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Hi, You found us! We are the "Original" MUFON meet up site in Florida!

We want to WELCOME you to our combined Network! We now represent MUFON and F.B.I. (Florida BIGFOOT Investigators) as well as Enigmatic Anomalies. We provide Different meetings on different days for different subjects hosted by different moderators, MUFON BOARD of DIRECTOR, Teri Lynge-Kehl for all MUFON related meetings, Founder and Researcher Kevin T. Kehl for F.B.I. and Enigmatic Anomalies.



UFOs are a world wide phenomenon and MUFON is on the cutting edge of UFO investigations! "MUFON is the REAL X-files!" Since 1969, MUFON has remained a grass roots, volunteer organization dedicated to the analytical and scientific study of the UFO phenomenon for the benefit of humanity. Are you curious, do you have an open mind? Do you wonder about what others have seen and are saying? We invite you to join us. We discuss all things UFO and learn about the world we live in and what's happening in and around it! The Mutual UFO Network is the largest UFO investigative organization in the world. MUFON has over 7000 members and is growing every day. We are represented in all 50 states and in 25 International countries. We welcome all to join MUFON, researchers & investigators, believers and skeptics, come search with us. We will discuss topics such as UFO sighting reports both current and past, visitations and abduction cases, Hybrids, Star Team findings, animal mutilations, Big Foot and crop circles just to name a few. We will have speakers on all topics UFO at our Symposiums and all over the country throughout the year at other MUFON meetings as well, and we'll plan Skywatch's together right here in Lakeland, so bring your night vision equipment and what ever else you have gathered and Join us, and together we will find the truth! Welcome!



Kevin Kehl has been holding Camp Meetings since 2012 with other researchers in the Crypto field. He is the Founder and Director of Research for F.B.I (Florida BIGFOOT Investigators). Looking for BIGFOOT one swamp at a time, here in Florida and in the forests all over the country of the USA! He is also Founder and Director of ENIGMATIC ANOMALIES a YouTube program/channel and T.V. Production company. Hosting E.A. Radio and E.A. News Update. While not related to MUFON, Kevin is Teri's husband and together their many interests are combined on different days for different venues. Together they are in production for "PAIRANORMALS" a T.V. production, coming out on Instagram & Face Book in 2018. You won't want to miss a single series! A true story of their paranormal, extraterrestrial and spiritual lives together here in our multidementional world. We invite you to join us as we search the planet together for the absolute TRUTH. Feel free to ask questions and join us as we gather locally in Lakeland. We look forward to meeting you.

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Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center

UFO Secrecy and The Death of the Republic - The Richard Dolan Movie DURATION 1H, 12M Filmmaker Tim Crawford and Historian Richard Dolan tackle an enormous subject. After explaining why UFOs are taken seriously in national security circles around the world, this film provides the best analysis to date as to how the secrecy on UFOs has taken form, how it has corroded our society, and how it works internationally. This film includes a fresh analysis on the black budget breakaway civilization, on the weaponization of secret technologies, the intelligences behind the UFO phenomenon, and the global UFO cover-up. Considered one of the most informative films of 2018. Destined to be a classic.

Enigmatic Anomalies Presents PARA UNITY CONFERENCE

The House of Refuge

Come join us in Stuart Florida. This year our conference will be held at the beautiful and historic "Gilbert House of Refuge" in Stuart, Florida Feb. 16-17th, 2019. Here is Sunday's Conference lineup Starting at 9am and running until 5pm Keynote Speaker: TERI LYNGE-KEHL Teri Lynge-Kehl will be our KEYNOTE SPEAKER this year! We are so excited as she will be Presenting "The Genetic Link in Family Abductions" KEVIN THOMAS KEHL will be speaking on"Near Death Experiences" & "The Afterlife" MARY YOUNGBLOOD Psychic MESMERIZED PARANORMAL will join us on our Investigations ENIGMATIC ANOMALIES will be a major part of our haunted investigations and filming while they are staying in a haunted hotel and room. THE PAIRANORMALS will also be present!! ROB ROBINSON Legend Tripper will speak on Cryptids BETH MAZZACOULO Reiki Master BILL NORWOOD Explaining Demonology We hope you can make this fun filled, unforgettable weekend! Any questions....Call or e-mail me[masked] [masked] Join us at "The Refuge" 301 SE MacArthur Blvd, Stuart, FL We have a rare opportunity to investigate the beautiful & historic Gilbert House of Refuge in Stuart, Florida and also an investigation at the Clarion Hotel just 15 minutes away. The Clarion Hotel is offering a "Special Price" on rooms $75.00 only for our conference attendees! We will have two meals catered by Carrabba's! Each meal will only cost an extra $5 An incredible deal! All this for just $25 a person! This is the paranormal event of the year!! Join us for a one of a kind experience! Payments can be made through Paypal. Please use the following name as the payee: - [masked] -

MUFON "Are we asking the right questions"?

Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center

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MUFON: "The Day the Earth Stood Still, What really happened"? WHO came here?

Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center

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