• Live Coding Workshop @ Google


    Live Coding Workshop Flutter is a UI toolkit that makes it fast and fun to create beautiful and performant user experiences. Join Googlers Matt Carroll and Will Larche as they attempt to create a new UI in Flutter, live! Come watch as they attempt to go from a blank canvas to finished result in only an hour. Bring your laptop to follow along! Matt Carroll works on the Flutter framework and Flutter’s Android embedding. Previously, Matt worked on Nest’s flagship Android app. Prior to Google, Matt worked as a contract app developer. Matt earned a Masters degree in Digital Art & Science from the University of Florida. Before his Masters, Matt earned bachelor’s degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Florida, as well. Will Larche is the Flutter engineering lead for Material Design at Google in NYC. He has also been an iOS engineer on Material Components, the official Google I/O app for iOS, and the Material Motion framework for animation and interactive motion. Before Google, he was the Chief Product Officer of a fashion-tech startup and has he led mobile engineering and product at multiple startups. Food and drink will be served, courtesy of Google. AGENDA: 6:15 Doors open 6:30 Food served 7:00 Workshop begins 8:30 Wrap-up

  • September Meetup @ Square

    Square, Inc.

    Flutter Plugins for In-App & In-Person Payments with Square, by Shannon Skipper Add payments to your Flutter apps with Square plugins for either in-app or in-person payments. For in-person payments, we'll take a look at how Reader SDK lets you use Square hardware to take physical card swipes and dips from customers. Then, for in-app payments, we'll show how to pop a credit card flow in your Flutter app so your customers can enter their details. Shannon Skipper lives in Los Angeles is and an Engineer and Evangelist at Square. Shannon enjoys playing bullet chess and contributing to open source software. Creating Flutter Plugins: Lessons Learned, by Xiao Hu Before Flutter version 1.0 was released, Xiao worked with Googlers to create several Flutter plugins that were highlighted at the Flutter Live release event. This talk explores implementation details around creating those plugins, including one of the first Flutter plugins to interact with hardware. Xiao will talk about lessons learned and give advice for plugin developers. Xiao Hu is a Software Engineer on the Developers team at Square. Xiao lives in Seattle, enjoys hiking around the Seattle area, and is a huge fan of cross-platform frameworks. Food and drink will be served, courtesy of Square. AGENDA: 6:15 Doors open 6:30 Food served 7:00 Talks begin 8:30 Wrap-up

  • August Meetup @ Betterment


    Going Native: Developing Flutter Plugins, by Richard Heap Sooner or later you will need something that cannot be done entirely in Flutter and need to interact with iOS and Android natively using a plugin. Luckily there are already plenty available on pub.dev, but you may need to modify an existing one or even code one from scratch to satisfy your requirement. A plugin is similar to a Dart package but adds some Kotlin and Swift code, plus a sample Flutter app to demonstrate its features. We’ll cover creating the plugin, opening the project in Android Studio and Xcode, defining the Dart-Native interface, and implementing each end. Richard Heap co-founded Software Hothouse, which specialises in VoIP recording applications, in 2003. There, he developed the ever-successful Avaya Contact Recorder, which has used Dart in its web UI since 2015. He recently co-founded JustSpeak – a start-up making it easier to use your mobile device as your work phone. He is frequently found answering Flutter questions on Stack Overflow. Developing With Fuchsia: Building the Tools & First Steps, by David Liedle Fuchsia is Google's mysterious new open-source operating system that is designed to run on a wide range of devices from phones to desktops to IOT, using Flutter as the official UI toolkit! David will walk through the steps he took to compile and run this exciting new platform, and show a real Flutter app running on Fuchsia! He will provide his observations and share some resources for developers to begin preparing for this exciting new platform. David Liedle has been obsessed with code since 1988. He's been a professional Developer since 1998, and has worked on teams of all sizes from his own studio to startups to Fortune 500 companies. In recent years, his focus on Developer Relations has taken him around the world where he speaks, codes, and writes about best practices in development. He is presently the CEO of DevRelopers.io, a DevRel agency based in NYC.

  • Flare Workshop @ Google


    Flare took the Flutter world by storm when it was announced at Flutter Live last December! Flare is a powerful design and animation tool that lets you create gorgeous, intricate, interactive animations in Flutter (and more) that are limited only by your imagination. Flare should be a part of every Flutter developer's toolkit, but many developers are not familiar with how to use animation design software. Not after this event! 2Dimensions, the creators of Flare, will be presenting a 2-hour workshop specifically for Flutter developers. You'll learn how to set up a project, import custom artwork, create animations, and integrate with Flutter. You'll also learn how to create stunning interactive animations that respond to user gestures and device sensor input. The topic of the workshop will be creating a new animation for the famous Hamilton Flutter app, from start to finish. Guido and Luigi Rosso are twin brothers and founders of 2Dimensions. With a background in app and video game design and development, Guido and Luigi combined their passions to create a no compromise tool for designers and animators. Artists work directly on production assets, bringing their creative work to life in an environment designed from the ground up to represent high fidelity runtime results. Food & drink will be served, courtesy of Google.

  • An Evening with Tim Sneath & Kevin Moore @ Google

    We are excited to have some amazing guest speakers from the Flutter team join us in NYC for a special evening of questions and answers! Kevin Moore, product manager for Flutter and Dart web technology, will give a presentation on Flutter for Web covering the implementation, features, and tools — along with some demos highlighting progress on the project since its announcement at Google I/O in May. We’ll then have a live, in-person AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Tim Sneath, who leads product management for the Flutter and Dart teams. As part of that, he’ll recap some of the other Flutter-related news at I/O and share a little about the team’s strategy and roadmap for the rest of 2019. Bring your tough questions, comments and feedback! Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from these Flutter ambassadors! Tim Sneath (@timsneath) leads product management for Flutter and Dart, working from Google’s office in Seattle. He joined Google in 2017 after seventeen years leading client platform and developer teams at Microsoft. In his spare time, he tinkers with various retro computing projects, battles with the New York Times crossword, and attempts to persuade his mother that computers aren’t out to get her. Kevin Moore (@kevmoo) is a product manager for Flutter and Dart, where he works on compilers, build tools, and libraries to support the web. He's helped create some core and obscure Dart packages, including shelf, source_gen, json_serializable, build_cli, and peanut. Prior to Google, Kevin owned a software consulting firm. Before that, he was a program manager at Microsoft. He earned a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Iowa State University. Food and drink will be served, courtesy of Google. AGENDA: 6:15 Doors open 6:30 Food served 7:00 Talk begins 8:30 Wrap-up

  • June Meetup @ Flywheel

    53 W 23rd St

    From Package to Pub: Creating Flutter API's by Jose Vila As Flutter and Dart break new ground in the world of mobile development, it's up to the open source developer community to build additional tools not currently available. Since Flutter leans heavily on the concept of composition — early Flutter adopters have the opportunity to fill in the gaps, and help make the framework easier to integrate in the mobile engineer's tech stack at-large. This talk will attempt to explore the process of making a Dart package that anyone can download from the Pub site, and utilize in their production-ready apps. As a recent career-changer and lifelong educator, Jose Vila took to mobile Android development with an open mind and a new mission — to create apps and sdk's that serve a purpose, and are fun to use. Previously a Mobile SDK Developer at Oracle, Jose currently works as an Android Engineer at Backbase by day, and as the Lead Android Instructor for the non-profit coding program "Pursuit" in Long Island City by night — an organization dedicated to helping members of underrepresented communities transition from low-income underemployment, to their dream jobs in the NYC Tech Ecosystem. The Flutter Developer Rules of Acquisition by Todd Fabacher This talk is about how Todd Fabacher and Digital Pomegranate used the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition from Star Trek to to go from never seriously using Flutter before 2019 to having one of the largest Flutter development shops in the world in under six months. This is a light hearted look at how they acquired Flutter contracts, convinced doubting clients that Flutter was superior to native and quickly created their own startups using RAD Flutter development methods. Take note that Ferengi Rules number 59: "Free advice is seldom cheap"...but the June NYC Flutter Meetup is you lucky day, it FREE and we hope helpful. Todd will also review the details of TriviaMatic.com, a Pub Trivia app coded in Flutter in just five weeks who's popularity is skyrocketing. At the end of the talk we will actually play a Flutter trivia game using TriviaMatic so you can interact with the app and possibly be the Flutter Top Dog. Todd Fabacher is the lead programmer and co-founder of Digital Pomegranate, one of the premier Flutter development agencies with offices in New York, Hong Kong and Gyumri, Armenia. Todd has with a track record of incorporating user and business requirements into cost-effective apps simply done right. Extensive knowledge and experience in the integration of Flutter apps with cloud RestAPIs for stunning data visualization. Extensive international experience of living and working in China [speaks Mandarin], France, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Tunisia, and Armenia has given Todd the experience to create dynamic and effective global teams. Food and drink will be served, courtesy of Flywheel.

  • #Hack19: International Flutter Hackathon

    Compass Real Estate

    Join us on Saturday, June 1st 2019 for the first ever all-day International Flutter Hackathon organised by over 2 dozen communities worldwide. Join a team of 2-5 fellow developers at your location to build something amazing in #Flutter and #Hummingbird. At the end of the event, all participants will vote on their favorite projects and the winners will receive prizes and bragging rights 😎 ✌️ For more information visit: https://flutterhackathon.com/ To start getting prepared visit: https://flutterhackathon.com/#getting-started

  • May Meetup @ Google


    Getting Comfortable With Flutter...by Peeking Under the Hood by Andrew Brogdon and Hans Muller Developers adopting Flutter start at the widget layer, creating Stateful and Stateless widgets, putting building blocks together, and composing whole applications without needing to go further into the details of the SDK. This encapsulation is something Flutter has been designed to make possible. An important step on the path from beginner to seasoned coder, though, is to understand what goes on after you create a widget and call runApp, to know how all the unseen pieces work together to bring your app to life. In this talk, Andrew and Hans from the Flutter team will take you beyond the widget layer into the element and render object trees. They'll show you why they exist, how they're constructed, and how they work together. By the end, you'll have a deeper understanding of how a Flutter application operates, plus know how to make smart decisions about how to work within the widget layer and how to create your own elements and render objects should the need arise. Andrew is a Developer Programs Engineer on the Flutter team, making sample apps, guides, videos, and tools to help people get started and grow with Flutter. Prior to joining Google, he studied poetry under Kathy Fagan in the Ohio State University MFA program. Hans is the tech lead for Flutter's Material and Cupertino libraries. Prior to working at Google Hans led the Flex team at Adobe and before that the Swing team at Sun. Food and drink will be served, courtesy of Google.

  • April Meetup @ ShopKeep


    Flutter and Redux: Lessons Learned Building the Invoice Ninja Flutter App, by Hillel Coren Hillel Coren, Google Developer Expert for Flutter, will be sharing the lessons he's learned building Invoice Ninja's new mobile app. Invoice Ninja is the leading free open-source online invoicing app for freelancers & businesses. With over 65,000 users and over 500 contributors around the globe, it is the first invoicing app in the market to leverage Google's new Flutter framework. Some of the topics covered will include: - Comparing Redux to other state management options - Best practices for structuring the codebase - Handling app persistence - Managing forms - Common pitfalls and gotchas - Using a code generator to reduce boilerplate code Hillel is the co-founder of https://invoiceninja.com and also helped to create https://itsallwidgets.com, a site to showcase apps built with Flutter. https://hillel.dev https://twitter.com/hillelcoren Food and drink will be served, courtesy of ShopKeep.

  • March Meetup @ Google


    All About Automated Testing in Flutter by MH Johnson, Software Engineer at Google Flutter is fast, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for prototyping. Proper testing is crucial for apps to scale. Luckily, Flutter has a powerful testing framework built in. We will explore Flutter’s testing framework by live coding a series of tests for an app, ranging from discrete widget tests to full integration tests using the Flutter driver. A New Jersey native, MH now lives in Chelsea and works at Google NYC. He started off at Google on an Ads product team doing front end web development in Angular Dart. He now works on the Material Design team for Flutter. Thanks to Flutter, MH was able to go from zero mobile dev experience to making both Android and iOS apps. CI as Smooth as Flutter by Mikhail Tokarev, Devops Engineer at Nevercode Let’s talk about out of the box CI solutions for your Flutter projects. Codemagic is a free dedicated CI/CD service for Flutter. It was announced during Flutter Live in December 2018 and has been growing and innovating ever since. Mikhail Tokarev will demonstrate how to set up and configure workflows in Codemagic for publishing your Flutter apps to the app store and play store. Tips and custom scripts that showcase how developers have been using Codemagic will also be covered and you will learn how to use different flavors in deployment. Mikhail has worked as devops engineer for over 5 years. He is passionate about introducing devops practices into the development process in different teams. He joined Nevercode over a year ago and now leads architecture design of both Nevercode and Codemagic. He first saw Flutter in 2018 after Droidcon in Berlin and is excited about helping mobile developers around the world with seamless CI/CD experiences. Food and drink will be provided by Google.