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Temecula, CA


Watch the webcasts of Francis Lucille, and ask live your questions on non-duality, happiness, meditation, etc...

Francis, a long time friend and student of Jean Klein, is a spiritual teacher of the Advaita Vedanta tradition. His teaching is not "Neo Advaita" but traditional Advaita, which means that the experience of our true nature has been transmitted from generation to generation by a lineage of sages.

Francis' master, Jean Klein, met his guru in India in the early Fifties and stayed and studied with him for several years. He later studied the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism with Dibianandapuri and of Hatha Yoga with the famous teacher Krishnamacharya. Jean Klein was an Acharya, meaning a guru who, having realized the common ground of all spiritual teachings, can teach according to many traditions with equal ease. He loved the humor of the Zen patriarchs, the poetry of Rumi and of the Sufi tradition, and the sweetness of Meister Eckhart's Christian expression of the Absolute. His teachings reflected his love for art and music, addressing the needs of a demanding intellect while focusing to a large extent on the perceptual and sensorial aspect of our experience.

Francis' teachings reflect those of his guru: appreciation for humor, art, music, and poetry, intellectual rigor with a "personal" twist due to his training in Mathematics and Physics, emphasis on the body and its feelings. There are meditation and yoga sessions inspired by the Tantric and Hatha Yoga traditions in addition to the traditional Advaitic dialogues. Music concerts, often featuring Francis as a performer, are also included in the program of the retreats.

Click on the link "Pages" above for more infos on Francis Lucille and videos.

You may register here for the webinars and webcasts and for the retreats with Francis. We are making sure Truth lovers with financial hardship can have access to the teachings by offering them scholarships (free spots). Donations are of course welcome and necessary to cover the expenses.

There are also 8 week long retreats every year at Laura and Francis' home in Temecula, California, and retreats in Tampa (Florida), Orlando (Florida), Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain), Munich (Germany) and at the Omega Center (upstate New-York).

ADVAITA is an eclectic group of friends interested in meditation, yoga, enlightenment, self realization, non duality teachings (Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism).

Diverse age groups and professions are represented: artists, musicians, mathematicians, physicists, engineers, physicians, dentists, yoga teachers, therapists, business owners, home makers, retirees, students etc.

Week-end Meetings: This is not the Meetup group for the Temecula week-end meetings, only for the online webcasts and for the retreats. For a schedule of week-end meetings you would like to attend in person instead of online, become a member of the ADVAITA Temecula local Meetup group:


Info: ...

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The Witches Cottage

Valley Center, CA

The Witches Cottage

We are an active group of Witches opening our sacred fire to other Witch folks. <br>


The Witches Cottage is a place for folks who are Witches or who like Witches!!

We are a Crossroads Witchcraft Coven celebrating the balance of dark and light. We are Individuals responsible for our own actions. Our Tradition is not Wiccan. We are folkloric conjuring Witches. We work with both the dark and the light.

The Tradition embraces diversity and the global magickal crossroads that lead us to the deep spiritual paths that the Universe has to offer. Through the land we stand on, connections with Ancestral realms, and a personal relationship with Divinity, we embrace all the magick that the world has to offer. From all regions of the world, we are a land of many paths that now walk hand in hand.

Join us to experience the magick that is already within you. Once a Witch, always a Witch. It matters not the land you stand upon or the family born into, but your spirit. If you feel Witchy then you are Witchy.

Events scheduled for the Cottage will include open opportunities for Witches to come together each month. This activities may include but are not limited to: New Moons, Dark Moons, Full Moons, Goddess/God Feast Days, Workshops, Casual Witches' chat sessions (with wine), Traveling to Festivals & Gatherings throughout the USA (if you desire), Field trips to graveyards, wineries, garden centers and of course, afternoon tea!

Join Taren, the Cottage Witches and other members of the House of Witchcraft in New Orleans, Aug 4-9th 2021 for opening the crossroads and dancing in Congo Square!!

An open teaching circle welcoming all paths to Divinity in honor and reverence. We encourage and facilitate the finding/discovering of your personal magickal path. Come as you are and so will we.

Legalities of an Open Circle

Must be over 18 years old or have a parent present to participate in any coven activity or event.

No underage drinking. You will be asked to leave and not allowed to return.

No green bean casseroles for potluck.


Where are we located?

Valley Center, Ca. 7 minutes from I-15 off Gopher Canyon exit. Our circle is located on 2 acres, secure and gated. We are directly across from Lilac Elem. School. We will be outside regardless of the weather so dress accordingly.

What do I wear to a full moon circle?

Clothes please. Whatever makes you feel special and is your comfort level. Most dress in black, some in white or red. Many have special ritual wear like a cloak or gown. Don’t stress your first time, jeans and a t-shirt are just fine.

What do I need to know to come to a full moon circle?

How to listen, share and write. No, seriously we are not expecting you to have studied long dusty texts and memorized verses in Latin. This is a teaching/learning circle and everybody involved is both a teacher and a student.

What should I bring to a cottage activity?

A positive attitude. Leave your mundane worries behind. A notebook or journal to record your experience. You can also contribute to the meal share after circle with light healthy type foods.

Does it cost? Is there a charge?

To cover cost of an open teaching circle we ask for a contribution of $20.00. All folks are expected to donate according to their personal situation -PUT A DOLLAR IN THE BOX so Spirit knows that you are not expecting anything for free!

Proceeds help to pay for supplies, meet-up listing, and all the cool magickal items and knowledge that you get to take home.

We will never turn any sincere seeker away.

About Taren S-

Author of "Hoodoo in the Psalms", Moon Book Publishing, "Dedicant's Handbook to Coven Life" "Bag Yo' Mojo" "Crossroads Witchcraft; The Ingredients" "The Witch's Guide To The Season of the Dead" All available at

Written articles for Magickal Times Magazine, Wiccans & Witchcraft Magazine, Paranormal Chronicles, Witchology and several independent e-zines.

She has been for almost 40 years an active member of the Pagan community at-large. Stood in first magickal circle-1982. Initiated as High Priestess within Traditional Witchcraft-1995. Hive-off-Circle in the Willows first full moon-Feb. 1997. Stood as Raymond Buckland’s HPS in New Orleans-2000. HPS at various gatherings and festivals-1999 to present. Worked at Haitian Voodoo Priest’s botanica for 12+ yrs. Initiated as Mama Bridget within American Voodoo/Hoodoo Traditions-2011. Pilgrimage to Brigit’s Sacred Wells in Ireland-2012. Professional Spiritual Counselor/Tarot Readings-2001 to present. Member of St. Brigid’s Order-2014

Want more? Check out and YouTube house of witchcraft. Taren uploads new Witchy videos twice a week. Subscribe and enjoy!

Remember you are never alone when you stand under a full moon. For at that moment all around the world, other magickal folks too stand under that same moon with you.

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Menifee Mom's Group

Menifee, CA

Menifee Mom's Group

Welcome to Menifee Mom's Group! We are looking to have fun and create meaningful friendships for ourselves & our kids. Our moms are warm, friendly, and fun.We are a group of ladies that enjoy getting out of the house to let the kids (newborn to 4) play and make friends while we enjoy some adult conversations and make some lasting friendships. <br>

Events include park & in home play dates, story times, craft days, potlucks, holiday parties, outdoor activities, a variety of well-deserved moms nights out, field trips and so much more. As a member you can even schedule meetups of your own on our calendar. We seek friendly & warm moms and kids. If you want to stay busy with the kiddos and meet new friends, then come join us! We are a friendly group of women who would love to have you and your children.

Come join in the fun!

Nitty Gritty Details:

The kids in our group currently range from newborn to four years old, we welcome kids of any age. Moms from any area are welcome to join, however, most of our events will take place in Menifee and surrounding areas. Our group focuses on meaningful, long-lasting friendships with one another. Please do not join if you are not interested in getting to know the other moms well or if you are too busy to attend our events. The more events you participate in, the easier it will be to make friends for you and for your children.

Becoming a Member:

In order to become a member of this group you would simply need to meet us at a playdate. I realize it can sometimes be pretty intimidating to meet a bunch of strangers, but I can assure you our group has great mommies in it. Everyone is very warm and welcoming. We are looking forward to making new friends just as much as you are. <br>If you are interested in joining our group and making friends please click the "Join Us" button on our website. We ask that you tell us a little about yourself and your kid(s), and please use your real name when requesting to join. We understand wanting privacy but it is very hard to try to find people at a public playdate based on a small profile image alone, its even more difficult asking strangers if they are "kittylover4" instead of a real name. Anyone that does not use at least their real first name will be denied until they can provide one, sorry. Once your information has been received I will email you with our upcoming playdates. Please respond back and let me know which playdate you would like to attend. Please do not click the "join us" button if your schedule does not permit you to attend an event within the next two weeks. If after meeting us you feel that our group would not be a good match for you please let me know that you are no longer interested. We have never had this happen, but just in case you feel this way please be honest.

Membership Dues:

There is a membership fee of $20 per year, which goes towards running our website and additional expenses such as crafts and holiday party supplies. Once you are an approved member your membership fee will be due within your 14 day trial period. Dues may be made online through or to a group organizer (Vanessa or Michele) by cash or check.

RSVP Etiquette:

As a courtesy to our members we ask that you keep your RSVP status up-to-date. Sometimes things happen and you can no longer attend an event, that is ok, but please let us know. You can either change your status on our website or call or text another member who would be attending that playdate to let them know you won't be attending. Please do not RSVP yes to an event and no-show. Lastly, any member that has been MIA for awhile will be removed from our group. Since this groups focus is to create lasting friendships participation is required. It is ok if you are not able to attend events for awhile, but please let us know. If you do not I will assume you are not interested in our group and remove you as a member. We will also max out at 50 members. <br>

Scheduling Events:

Any member is welcome to schedule an event with our group. Simply click on Suggest a Meetup to get started. <br>If this sounds great to you please click the "Join Us" button. We would love to have you be part of our group. <br> <br>

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The San Diego North County Pagans

Vista, CA

The San Diego North County Pagans

Merry Meet and Welcome to the San Diego North County Pagans!

Who we are:

This community, which began in the Spring of 2003, supports those who walk all paths, from Shamans, Druids, Witches and Wiccans, to Buddhists, Hindus, Occultists, and many other Spiritual Paths. We welcome a wide variety from solitaries, to covens and informal groups, to anyone with an open mind. Whatever your level of experience, you will be welcome here! We are an eclectic community, recognizing that no one single approach to Divinity is the "right" or "true" way. We all have things to teach, inspire and share with each other. Please have patience, tolerance, respect, and compassion for your fellow members. We're all here to learn and grow.

We are not an online group. We encourage our members to be active and contribute!

What we do & what do you need to know:

The mission of this meetup is to plan and support Pagan events that are community driven. When you contribute your energy, ideas, and time, it reflects the needs and desires of the community. Even a novice can contribute to help us celebrate the Sabbats, organize classes, and coordinate our yearly Samhain camping retreat. Some of the other types of meetups we have offered are classes of various topics, healing circles, divination parties, day trip adventures and so much more.


We have primarily been an in-person meetup up until the pandemic where we moved to a virtual platform for events. However, post-pandemic, we are still evaluating the needs of the community. Whether in person or virtually, we encourage our members to be active and contribute! If you are inactive for 6 months or longer, you’ll be removed to make space for someone on the waiting list.

Yes, we started a waiting list, as mentioned, when we implemented a membership cap in October 2019. Also, for security and the privacy of our meetup, we have a vetting process for in person attendance. If you’d like to join and attend one of our meetups, please be aware that you will be contacted by an Organizer for questions and introductions.


Our meetups are family friendly and “adults only” events will be specified as so.


All our meetups are free apart from our annual campout reservation costs. Part of being in service, is to give back, and so we do. If you’d like to contribute to the cost of supplies, the meetup listing or make a donation, we will gladly accept but all proceeds go back into the meetup. Feel free to contact the Organizer with any questions.

Where we are:

We're based in North San Diego county, approximately from Oceanside to Escondido and south towards Del Mar and Poway. We have both public and private events. If you’re willing to travel, we’re willing to have ya!


When we do events:

We celebrate the turning of the wheel, the seasonal 8 celebrations, known as Sabbats, that mark changes in the solar cycle. We also celebrate the lunar cycles which can include Full Moons, known as Esbats, to New Moons and everything in between. While some of these have fixed dates, sometimes we celebrate on the closest weekend.

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