• [Lisbon] Flutter Forward Extended

    Critical Techworks

    For this event in Lisbon, we will have two talks and we will discuss about what was presented at Flutter Forward of this year!

    We have limited seating so RSVP responsibly.

    ⏲️ Schedule

    • 18:00 - Welcoming
    • 18:10 - Golden Tests in Flutter by Mara Felismino
    • 18:50 - Short Break
    • 19:00 - .Net expat in Dart land by Rui Craveiro
    • 19:30 - Flutter Forward 2023
    • 19:50 - Goodbyes and dinner

    🗣️ Golden Tests in Flutter
    Speaker: Mara Felismino

    Talk Description
    Golden testing is a method of testing the appearance of your widget, by firstly generating a snapshot of your widget’s UI and then by continuously comparing it to follow-up snapshots every time you re-run your tests, to check both snapshots look the same (regressions tests). The main advantages of golden testing are not just to let you know what has changed in terms of UI of your widget but to also quickly let you see the appearance of your widget without having to run the app on a device. On the negative side, golden tests can be quite challenging to setup/config in existing/larger projects and how to properly integrate them with a CI/CD solution.

    Speaker Bio
    She is 29 years old and comes from Costa Vicentina, Alentejo. 12 years ago, she moved to Lisbon to study Computer Science at FCT UNL, where she completed her master's degree. As soon as she started working, she immediately realized that she loves front-end development. She has a passion for developing user-facing features and ensuring a great user experience. Everyday, she collaborates closely with UX/UI designers and she is always looking to improve what they currently have.

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    🗣️ .Net expat in Dart land
    Speaker: Rui Craveiro

    Talk Description
    With Dart having been turned by Flutter into a nearly universal language for the frontend, its use on the backend is the last frontier left to conquer to make it a fully universal language. One of the most important examples of missing or incomplete APIs is database connectivity, one example being the connectivity between Dart and MongoDB. Although there is a package for Dart precisely to solve this problem, that same package has limitations, such as not supporting sessions and transactions. Instead of investing in understanding the existing package, the communication protocol that is used with MongoDB and potentially wasting a lot of time on a solution that would not be guaranteed to be viable, the solution adopted was to use an official package, maintained by MongoDB itself, but implemented in Go. The big challenge was to find an easy way to communicate between Dart and Go via FFI, which is a C interface. The solution found was to use Protocol Buffers in order to facilitate this communication. As a result, not only the package mongo_go was developed, but also two packages, go_bridge and dart_bridge created to facilitate the reuse of the technique in other contexts. An example of a second package developed with the same technique is firebase_go_admin.

    More information: https://tech.craveiro.pt/go-for-dart-with-protocol-buffers

    Speaker Bio
    Freelance full-stack programmer, working in Dart/Flutter and Go, with more than 2 decades of experience with C# and .Net.
    In terms of industries, he has provided services to specialized credit companies, first as a programmer for software-houses providing management applications, and then as an independent consultant, through his company, SquareAlfa. His largest client is BMW Bank Portugal. Other industries for which he has worked have been professional training management, for which he has used Flutter commercially.
    In parallel, develops internally at SquareAlfa, a SAS product to be launched on the market in the future, for which he developed the open-source framework, Dartaculous.
    He has a second profession, as an aerial photography pilot. He operates a Cessna 402B aircraft.

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