December Meetup @ UsTwo

New York Flutter Developer Meetup
New York Flutter Developer Meetup
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Our final meetup of 2019! A special welcome to all of the international visitors in New York for Flutter Interact! This month we will be hosted by UsTwo Studios in downtown Manhattan. First, we'll do a quick recap of everything that was announced at the conference. Then we'll move onto our 2 talks...

Navigator and Routes and Transitions...Oh, My! by Simon Lightfoot and Mariano Zorrilla

If you've ever tried Flutter then you'll have tried Navigator. You also might be confused with how it works. Simon and Mariano will explain how Navigator, Routes, Transitions work, and give advice and practical use cases of how to use them. What is the future of Navigator on Flutter?

Building for Flutter for iOS without a Mac, by Martin Jeret

Building cross-platform apps is always a challenge since we might not be able to run an iOS simulator if we don't have a Mac computer and there might be issues configuring your Xcode project. Moreover to release the apps to the app store can be difficult even with a Mac. Codemagic CI/CD has been working on a VScode plugin that allows developers to connect to a remote MacOS and run your Flutter apps on an iOS simulator. You can also use the MacOS to configure your Xcode project. We're looking forward to sharing this with the community so come check it out.


Simon Lightfoot is Flutter Community Lead and Co-Founder of the Flutter Study Group. He is also the CTO of DevAngels London and Co-Organizer of the Flutter London meetup. An Android developer with 11 years of experience, Simon is a prolific contributor to the Flutter ecosystem. You may have come across his many blog posts, pub packages, or code examples online. You can find him on Zoom answering Flutter questions every Wednesday on "Hump Day Q&A".

Mariano Zorrilla is a Tech Lead at Venmo with more than 10 years of Android experience. He is also the Co-Founder of Flutter Devs en Español and GDG Buenos Aires. Mariano is an active developer, speaker, mentor, and loves to create multiplatform games with Flutter.

Martin Jeret is the CEO of Codemagic. He works closely with the Flutter community to make sure that Flutter developers get the best CI/CD experience.

Food and drink will be served, courtesy of Codemagic.

6:00 Doors open
6:30 Food served
7:00 Talks begin
8:30 Wrap-up