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What we’re about

At Flipping NJ we believe that building a community of real estate investors, attorneys, lenders, agents and business owners combined with the value of practical, strategic education  within a LOCAL mastermind setting is a proven way to build a profitable business and Joint venture relationships that's why we created FLIPSTARTERS. 

We mentor and educate in all areas of how to succeed in the world of real estate investing and business ownership, including; tax & legal, marketing, asset protection, negotiation, raising capital and re-investing. If you’re serious about investing and have what it takes – contact us today and get started on changing your future like you never imagined. As long as you follow our proven system, and do the work, you could be afforded the same success like the thousands that have taken action before you!

Our Community is the support you deserve to create a successful real estate portfolio.  By being an associate of the Community, YOU have exclusive access to real estate investor services, professional contacts, real estate investing opportunities, and best of all – the camaraderie of like-minded real estate investors. Our students and members are comprised of beginner, intermediate, and advanced investors with various backgrounds and from all across the United States.

After you become part of the largest, nationwide, real estate investing community in America–you will never feel alone again! We aren’t going to make you keep on reading and reading, but we will give you the educational field-work and tools to apply in real life.

Financial change isn’t easy but in the right direction with guidance, it can occur in a fairly decent amount of time. Now is the time to learn up to date strategies on real estate investing. Our instructors are some of the most successful real estate investors in the country.

We strive on building real estate investing communities around the nation so that you have local support when you need to overcome the four biggest obstacles in real estate investing!

• Money

• Time

• Knowledge

• Relationships