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Do you LOVE scuba diving? Do you want to add more excitement to your scuba diving experiences, travel more often, meet other scuba divers, and maybe find new dive buddies? We're real scuba divers dedicated to experiencing scuba diving adventures around the world. We learn from each other, build community, give & receive referrals and have fun!

It doesn't matter if you've been diving for years, or are just starting out. This is a casual, social group for single divers (and couples but, we are primarily 90% single) looking to connect with fellow scuba divers that love to travel and explore our world's oceans and marine life.

What WE will do:

• Schedule fun local social activities

• Discuss scuba diving adventure opportunities

• Go on some awesome Scuba Diving Adventures and other travel itineraries when possible

• Have awesome Pre and Post Trip Parties

What YOU can do:

• Join this group now

• Invite other single scuba divers you may know

• Become a trip leader by attending our workshops

• Act early to take advantage of flexible deposit and payment options

Join us at our next event!


This group is not a hook up, dating site or swingers group! We will not put up with inappropriate behavior. Such member(s) will be removed from the group. No married men or women allowed wanting to hook up or use our group for alternative motives.

Note: Single Scuba Divers is a subgroup of FINZ Scuba & Travel Club.

FINZ Scuba & Travel Club is dedicated to inspiring scuba divers to explore the ocean and to use their talents to make a difference for the natural underwater world. Why scuba dive only once a year? We have scuba diving opportunities all year long!

The life of a scuba diver is fun and adventurous. Your scuba diving experience can be even better with FINZ Scuba & Travel Club! Make a new friend who shares the same passion as you! Besides, diving is always more fun with friends!

No Show Policies

Since we work with restaurants and other event vendors there is a need for us to give our estimated number of attendees. It is hard to organize events with individuals that RSVP and do not show up to the events they have indicated they will be attending. We find this to be a persistent issue and are working diligently to keep from charging for our "free" events. Our first step in trying to minimize this effort is to work with a No Show Policy. If this policy does not change the no show ratios we will resort to charging for events.

• After two no shows, individuals will be removed from the group. No exceptions.

• You must give a 24-hour notice if you find your plans have changed. Last minute cancellations will be considered as a no show.

• 24-hour notice means changing your RSVP status to 'Not Going' 24 hours before the event occurs.

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