What we're about

Robotics, IOT, IIOT, Drones, 3D Printers and smart Materials, AI, Voice Assitants and Chatbots, Digitalization and Automation in Oil and Gas Industry, BioMedical engineering (aka bionic prosthetic) , green buildings, smart home, smart cities, warables AR/VR/MR, EduTech, Urban Innovationsб, Fashiontech entrepreneurs,startups, corps, investors and service providers.
We will maintain meetups and hackathons and mixer parties on monthly basis to show
players in sttartup ecosystem, to study new tools and to build new amazing startups.

FiTML - FiT Makers Labs will implement new decentralized governance paradigm.

Where different Labs are nodes connected in aka Mesh Lab Network.

There couple of PPl and Robots that will Run FiTML:

Lab leaders

Lab Equipment Supporters

Lab Educators

More details willbe published on http://fitmakers.org page

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Ethereum Smart Contracts Development

Urban Place

Blockchain Fundamentals

Urban Place

The FiT Makers Labs soft opening

Urban Place

An intro to Robotics, meeting NN3 of 4

Urban Place

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