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Welcome to Flipping Atlanta North! We are here for each other and we meet weekly on Wednesdays at lunchtime and Thursdays at dinner time. See the events for details.

What do you need to make your real estate career happen? Or make it better? In our experience it comes down to Deals, Money, and Methods. The basic principles haven't changed since the first real estate transaction took place. But the specifics are changing all the time. Where are the deals? How do I find them? What methods or different approaches can I take to get the most out of a particular property? How do I fund this? Is using my own cash even the best idea? These are the questions we are constantly addressing.

Organizer Roger Blankenship has flipped more than 900 houses (still doing 2-4 per week), bought hundreds of rental houses, hosts the hit radio show "Flipping America" heard 3 times per week coast to coast and provides a wealth of free information to his listeners and meetup members. Check out https://rogerblankenship.com/ for free resources and to schedule a strategy call.

Roger believes you want to do some good in the world with your extra money and is delighted to partner with you in making the world a better place. Join us!

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