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We take turns selecting songs for the group to sing and play (passing's OK). Most of our songs come from the Rise Up Singing and Rise Again books, so if you have copies, bring them along. (If you don't, you can share or borrow one from us.) You also have the option of going solo or handing out lyrics and chords to a song not in the book. Whatever you do, *ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPATION* IS THE KEY!

We meet the first and third Saturday of the month from 2:00 to 5:00 pm in a comfortable indoor location in Arlington, VA, close to metro. There is plenty of parking available in the area.

We sing all kinds of music: well-known songs and songs members want to teach us, traditional music, songs by the big names in folk and folk/rock from the '50s to the '70s, songs by today's indie/folk musicians. And what's a sing along without some Beatles songs, pop songs, rock songs, show tunes, standards. We really mix it up.


A SOJO member recently raised with us that, in view of today's focus on racial equality and inclusion, lyrics in some older songs from Rise Up Singing and Rise Again, written in a different time, could be viewed as insensitive and inappropriate. Since we all would agree that the purpose of SOJO is to have fun and not make any members feel uncomfortable, it might be best in choosing songs to perform or for the group to sing to avoid such songs or to use other inoffensive lyrics. We appreciate your cooperation.

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Our 54th Virtual SOJO (4/24/21)

Needs a location

Life for all my sons and daughters
Golden sparkles in the foam
And I was not far from home

If you plan to lead a song, you will sound even better if you go to your Zoom settings and Turn On Original Sound. There are lots of online instructions and YouTube videos which show you how to do this. (This feature is now available on phones or tablets, too! Just update to the latest version.)

We'd like as many different people as possible to lead a song. We're looking for participation, not perfection. You can sing and play an instrument, sing a cappella, even sing along with a recording (just don't stream it from a website on your computer - it will be out of synch). So please give it a try -- lots of sharing will make it more fun for everyone. If you would rather not lead a song, you can always suggest one. Just type your song and page number into the chat section of the Zoom screen, and you'll be in the queue. If you'd like to do a song not in the Rise Up Singing or Rise Again books, try to screen share the lyrics and chords during the song.

This is the way a virtual singalong works.

One person leads a song. Everyone else sings and plays their hearts out, but they are on mute. So everyone hears just one person, but they can see the faces of everyone else singing or playing along. If you un-mute even one additional person, there is delay, echo and cutting out. But even though you can't hear the other voices, it's kind of nice actually. We are still together. And we can unmute between songs and talk to each other.

So if you would like to attend, please RSVP. On Friday or Saturday, I will send a message through Meetup Message to all who have RSVP'd with the link and password for the Zoom event.

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Our 53rd Virtual SOJO (4/17/21)

Needs a location

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