What we're about

At the Flow Meetup you learn how to get in the state of mind psychologists call "Flow".
Flow is the state where you perform your best and you feel your best.
We organize different Meetup Formats:
• Presentations about Flow Topics, Flow Triggers, How-Tos
• Interactive open table sessions

• Relevant other topics like embodied cognition, meditation, mindfulness, action sports, healthy living 
• Actual meditation & qi gong sessions to get you more in flow


Inspired by the Consciousness Hacking Meetup San Francisco & The Flow Genome Project by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal.

Learn more about Flow & Consciouness Hacking:

Past events (3)

Flow Morning with Meditation & Qi Gong in the Park

Flow Morning Spot

FLOW Meetup Düsseldorf #1

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