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Footyphilo's mission is providing a a club-soccer like playing & development opportunity for future, current, and ex soccer players as well as for well-coached individuals without daily or weekly commitments. Check our website and channel for the unique technical agenda we practice at our weekly games:

We are committed to our technical agenda of mastering ball possession brand, both as a group and also on individual basis. The ball possession game model we implement has been engineered along the multidisciplinary problem solving theory of soccer. Using the laws of the game, some math, biology, physics, and game theory. The model is validated by the similar style characteristics of pro soccer dynasties in the past 60 years of history of the sport. Everything is about ball possession so to maximize game control and chance of winning.

To the game model, we play the ultimate ball pressuring game - positional play attack combo. Exact game philosophical style elements are derived that all members must be familiar with and should try practicing. The three essential ones:
1. Relentless and direct 1v1 ball pressuring play against the opponent for recovering ball possession. We do not defend.
2. Establishing permanent team presence in the attacking half by turning to safe small-sided combination games with teammates as a default approach (Passing rondos). Avoiding over-commitments and making unforced errors.
3. Throughout the entire game everyone should be able to demonstrate a reversed game tempo. That is, one must be running more and/or at a higher intensity when his/her team is out-of-ball possession compared to when they attack.

The self-reliant and pro-active game management enables our players to improve effectively in the very core soccer skills. Our Regulars are success stories - Hope you'll be the next!

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