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Making the Journey in Entrepreneurship

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Making the Journey in Entrepreneurship


The road is lonely, and the nights are long, yet you may find that if you can survive the journey, you may be stronger than you think.

On adventures concepts and distinctions like self-esteem, responsibility, and efficacy will transform your life. If you understand, then we will help each other get stronger through support and learning naturally. All you have to do is show up, open up, and be yourself. If you don't, you will get some exposure to philosophies like ikigai and what it takes to walk this path in a manner that gives back to you.

As part of the community, a non-profit personal development community where we then build people's ideas, doing this event is part of our charter. So, understanding that you want things like self-esteem, responsibility, and efficacy in your life when you launch an idea makes everything better for anyone involved in what you see for the world that you can do, including yourself ;D.

So, our focus will be on self-esteem, responsibility, and efficacy and what that does for people's lives. The outcomes we have seen end up as something like people awakening a new side of themselves where they heal relationships, save marriages, make friends, start teams, learn new skills, and even triple their income.

This environment is one of joy, peace, love, companionship, prosperity, and well-being, where we are equal but different and have respect for all, where you won't need to defend yourself and don't feel judged or exploited.

Your decision-making, how fast you go, how you align with people, and the lot are all related to these, and it's valuable to understand and support each other.

Event Format:

  1. We will do some quick intros depending on the group size
  2. Then we will introduce a concept
  3. Give time for people to share on this or ask for help
    Rinse and Repeat
The Founder's Blueprint
The Founder's Blueprint
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