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fizzPOP Birmingham's - Makerspace
Based in Digbeth - Birmingham, fizzPOP is a member run and member-funded and member-led workshop, studio where the Birmingham maker community shares knowledge, tools and creativity.
The Makerspace is run on a non-profit basis to serve your creative interests of none members and none members alike Whether you’re interested in crafting, electronics, woodwork, metalwork, knitting, programming, prototyping, gadget modification, robotics, or anything, we have the kind of tools you don’t generally have room for at home. And our Makerspace is continually growing,
We have free open nights every Wednesday from 19:00 to give you a taste of what a Makerspace is all about.
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XYZ - Open CNC Night (Public,Free)


Are you interested in CNC? If you like the idea of been able to use or learn about 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers & milling machines then this is the night to come along to fizzPOP and get involved whether you are a newbie maker or an old hand. Come and look around birmingham's maker-space and get involved and maybe learn something new.

This is not a formal night, but an opportunity to work on your own projects, help with group projects and chat with like minded individuals.

Coding Wednesday (Public,Free)


We have been asked about for a while so we have decided to make the last Wednesday of every month coding night. There will be people on code academy, people following youtube tutorials and some using books. Come along and learn a language.

Lock Picking Night (Public,Free) 7 for 7:30


FizzPOP is running regular "Intro to Sport Picking" sessions!

What is Sport Picking?

Locks, how they work, and the opening of them without the usual key has long held a fascination for many people. Over the last few years this has taken off rapidly, and there are several organisations that teach and practice sport lockpicking.

Once able to pick a lock, the competition to see who can open it fastest is sometimes strangely intense, and as each lock falls open it is very enjoyable.

As well as teaching the basics, often advanced tricks are found, known as bypasses, and although these are rarely taught or demonstrated the results are, as with computer security flaws, normally fed back to the manufacturer.

We hope to start a leader board online which will cover, as well as the FizzPOP group, the entire UK, as there are ties between us and both Manchester & London Sport Picking groups.

Robotics - Mini Robot Sumo (Public,Free)


This is our monthly Robotics night. Each month we will holding a Mini Robot Sumo competition. We also hope to expand the night to cover other aspects of robotics with each night have a different focus. So if you are interested pop along and have a chat. Or if you have a Mini Sumo Robot or are thinking of building one pop along and compete!

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Robotics - Mini Robot Sumo (Public,Free)


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