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Shut Up & Write!® Online Events

San Francisco, CA

Shut Up & Write!® Online Events

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At Shut Up & Write, we believe in the power of community—now more than ever. That’s why we’ve set up a variety of accountability structures online to keep you inspired to write from the safety of your home.

Online Events 

Organizers can now organize online events through MeetUp. We’ve created a step-by-step guide for organizers to create an online event here.

Virtual Chapter

We’ve launched a Virtual Chapter on our website! Discuss your daily progress, try your hand at a writing prompt, and share writing advice and tips in our new forums.

Word Sprints 

What’s a word sprint? We set a timer for 30 minutes and write, then report back with word counts and cheer each other on. Every weekday at 3pm PDT, we’re running #wordsprints on our Twitter account! Join in the fun @shutupwrite.

Monthly Challenges 

Sign up for one of our free Monthly Writing Challenges, where we provide prompts for five days or more to inspire your writing.

Tell us your thoughts! 

We welcome your suggestions and feedback – we want to support you in your writing practice. Reach out at to let us know how we can help or if you’d like to get more involved with our efforts.

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Mensa / San Francisco Region

San Francisco, CA

Mensa / San Francisco Region

This MeetUp provides a dynamic way for members of San Francisco Regional Mensa to get the latest on Mensa events in the Bay Area and to more easily host their own Mensa events. The idea is that by eliminating the very long lead time now necessary to post things to the Intelligencer, we will have more, and more varied, events on the calendar.

You MUST be a *current* member of Mensa to join this group. When you click "Join Us" (above right), please include your full name AND your Mensa membership number so that we can verify your membership.

If you'd like to become a member of Mensa, please go to the SFRM website,, to find out how to qualify, or to locate a testing session near you. In the meantime, you can join us in our San Francisco Mensa Friends Meetup where we have events open to non-members.

Organizers and Event Organizers can post events directly to our Meetup site, but Meetup no longer allows non-organizers to post events directly.

If you are a member of our Meetup group, but not an organizer, and you wish to have an event posted, click on "Suggest a new Meetup", or send an email to  Be sure and be specific as to what the event is, including a full description, date, time, and location.  If you'd like the event to recur on a regular basis (e.g., 3rd Wednesday of the month), be sure to specify that as well.

We hope to see you soon!

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WordPress Social Learning

San Francisco, CA

WordPress Social Learning

Whether you’re a first-time blogger or seasoned developer, there’s always more to learn. From community members all over the world, the vast resources available on Learn WordPress will help you learn more about WordPress and teach it to others.

One of the best ways to learn is through social discussions with others. The meetups here bring together people around the content hosted on for live discussions and learning. We share knowledge, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. When you sign up for a meetup, please take the time to watch the suggested workshop(s) in advance where necessary. 

WordPress Global Community Sponsors help fund WordPress Meetup groups and WordCamps around the world. Thank you to GreenGeeks, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Bluehost, and GoDaddy Pro for their support!

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英語の発音をネイティブ化するグループ in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

英語の発音をネイティブ化するグループ in San Francisco

Lingo Mii 発音グループは英語の発音をネイティブ化するミートアップグループです。英語の発音に困っている方は必見です!



私たちは、LAに本社をおき、現地の大学の音声学、発音学の研究者と各国から来たESL(English Second Language)の人の発音改善支援プロジェクトを進めております。




日本時間:土 - 10am

ロサンジェルス時間:金 - 6pm

ニューヨーク時間:金 - 9pm


日本時間:土 - 11:15 am

ロサンジェルス時間:金 - 7:15 pm

ニューヨーク時間:金 - 10:15pm


日本時間:土 - 9am

ロサンジェルス時間:金 - 5pm

ニューヨーク時間:金 - 8pm


日本時間:土 - 10am

ロサンジェルス時間:金 - 6pm

ニューヨーク時間:金 - 9pm



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Bay Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (21-30's)

San Francisco, CA

Bay Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (21-30's)

Hello there (: Welcome to a supportive adventure-loving community, sharing a variety of experiences! Our goal is to explore what our beautiful area has to offer, and build lasting friendships!

*Who should join?*

This group is ideal for women/women identifying ages 21-30's who are ready to explore, have fun, and are interested in surrounding themselves with kind, genuine, and supportive ladies!

Are you new to the area, haven't had the opportunity to meet others, interested in socializing more and getting out of the house now that the Bay is reopening!?

View your awaiting adventures below, and feel free to suggest/recommend your own!


― Happy Hour Evenings

― Trying New Restaurants

― “Book Club”- Read a Book Various Topics Monthly- Discuss at Café or Over Dinner

― Board Game Nights- at Bar/Café or can Host at home

― Trivia Nights

― Karaoke

― Top Golf- San Jose

― Weekend Trips- (Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Yosemite, NorCal, Socal, etc)

― Skating/Rollerblades Nights at the Rink

― Comedy Nights

― Musicals/Broadway/Live Performance Plays

― Concerts/Live Music

― Dancing/Going Out Nights

― Winery/Tastings/Breweries

― Movie Nights- host a small group- Order Pizza/Wine/Hang Out…

― Arts and Crafts Nights- Painting/Pottery- can be those classes studios offer

― Bowling & Beer Nights

― Open Mic Nights

― Photography Days- Dress up take pictures somewhere

― Boba & Boardgames


― Volunteering- food banks, shelters, animal shelters, etc.

― Themed Gatherings

― Sports Games- Baseball, Hockey, Basketball

― Cookouts/BBQs/Dinners/Baking

-Outdoorsy or Physical Activities-

― Hiking- light and medium levels

― Kayaking/Boating

― Yoga or Workout Classes/Dance Classes

― Picnics at the Park

― Gardens/Japanese Gardens/Rose Gardens

― Beach Days

― Pup Playdates

― Whole Day Activities- Ziplining, Tubing,

― Berry Picking

― White Water Rafting Tours

― Skiing/Snowboarding in Snow Season

― Horse Trail Riding

― Berry/Fruit Picking



―Sports- Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, etc...

If you have any questions about the group or any events, please message me!

*No Show Policy: Many events have limited RSVPs available, and members on Waitlists to attend. Due to this, we have a 2x No Show Policy then you will be automatically moved to the waitlist of any events moving forward. Please be considerate of others when RSVPing and update no later than 24 hours prior to an event to allow others to join in your place. Thank you for your understanding (:

* Waiver: By joining this meetup group, you agree to waive all liability and hold the site, the founders, organizers, and other members harmless for anything that may occur in connection with or a result of any activity, event, interaction, or introduction. You are required to take personal responsibility for your actions and obey all state and federal laws and rules of any establishment. Membership does not guarantee anything other than the ability to RSVP and attend events posted by this group.

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Hiking in Marin: Mountains, Meadows, Marshes and Mist

Mill Valley, CA

Hiking in Marin: Mountains, Meadows, Marshes and Mist

This group is for everyone who wants to explore the stunning beauty and remarkable trails of verdant Marin County. We spend much of our time hiking among the majestic redwoods, but we'also take advantage of Marin's glorious coastal-trail views, its high peaks, and its many streams and waterfalls -- sometimes all in the same hike!

Many of our hikes are fairly moderate in both distance and pace, though we do mix in longer hikes with more vertical, as well as occasional beginner hikes. But regardless of distance, virtually all of our hikes are limited in attendance, so that we can ensure everyone's safety and attempt to keep the group together as much as possible. Smaller groups also make for a more intimate, natural experience in the wilderness, which is particularly important to us because we like to get off the well-known trails as much as possible. There are plenty of 100-hikers-and-a-cloud-of-dust groups on Meetup, rampaging along the fire roads. This is not one of them.

Because we limit numbers, the majority of our hikes have wait lists. If you join a waitl ist, you are expected to monitor it, and your email, to find out whether you have moved up to confirmed. RSVPs and wait lists will close at 5 pm the night before the hike, and no one will move up after that time, so you don't have to worry about a late-night promotion to confirmed that you don't see until the next morning. 5 pm the night before is also the deadline for anyone on the confirmed list to cancel an RSVP.

PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to show up for a hike with a wait list, or cancel at the last minute, you'll be removed from the group. It's a one-strike policy. Be fair -- let someone else have your spot when you decide not to go.

If all of that sounds good, then please join us as we explore the striking beauty awaiting us in our local forests, mountains and coastal trails.

Let's go hiking in Marin!

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