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Flutter Berlin has planned a great meetup for you again! Let's gather together on May 12th on Zoom for the first ever Flutter Berlin remote Event!

Talk 1 - "The sharp Corners of BLoC" by "Katarina Sheremet"

BLoC (Business Logic Component) is one way to handle State Management of a Flutter app. In this talk, I’ll share my observations of implementing BLoC and what you should consider when you use it in a non-trivial app, what difficulties and edge cases you may face. By the end of the session, you will know about BLoC and where you should use it with care.

Katarina is Google Developer Expert in Flutter and Dart, WTM Switzerland lead and passionate Mobile Developer. In her free time she works on her own project - Delern Flashcards, which has more than 2000 installs on Google Play, speaks at events, writes articles.

Talk 2 - "Convenient internationalization of Flutter apps" by "Dominik Roszkowski "

Flutter provides a set of useful APIs that enable you to support multiple languages out of the box. Hot-reload and hot-restart let you continuously update your language resources and see changes live. There is, however, small problem. Flutter uses arb files by default and not many translation services support this. How to overcome this? How to do it efficiently and not spend minutes or hours manually editing arb files? In this talk you’ll learn fundamentals of internationalization in Flutter. You’ll see how to quickly and safely add i18n to your Flutter app and combine this with several translation providers.

Dominik is a freelance mobile developer experienced in Flutter and other cross platform technologies. He’s a co-organizer of Flutter Warsaw meetup and Flutter Europe conference. For 6 years he’s been a deputy manager of PW-Sat2 Polish student satellite that was launched into orbit in December 2018.

Our Meetup will be on Zoom. The link will be provided after you sign up for the event!
Come and boost your Flutter knowledge while practicing social distancing!