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What we’re about

The Flaneur Society is a salon for people interested in arts and culture (in its widest sense - we manage to sneak sport and politics in as well as fine art and theatre) and writing about it for the London-based arts and culture website The Flaneur ( Except that The Flaneur has grown to a size where we now have hopes of putting on art exhibitions and plays or making films and books as well as writing about them. We might also start a cricket team or race historic sports cars. Then again we might not. Writers - if you're interested in joining us and writing/reviewing then join up. If you're passionate about a subject then we're going to be interested. Other creatives, artists, designers and fellows-doing-interesting-things are welcome to come along and join the gang and tell us about their latest excitements. <br>

The plan is we meet every month or so, chew the fat, decide on some interesting things to write about, maybe interview any artists or musicians who have joined up, plan to put on a play at a fringe festival somewhere, maybe curate an exhibition in a space someone knows about, drink some coffee and generally be a supportive creative though laid back hot house. Interested? Check out the site and join up! I'll schedule the first meetup more precisely when a few people have joined up. It will be in central London. <br>Looking forward to meeting fellow creatives and flaneurs!
<be>Oh and we've decided to do some fun meetups as well, cinema, museums, photo-walks, you know the sort of stuff.