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Modesto Fun, Fitness, and Adventures

Modesto, CA

Modesto Fun, Fitness, and Adventures

Thank you to everyone who participated in Modesto Women's Fun & Fitness in 2020! 

For 2021, I am changing the name and focus of the group. While it will still be about fun and fitness, it will also be about new adventures and experiences. The group will also be open to women AND men. These activities will incorporate all three of those things--Fun, Fitness, and Adventure. I plan to research and schedule lots of fun outdoor activities and will welcome anyone's ideas going forward.

Group Changes for 2021:

Another change will be that members will now need to introduce and say a little bit about themselves upon joining. If you are already a member, please go in and answer these questions about yourself so that I and other group members can learn about you! In addition, while joining the group is free, in order to participate in future activities there will be yearly membership dues of $10 per person (a small price to pay for fun and meeting new people) in order to offset the cost of organizing the group. Additionally, I will be requiring everyone who joins to have a clear, recognizable photo of THEMSELVES in order to be a member. This is for several reasons, but the main ones are so I know what you look like when you join an event and can account for everyone that signed up, and most importantly, for all group members safety and security. If you join without posting a photo or use a one of a pet or one of your kids instead (not that we don't want to see them too!), I will kindly ask that you post a photo of YOU within seven days. If one is not posted by the deadline, you will be removed from the group. I will continue to look for free and low-cost activities, however, if there is a cost involved this will be posted on the event information, so please be sure to read it carefully and follow the instructions.

I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming year, experiencing new and enjoyable activities, and once COVID starts to settle down, participating in both indoor and outdoor activities. Safety precautions to decrease the likelihood of contracting the virus will always be of utmost importance!

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Stockton, Modesto, and Sonora Sierra Club

Oakdale, CA

Stockton, Modesto, and Sonora Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization with the Mother Lode Chapter serving 24 Northern California Counties. Enjoy a variety of events offered by three of the Mother Lode Chapter Groups: "Stockton" Delta-Sierra Group (DSG), "Modesto" Yokuts Group (YG), and "Sonora" Tuoloumne Group (TG) which make up the Central Gold Country. Hiking, gorge scrambling, kayaking, skiing, biking, camping, service trips and other events are lead by Sierra Club trained leaders.

Most leaders have many years of experience leading hikes and often have a great knowledge of many open space areas and parks in the Central Gold Country: Mokelumne Wilderness, Eldorado National Forest, Carson-Iceburg Wilderness, and Yosemite; and the East Bay and Coastal Bay Area. Leader styles vary greatly. Some are very fast paced with few stops; others travel at a very slow pace and stop frequently. You are required to be properly equipped and able to stay with the group so be sure to check with the leader if you have any questions about the outing. The difficulty of each trip is usually rated with a Classification that is explained in the Important Outings Information. Also, each outing participant must have the Essentials, which are also listed in Important Outings Information.

All adults are welcome, including those who are not members of Sierra Club. We generally meet at a designated local parking area and then carpool to the event site (though Sierra Club does not officially organize carpools) which can be located nearby or several hours away. We also have fun off the trail with social events such as dinners, movie nights, Christmas Parties, and potlucks.

Happy Trails!

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San Joaquin Hikers

Lodi, CA

San Joaquin Hikers

This group is for novice, accomplished hikers and all those inbetween who wish to get outside and explore, enjoy and experience the Great Outdoors.  Fall/Winter 2021 - please be vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Scheduled hikes provide descriptions of difficulty level, length of hike, elevation, what to bring and other important hiking information to consider when choosing whether to sign up for a particular hike.  It's important to know your hiking ability and endurance. We recommend starting on easier hikes before heading out on more difficult ones.   Hike leaders are experienced at hiking and leading groups of people on trails. We practice "Leave no Trace" on our hiking events, which means packing in/packing out all items you bring along.  Our hikes are on established trails and we rarely venture off-trail. We suggest keeping cell phone usage to a minimum while on the trails. Safety is of critical concern so our group strives to make hiking events as safe as possible. However, hiking does have risks so please stay with the group and watch out for potential dangers on the trails.

In determining what to bring and how to dress for a hike, consider the difficulty level, length of hike, weather conditions, and area location.  For most hikes we suggest bringing water and snacks, first aid kit, and any personal items you need in a day backpack. Most hike leaders carry more than that and will usually provide a list of what to bring on their posted hike description. Clothing can vary, depending on expected temperature on hike day, but it's best to dress in layers in case it gets warmer or cooler than expected. Hiking boots/hiking sandals or sturdy walking shoes are what most hikers wear. Trekking poles can be very helpful and many hikers use them on hikes with hills. Always be prepared for contingences if the hike does not go as planned.  If you have any medical condition (such as diabetes) or are on prescription medicine please privately advise the hike leader before setting off on hike day. It is each hiker's responsibility to try and stay as safe as possible, and to watch out on behalf of fellow hikers who may be having difficulties.            

Please do NOT come hiking when sick, recovering from serious illness, taking medicine that causes drowsiness, experiencing a hangover, or feel somewhat impaired in any way. Common sense should prevail! 


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Northern California Adventure Meetup Group

Modesto, CA

Northern California Adventure Meetup Group

Welcome Adventurers!

Northern California adventures is the premier social adventure organization in Northern California . We organize Adventures to many of the most beautiful and iconic locations in Northern California .

"This is a group for anyone interested in hiking, Skiing , camping, kayaking, Snow Shoeing ,Social Activities , Meeting new friends etc . I started this group to meet other outdoor enthusiasts and to create a group to meet other singles .

Remember, you are signing up for a social outing, not a guided tour. None of the organizers are experts or professional guides, and no hikers can expect to receive a professional level of intervention on our events. You are expected to understand the risks inherent in any outdoor activity in the wilderness and be prepared to mitigate them on your own behalf. This includes, hikes appropriate to your level of fitness and experience. Communicate openly with the group you are with at all times. Your RSVP is your agreement that you are participating at your own risk and hold harmless all members of the group including the organizers.

By signing up for any activities , you agree to the following: <br>I recognize that there are risks associated with participating in group adventures . I assume full responsibility for personal injury, including disease-carrying insect bites, to myself and family members. I agree to indemnify and release from liability the leaders of this group against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees which may arise.

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Lady Bugs On The Go!

Turlock, CA

Lady Bugs On The Go!

This is a Women's Group that is tired of living in the rut from day to day.....
A group who wants to come out and play and explore and learn all the valuable insights that we can share and learn from one another. ...

This is a group that wants to go go go and check all the boxes off on their bucket lists. ..(question #3)

What I want is a group that can come together and share. ..teach one another and learn from each other. ... for instance I don't know how to crochet and I've always wanted to learn...and maybe there are things you want to learn...??? (Question #1 &2)

Throw in an adventure or two and we have a dynamic group I'm not going to skydive....(sorry....I'm not that adventuresome-ha ha)

In order to become a member you will have to answer 5 questions along with a current picture? And then I will contact you and we will meet ( I have found coffee to be the best)  so that you can meet me and I can meet you. Its very casual and low key--do not be nervous.  I want you to see that I am just as normal as you and having you know at least one person in my meetup (me) makes it easier for you to sign up and go to other events/activities with the group.  

 This is not a watch from the sidelines club--this is a participation club--I want to know you and you to know me and all of my members get to know you too.    

 I do not want a club with 100,  200 even 1,000 members that I do not know having a large number of members is not the goal of this club....its learning, teaching, going, doing, helping and making lots and lots of friendships

To be active in the club you will have to go to 1 event/activity every 3 months (this is the minimum required events/activities to stay active in the club--but you can go to as many events/activities as you want)  That is only 4 events/activities a year to stay active.  And compared to a lot of other meetup groups this club is very very active with lots and lots of activities/events and variety.

If you become inactive; then you run the risk of being removed from the just sign up for the events/activities that interest you--I do not expect you to go to all events/activities just the ones that interest you.  And if nothing interests you-then don't be shy-suggest one....

Also just as important if you sign up for an event/activity and cannot go---it is only a courtesy to message or text me that you will be unable to make it.  Failure to let me know that you are not coming for an event that you signed up is considered a no-show...... I usually send an email reminding you one to two days before any event/activity so there is no reason not to let me know you are not coming.   

Myself and others will be looking for you and wondering where you are. Also, some events require reservations and the businesses we have booked with are expecting a certain number of people. Plus no one likes to be stood up. 3 No Shows will result in termination from the club membership.

Dues are $10 for whatever month you decide to join the if you join in August the dues will still be $10  for the remainder of the current year.  And then when January comes around again dues will be $10 for the whole year--Jan thru Dec. 

If this is an issue for you then you can wait to join in January and only pay $10 for the whole year.   I am in two other clubs (not meetup) and this is the way they do it...and its easier to keep tabs on the dues.....everyone pays $10 in January for the whole year. If you come in half way then you still pay the $10 for the remainder of the year.

 I will send you a friendly reminder that your dues are due.  Failure to pay the yearly $10 club dues means you will be automatically dropped from the club and no longer wish to be a member.

 The dues will be used to pay the $14.99 monthly fee that Meetup charges and any excess will go back into the club to be used on activities/events, get togethers, or supplies needed by the membership.  

When you have gone to 10 events/activities--you will be awarded a LadyBug pin.  Activities/ events are scheduled so that there are free events and paid events--you choose what you want to sign up for.

So I became the first LadyBug when I traveled to Niagara Falls by myself. (yes it was scary but my friend that I was planning on going with backed out--and at that time you lost your airline miles if you didn't use them in a year (Southwest Airlines)--so I bravely (and timidly) decided I was going to go even if it meant I had to do it alone. My first ever solo trip---(yikes)

I did not know a soul--but I called home every night so that my poor worried Mother could sleep at night knowing no one had accosted me----it was scary; but exciting at the same time.

Anyway I had walked over to the Canada side to visit the duty free shop. I had bought some items and was at the checkout when the cashier noticed a ladybug on my arm. I kinda jumped (anything with bug in it would have gotten a reaction out of me--ha ha) Oh no she reassured me--a ladybug is a sign of good luck.

Hmmmm so I gently took the ladybug on my arm to an outside area and let it fly fly fly away. (After I paid for my items of course)

I got lost numerous times; I got three tickets on the bridge (I got out of it because after I got the tickets mailed to me-- I explained that the bridge toll guy wouldn't tell me what I was doing wrong--just get moving...go go go---and I ended up not having to pay) and remember that Canada duty free shop--well I was a tourist (all by my lonely) taking pictures as I walked across the bridge toward the US side and all of a sudden here come 3 men wanting to confiscate my camera--I was jeopardizing security by taking pictures of the US bldg--what??? --so much for good luck from the lady bug on my arm--I thought they were going to throw me in jail.....????

10 days later when I returned home safely and in one piece--I remember falling backwards in my bed and thinking to myself--I made it-- and all by myself! That was a huge accomplishment for me--I had never gone on a vacation ever by myself before.

But I got to thinking that while I was touring Niagara Falls I was a Lady and I sure bugged the he$$ out of everyone I met--hence the name: LADYBUGS ON THE GO!!!!

Look forward to meeting you and helping you to create and accomplish your dreams.....

****************************************************************************************************************(Below is a Legal Disclaimer and Liability Information for Lady Bugs on the Go!--pls be sure to read, understand and accept it before you become a member of the club)  


LEGAL DISCLAIMER AND LIABILITY INFORMATION: By joining this group, RSVP'ing to events, and attending events, you are confirming that you have read, understand and accept the following:

· 1. Attending events held by Lady Bugs on the Go!  is voluntary by you as a member. Participation in any activity with us is at your own risk.

· 2. By joining Lady Bugs On the Go! as a member you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Lady Bugs on the Go! -- its organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, event hosts, and other members from all claims or liability of every type (including court costs and legal fees) for injury or death to any person or for damage to property, loss of personal property or any other wrongful act arising out of or relating to your participation as a member. This agreement applies to you and to other persons (as your guests) who may accompany you in these endeavors.

· 3. You also agree to hold the organizers as well as other group members harmless. By participating voluntarily in the group, you expressly waive any and all such claims against each and every other member in the group, including without limitation any and all claims against the group organizer, co-organizers, assistant organizers, and event hosts.

· 4. Lady Bugs on the Go!  may hold events involving a variety of different activities. These events can be dangerous and pose a risk to Lady Bugs on the Go! members and guests. By participating voluntarily in the group you understand that you are responsible for your own safety and your guests.

· 5. Any social events that Lady Bugs on the Go! sponsors and holds will fall also under the same Disclaimer and Liability guidelines listed above.

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Livermore Women's Social Group

Livermore, CA

Livermore Women's Social Group

The Livermore Women's Social Group was designed for women to meet new people and make new friends of all ages. As the Organizer I will plan a lot of great events, such as Wine Tasting, Happy Hours, Bunco, Lunches, Dining out, Miniature Golf, Karaoke, Volunteering and much more.

I recently moved to Livermore and had a Woman's Social Group in the Tri City area for 6 years. We had over 225 women at the time before I stepped down as the Organizer due to many family deaths in a short time, I needed time to regroup.....So here I am starting a new Women's Social in Livermore since I will be moving to this beautiful town next month.

You will be amazed how many women don't have a friend to talk to, laugh with, and share a secret or two. This group is open to women of all races, religion, and sexual orientation. We will not discriminate!!!!!

The cost to be apart of this group is $10.00 a year.

Please only RSVP if you are going to attend events. We all know that things come up at the last minute but please don't decided to not show up and not change your RSVP to a NO. This puts stress on the Organizers since some things are planned ahead of time, especially when reserving seats at a restaurant or bar.

If you have 3 NO SHOWS you will be dropped from the group. We want active women who are looking to have fun and make new friendships.

I am looking for Assistant Organizers to join my team to host and plan fun events in the Tri Valley Area. If you are interested, please message me and let me know why you would make an AMAZING Assistant Organizer.

I hope you enjoy all the fun filled events that are coming our way.

Your Organizer,


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Tri-Valley/Tracy/CC Motorcycle Cruisers

Livermore, CA

Tri-Valley/Tracy/CC Motorcycle Cruisers

This group is for riders, of all skill levels, who enjoy the scenery more than tackling the road and turns.  It's about finding someone to ride with when you want to go riding.  You will notice we don't have big rides of 20-30 people.  We enjoy the smaller group of 5-10 where we can relax and enjoy the road rather than worry about riders around you.  

Think about this as a way to ask a group of friends to go riding with you.  Not creating an event 

About 1/2 our members are active.  1/2 joined but never returned to the page after joining. Please join if you want to participate. If you haven't at least visited the web page in 4 months I will remove you and notify you.  If I remove you and you want to remain a member, just rejoin the group.  

There are no membership fees or requirements  

All members will be made event organizers. You want to go for a ride?  Today, tomorrow, next week? Post it.  Find people who want to go. You are in charge.  Post your rides. If you're going anyways someone might want to ride with you. 

If there is a ride posted on a day, and you want to go somewhere else, post it.  Maybe there are people who want to go there instead  

We ride about 3-7 mph above the speed limit. Make sure your comfortable with that.  We have nowhere to go, plenty of time to get there, and take social/scenic breaks. Lunch? Small restaurants, cold beer, and locals to talk to. 

Rides will usually range from short rides to 300+ miles. Longer overnight rides are possible.  Check out our past rides to get a feel for it.  It's up to you. Schedule what you want.  We are not looking for big group rides. Just people who like to relax and ride weekends and weekdays too.  Since any member can create an event, they can be any length, shape, size, you want. 

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