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Come and explore the agricultural bounty that our Monterey Bay / Santa Cruz County has to offer. We live in an area rich with farms and artisanal trades that supply us with an amazing array of fresh food and food products. There are so many interesting people and places to discover! Let's get together once a month to connect with the people and places that grow our food. Can also tour food based venues to learn about how they make their products... and much more. Sounds like a plan!

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Farmworker Reality Tour


Join us for a 4 hour “Farmworker Reality Tour” led by Dr. Ann Lopez on Sunday, November 7th. from 3-7pm.

We collaborate with the Center for Farmworkers Families for this tour every year to keep current on the changing environmental & legislative issues that affect our agricultural community.

This tour will change how you view our food system!

The Center for Farmworkers Families was started by Dr. Ann Lopez to promote awareness about the difficult life circumstances of the farm workers and their families as well as supporting educational advancement, financial and nutritional well-being. One of the goals of the center is to bridge the gap between the farmworker community and those of us who consume the products of their hard labor. Between 1/3 and ½, (roughly 500,000 – 800,000), of ALL farmworkers in America reside in California. 83% of the farmworkers in Santa Cruz County are undocumented, of which 1/3 are women.

Farmworker housing is typically located in remote areas far from the general population and invisible to the public. Farmworker Reality Tours address this issue by allowing participants to meet, talk with and hear testimonials of farmworkers. This tour will allow participants to better understand the difficult conditions that farmworkers must contend with in order to survive on the Central Coast. We will visit three locations on the tour, including an agroecological farm, the Buena Vista Migrant Camp and the rented home of a farmworker that will serve us a delicious, traditional Mexican dinner.

Did you know that children over the age of 12 can legally work in agriculture with their parent’s permission or with their parents on the same farm?

PLEASE NOTE!!! You must purchase tickets at the link below to attend this tour. The Watsonville location of the tour meeting place will be sent to you once you have purchased tickets.

Tickets start at $20.00 donations each. All proceeds go to the Center for Farmworker Families.


Please contact me prior to the tour if you are interested in carpooling.


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