What we're about

Atlanta is the birthplace of #FlipMyFunnel (http://flipmyfunnel.com/), a community of the most amazing B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals in the world.

Why Do We Exist

#FlipMyFunnel is on a mission to build the largest and most connected vendor-agnostic community of B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals by leading them to become masters of their craft and heroes in their organization.

What Do We Do

Connect - We provide a place for practitioners to create relationships with each other.

Educate - We provide a variety of ways for practitioners to become masters of their craft.

Lead - We help develop leaders and challenge the status quo in the way we lead ourselves.

A bit about #FlipMyFunnel

#FlipMyFunnel was brought to life out of a realization in 2015 by Sangram Vajre (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sangramvajre/), Co-founder and CMO of Terminus (http://terminus.com/), when he realized the traditional lead-based funnel was inefficient for driving real revenue.

We decided it was time to challenge the status quo of traditional B2B marketing practices and transform how B2B marketers approached driving revenue in their organization.

One year later, we have built the foundation of a scalable community. We now have over 6,000 believers worldwide who call #FlipMyFunnel their home for all things account-based marketing.

And now it's time to bring our local community together to learn from each other so we can all grow together.

You can learn more about the movement at flipmyfunnel.com (http://flipmyfunnel.com/)

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