What we're about

For anyone interested in formal methods as they apply in day to day software engineering. Programmers of all skill levels are welcome. No specific background in formal methods is assumed.

Our focus is on practical applications of any and all formal methods in a typical software engineering process. We are currently focusing on Alloy, TLA+, and potentially some theorem provers like Coq and Isabelle/HOL with diversions into more foundational areas like first-order logic and type theory.

We meet in-person once a month in the bay area. We try to spread out and meet in both north and south bay so that folks from either area can attend.

Past events (4)

Introduction to Boolean Satisfiability Problem

465 Pine St

Introduction to Pi Calculus

220, Alumni Science Hall, Santa Clara University

What, Why, and How of Formal Methods

220, Alumni Science Hall, Santa Clara University

Initial Organization Meeting

3030 S Delaware St