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Redland's Singles for the Food and/or Wine Enthusiast

Redlands, CA

Redland's Singles for the Food and/or Wine Enthusiast

· This group is a Redlands singles group who are looking to make new friends, have fun and explore Redlands and the surrounding areas. We love live music and we love to dance! Many of our activities are organized around food, wine, concerts at Redlands Bowl, art walks, breweries, film events, happy hours, shopping nights in town, and walks through historical parts of town and parks. We try to support events in Redlands area. We are always open to suggestions for events.

· Group has a 3 No Show Rule: If you can RSVP ‘YES’ you can change your RSVP to ‘NO’ If you (or your guest) do NOT show up for a restaurant event where a chair is being held, that will be considered a No Show.

· Unsolicited messages to other group members are unwelcome. If an organizer is notified about receiving unsolicited messages from other group members, then the sender can be removed from the group immediately. Messages simply announcing new events or offering suggestions are OK. Personal "dating site" messages are unwelcome. This is not a dating site, but an activity site.

· Indemnity Agreement: By joining our group, you agree that Redlands Singles for the Food and/or Wine Enthusiast and it's organizers will not be liable or responsible whatsoever with regard to any negligent or intentional conduct of any third party and other meetup venues, etc., resulting in the loss of personal property, physical injury, monetary loss with regard to an event/meetup. In signing up and attending any of our listed events you are in agreement to the above. If you RSVP a guest to the event they are also in agreement to the Indemnity Agreement stated above.

• Conduct Agreement: By joining the Redlands Singles for the Food and/or Wine Enthusiast meetup group, you agree to conduct yourself with the utmost propriety and respect for other event attendees. Any actions deemed by Redlands Singles for the Food and/or Wine Enthusiast and it's organizers as harassment — visual, verbal, physical, sexual, racial, digital — will be subject to removal from the group pending final decision of Redlands Singles for the Food and/or Wine Enthusiast. In signing up and attending any of our listed events you are in agreement to the above. If you RSVP a guest to the event they are also in agreement to the Conduct Agreement stated above.

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MOMS Club of Redlands

Redlands, CA

MOMS Club of Redlands

The MOMS Club of Redlands serves the city of Redlands, Highland, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, Mentone, and Calimesa only. If the city you live in is not listed, please visit to find a chapter in your area or find out how to start one.

We are a support group designed just for moms! You are interested in the world around you and want a variety of activities for you and your children to participate in during the day. You need a support group that understands your special needs as a mom and we're it!

Here are some of the things that make us special: <br> <br>

We meet during the day, when a lot of moms need support!

We have lots of different opportunities to get together! Playdates at parks and in homes, field trips, specific playgroups for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, monthly moms night out, charity work benefiting local organizations that help children in need, etc.<br>

We have an established support system for our local chapters. Our volunteer Coordinators are experienced MOMS Club Moms who are ready to help you every step of the way! You can call them for advice, ideas and help! Where there are several groups in an area, we help set up get-togethers so officers and members can network and exchange ideas, and we have special newsletters and other support just for our local chapters and members! <br>

The MOMS Club® is a nonprofit corporation and a 501 (C) (3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS! <br>

We are part of an international group of moms <br>

Dues to our local chapter are only $20 per year! <br>

Mothers of any age children are welcome! You don't have to leave the group when your children enter school! We know you still need support as your children grow! <br>

Please note that MOMS Club of Redlands will not tolerate discrimination or hate speech based on race, color, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, socioeconomic status, physical or mental disability and sexual orientation.

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The 'Over 40' Circle

Moreno Valley, CA

The 'Over 40' Circle

This group was started for people that were over 40 and lived in the Inland Empire, but we have expanded our membership all the way to the Palm Springs area, San DIego area, L A County. . I joined this group in 2015. I have really enjoyed meeting a very fun, friendly, diverse group of people. I have loved being introduced to new things that I would never have thought to do on my own. I was asked to take over as Organizer in January 2018 . I try and post a variety of interesting events, but please always feel free to offer suggestions. .We do many things in this group including, traveling, happy hours, concerts, movies, potlucks, game nights, and anything else that comes up !! There is a 2 month free trial period after which the dues are $20 per year . This may be paid via Zelle, Venmo, personal check , or cash if you will be attending an event. I have stopped using meet up pay cause they have been kicking people out of the group even if they pay dues and I am getting no answers from them .  There is a limit of 2 no shows during your trial period . After 2 no shows you will be removed from the group. Same day cancellation without an emergency or illness will count as a no show . After your trial period , there is a limit of 2 no shows per year, after that , you will be removed from the group with no dues refund. Please have the courtesy to change your rsvp if your plans change,. Please try not to cancel at the last minute unless absolutely necessary.. A pattern of canceling will result in not being able to sign up for events for a period of time We are a very fun , active group that likes to have fun !! We are always up for anything( some of us , LOL) and welcome suggestions for new activities. It's all about coming together with the IE over 40 crowd and sharing new experiences and meeting new people. If this sounds like something you would enjoy , give our group a try !!! We have a group facebook page for members only so do a search for the OVER40CIRCLE on facebook.  Please don't share any pictures on social media off our or off meet up unless you have the permission of whoever is in the picture Our policies for 2022 are on the message board under the About Group Category PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS INFO **WAIVER AGREEMENT:** By joining this group and attending any event you agree to hold The 'Over 40' Circle , the Organizer, Asst Organizers, event organizers, co-organizers and any hosts harmless for any issues whatsoever arising from club activities and events.

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I Wanted To Do That,Just Not Alone -ComeWith of S Bernardino

San Bernardino, CA

I Wanted To Do That,Just Not Alone -ComeWith of S Bernardino

I founded ComeWith ([]( to bring people together in a real and authentic way. Making friends can be difficult at times. ComeWith is the best way to cultivate meaningful relationships through shared experiences. Who is this group for? This group is for everyone that wants to make new friends, have an active social life and cultivate meaningful relationships. All ages are welcome… but you must be at least 18. Member Fees We don’t charge membership fees and we (normally) don’t charge event fees. Events only charge attendees if there are vendor costs to cover (like kayak rental fees or a tour guide or other direct costs from some of the events that we help organize). What is ComeWith? How is it different than Meetup? ComeWith helps you take Meetups to the next level. We create fun events on Meetup so we can meet new people and make new friends. When you make a connection with someone, add them to your real friend network on ComeWith. Then you can create your own, typically smaller, more intimate experiences on ComeWith and all your friends will be automatically notified. For example, you can meet people at one of our Meetups and then invite them to join you for a reservation for four at a cool and trendy restaurant. By connecting with people and having shared experiences with them, you will cultivate meaningful relationships over time. Using Meetup together with ComeWith is the best way to build your network of real friends and ensure you never have to do anything alone ever again! Create your free account now ([]( Check out this video to learn how ComeWith works with Meetup to build a real friend network. []( About ComeWith For active, hard-working professionals who are looking to improve their social lives and make new friends, ComeWith is a tech-enabled social club were you can participate in other people's experiences, meet new people and create your own experiences. Unlike Meetup and social media apps, ComeWith helps you build a personalized, real friend network and cultivate meaningful relationships through in-real-life shared experiences. If you vibe with what we are doing, you can help us build more features on ComeWith by making an investment in the business. Check out more details on Wefunder if you are interested in learning more.

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Friendships of the IE

Riverside, CA

Friendships of the IE

We have members as young as 40  and we welcome everyone! The average age of our members is 50 and over. 

During these COVID times, we understand if you come and wear a mask, but it is not mandatory. We accept people with and without masks. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

Friendships of the IE has much to offer! We have game nights, theme parties, murder mystery dinners, bunco events, holiday events, potluck events, concerts in the park, University Village Summer Concerts, Redland Bowl Concerts, Fox Performing Arts Center events, Riverside Community Players as well as dining and concerts and dances in Temecula and Murrieta. Also socializing dinners, karaoke at the American Legion and Laws,  comedy shows, bowling and much, much more!

Four important things:

1. For the safety of all our members, you will need to  post and keep up a recent picture of yourself. We will not accept you as a member without this. Please post your first name. 

2. We understand that life can get busy and plans can change, but if you RSVP yes and you cannot make it please do us the courtesy of changing your RSVP. If  you are a no-show 3 times we will remove you from the group.

3. If you do not attend or even visit this page for more than 2 months you will be removed from the group. If your schedule frees up so that you are able to participate we'll be happy to add you again.

4. This is a drama free zone. If you cause a scene, we will give you one private warning and then if it happens again, you will be removed and be able to join other meetup groups more suitable to your interests. 

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SoCal Pack Leaders

Riverside, CA

SoCal Pack Leaders

Hey! Hello! Hi there!

Welcome to Southern California's original pack leadership group. We are super excited you chose us! Our dog training group is perfectly designed to provide you with the most effective behavior modification, socialization and training philosophies.

As a professional dog trainer of nearly 30 years I have used natural and holistic methods to work with dogs, as well as other animals. Having received formal training with only the best in the industry, as well as top authors such as The Monks of New Skete and Cesar Millan we are very well versed in a wide range of training methods and techniques to suite each and every one of you.

Our love of all breeds, passion for helping dogs of all ages, and work in behavior modification/solutions, problem solving, complete home manners, and multi-canine management has brought remarkable success to all of our clients world-wide. We draw from a lifetime of experiences with animal companions, as well as more than 28 years of yoga practice to help bring a fun, but calm, balanced energy to all of our clients, canine and human alike.

Our goal is to arrange weekly meet-ups that will allow us to share all of our tips and tricks to problem solving, obedience, solving reactivity and aggression and help you create perfect balanced companions you love to show off! You will be able to expect only the best in group obedience lessons, socialization, pack walks & hikes, Pet First Aid & CPR, rattlesnake avoidance, and many other valuable classes, workshops and seminars.

Please note, this is a dog training meet-up, and there are fees associated with each event. The fees may range in price on average, but are not limited to $5-$25 per event. We are truly grateful to have been voted Inland Empires Best Dog Training since 2011 by MyFoxLA and provide only the very best there is to offer! The larger events may have larger fees associated, however you are not required to join them in order to join the SoCal Pack Leaders.

Welcome to our training family, and we look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email, or on any of the social media outlets listed below.

Please follow us on our social media platforms listed below to learn more about us, and get some great tips, tricks, videos and occasional freebies!

Jen Freilich, IACP-CDT
Owner/Trainer/Behavior Specialist
IACP Professional Member #3919
Official Pack to Basics™ Socialization's
Certified ForceFree™ Method Trainer
AKC Canine Good Citizen Trainer / Evaluator 
Volhard Dog Nutrition Affiliate  
Canine Nutrition Consultant 
Certified SATS Perception Modification Trainer
Pet First Aid & CPCR Instructor 

At The End of Your Leash! 
Dog training and canine wellness center.
FB & IG @attheendofyourleash
Voted Best Dog Training in the Inland Empire since 2011 by MyFoxLA and YOU! 

Jen Freilich, Owner / Training Director / Behavior Specialist

With more than twenty years of experience, there is one thing Jen has always specialized in: creating happy dogs and happy families. Her talents take you from puppies to fearful, unruly and aggressive cases, to helping you create a balanced companion, and develop the relationship you have always dreamed of. Jen’s years of experience have led her to study with some of the world’s top trainers as she has developed her own unique training style that is guaranteed to bring you the success you are looking for. It’s not just about becoming a leader, but for Jen, it’s about teaching you how to lead with love. As one of only a handful worldwide certified to run Pack to Basics™ Socialization classes, she holds the key to unlocking the true potential in your canine companion.  

As certified ForceFree™ Method trainers, your journey from unruly prankster to balanced, off-leash reliable companion is not far away. For your trainers here, this is not just a job or a career. It is a way of life, and it is their passion. Their award winning training has made them top dogs year after year as their clients, along with MyFoxLA, has awarded them the title of Best Dog Trainers in the Inland Empire. With these superheroes, you are in the very best hands. 

*Note: This is a group dedicated to pet owners seeking additional help in creating calm, balanced dogs with the guidance of a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. Trainers wishing to seek mentorship with Jen will not be added to this group initially and should email her directly at:

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Rise From the Ashes & Heal After Betrayal, Loneliness & Pain

San Bernardino, CA

Rise From the Ashes & Heal After Betrayal, Loneliness & Pain

Broken trust, broken lives, single parent, heartbroken kids? Is there any hope? Trust is the backbone of every fulfilling, successful relationship, so when you've lost that, your future chances of true happiness in relationships, creativity and even career, diminish. If you were not in constant emotional pain, if you could smile again and regain confidence, it would be much more possible to make a fresh start. In other words, if you could retain the wisdom from life experiences without the lingering crippling pain, that would be better, correct?

Maybe it's just you at stake, maybe there are kids involved too. What about their pain? Well, we can talk about that. But first let's see if we can dust you off and shake off some of that baggage so you can take a fresh look. Then we may have a look at who you should and shouldn't trust. I found scientific information that has been incredibly helpful to me personally and I wanted to share.

At our weekly meetups (currently being held online) we will talk about:

* The real causes for depression and PTSD.

* When to repair, when to walk away.

* Immediate drug-free relief from over-thinking, regret, sorrow.

* The single life, is it safer to be alone?

* What is compulsive cheating and is there a fix?

* Precise things to look for in choosing your ideal partner.

* Find out what can make love dangerously, even fatally compulsive.

* Learn about a do-it-yourself therapy with a 10-step technique.

* Why do people stay with someone who repeatedly lies and cheats?

* Three secrets of enduring friendships & relationships.

* Learn to identify (before it's too late) those who will destroy you.

* What about the little ones - TIPs for protecting your kids during emotional trouble.

Maybe you're a single parent now. In choosing a new partner, you don't have only yourself to consider. You want a safe, happy, complete home. And you want to set a good example.

There is a yardstick that measures who would be a successful relationship partner. You can use this and see who measures up. You can learn a unique, scientific yet creative, fun way to clarify your own goals for a perfect relationship partner. Just a warning, the majority of people who do this meet the partner they envisioned shortly after doing this exercise.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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