, fulfilling relationship. My co-organizer, Tammy, who you will also hear from, has also been through a lot but is currently in a wonderful, stable, rewarding relationship. In our weekly meetups,

I will do my best to cover things I have been asked about a lot, for example:

- How to truly heal after trauma from relationships or other life experiences.

- How to decide what qualities are important in a partner.

- A practical skill you can use for when communication gets strained.

- When love is compulsive and dangerous, I have some insights.

- When you feel completely broken after a betrayal or breakup, some things you can do.

- Five things having a great relationship does not depend upon.

- Insights I gained through life experiences and my own personal studies.

I did a meetup weekly for a good part of 2020 and my schedule has opened up to be able to do this again. I'm currently doing the talks Sundays 1pm Pacific Time. I hope this time is okay for everyone and am open to your feedback on this.

Our meetups will be on Zoom. Tammy and I are both Life Coaches using tools from the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center. No membership, affiliations or adherence to any belief system of any kind are required in order to attend this meetup.

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The 'Over 40' Circle

Moreno Valley, CA

The 'Over 40' Circle

This group was started for people who live in the inland empire and are over 40. I joined this group in 2015. I have really enjoyed meeting a very fun, friendly, diverse group of people. I have loved being introduced to new things that I would never have thought to do on my own. I was asked to take over as Organizer in January 2018 . I try and post a variety of interesting events, but please always feel free to offer suggestions.

.We do many things in this group including, traveling, happy hours, concerts, movies, potlucks, game nights, and anything else that comes up !!

There is a 2 month free trial period after which the dues are $15 per year . This may be paid via Zelle, Venmo, personal check , or cash if you will be attending an event. I have stopped using meet up pay cause they have been kicking people out of the group even if they pay dues and I am getting no answers from them . There is a limit of 2 no shows during your trial period . After 2 no shows you will be removed from the group. Same day cancellation without an emergency or illness will count as a no show . After your trial period , there is a limit of 2 no shows per year, after that , you will be removed from the group with no dues refund. Please have the courtesy to change your rsvp if your plans change,. Please try not to cancel at the last minute unless absolutely necessary.

We are a very fun , active group that likes to have fun !! We are always up for anything( some of us , LOL) and welcome suggestions for new activities. It's all about coming together with the IE over 40 crowd and sharing new experiences and meeting new people. If this sounds like something you would enjoy , give our group a try !!!

We have a group facebook page for members only so do a search for the OVER40CIRCLE on facebook. 

Please don't share any pictures on social media off our or off meet up

unless you have to permission of whoever is in the picture

Our policies are on the message board under the About Group Category

WAIVER AGREEMENT: By joining this group and attending any event you agree to hold The 'Over 40' Circle , the Organizer, Asst Organizers, event organizers, co-organizers and any hosts harmless for any issues whatsoever arising from club activities and events.

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Sunrise to Sunset Hikers

Mission Viejo, CA

Sunrise to Sunset Hikers

While this group is primarily focused on hiking, we also enjoy other forms of outdoor fun such as canoeing, biking, kayaking, camping and backpacking.... and a variety of special events including concerts, beach parties, museum, garden, art and holiday walks.

Our success is based in part on our ability to increase the fun factor of outdoor events,  often including a social activity such as picnics that include food and beverage. Our organizers also design conditioning hikes that are intended to enhance aerobic fitness and endurance. Our group has peaked virtually all the major mountains in Southern California, including Mt. Whitney. We strive to offer the most fun and scenic outdoor activities available to residents of Orange County.... events that are both in and out of area.

Our group is diverse, including young/middle/senior ages, singles and couples, and a mix of people with differing racial/ethnic/cultural/religious/political backgrounds. The unity of the Sunset Hikes Meetup centers on our shared love of fun, outdoor activities.

We do NOT ask for donations to support our administrative costs or charitable pursuits, however we do ask that you actively and enthusiastically participate in our events. So come on out! Make new friends, get some exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors. We are all about having fun!

Check out the "Our Calendar" tab for a schedule of upcoming activities. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon....

We welcome you to the Sunrise to Sunset Hiking family!


Group organizer and assistant organizers assume no liability; hike at your own risk. By being a member of this group you hereby agree to assume all risks and liability related to or resulting from any and all group functions. You agree that neither you nor any third party will hold any of the group's leaders, officers, or representatives liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets, or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. You also agree that your membership of this group is based on an "at will" basis.

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