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What we’re about

The members of the Four Corners Motorcycle Club (FCMC) enjoy short and long rides all around California. As with the four corners of the compass, we travel in different directions on all types of motorcycles. We pride ourselves on helping everyone to feel welcome. This club is for women and men who love to ride, socialize, and have fun. Safety, courtesy, respect, and a sense of adventure are the cornerstones. Where do YOU want to go? Our calendar is as exciting as the people who plan the rides! Pillions with gear encouraged!

I, hereby agree that the Meetup; Four Corners Motorcycle Club, the respective group organizers, ride leaders, sweeps, riders offering non-riders pillion accommodation, as well as the sponsoring individuals of any event, (hereinafter the “Released Parties”), shall not be liable or responsible for injury to me or damage to my property during any MEETUP; FOUR CORNERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB activities. This release/waiver of liability applies even in situations where the damage or injury is caused by ordinary negligence.
I understand and agree this release shall be construed pursuant to applicable California law in the broadest sense allowed by law. I further acknowledge this is a knowing and intelligent waiver of any and all rights which I might have to the fullest extent allowed by law.
I understand and agree all MEETUP; FOUR CORNERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB members and guests participate voluntarily and at the individual’s sole risk in all MEETUP; FOUR CORNERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB activities and hereby knowingly agree to assume all risks of injury and damage arising out of or related to such activities.
I release, indemnify and hold harmless the “Released Parties” from any injury or loss to my person resulting from my participation in MEETUP; FOUR CORNERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB rides, activities and events. I also agree to indemnify the “Released Parties” for any cost incurred in defending against any action I might bring in violation of the terms of this release including, but not limited to, costs and reasonable attorney fees. This release applies not only for myself but also for my heirs.
I further agree to waive all benefits flowing for any specific state statue now in effect or subsequently enacted, to the full extent allowed by law, which would negate or limit the scope of this release and indemnification agreement.
I hereby understand this means I agree not to sue the “Released Parties” for any injury or damage to myself or my property resulting from, or in connection with, any MEETUP; FOUR CORNERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB rides, activities or events.
I represent to the group that I am fully knowledgeable of the dangers and hazards associated with riding motorcycles. If I am riding at an event, I certify that I am duly licensed and competent to operate a motorcycle in a safe manner, and my vehicle is in a safe operating condition. I will be riding on public highways and am solely responsible to determine the speed and operational characteristics of my motorcycle while participating in ride events.

I certify that I have no known physical or mental impairment that may affect my safety or the safety of the group. I understand that the choice of helmet or other protective gear is solely my own and that I am responsible for my compliance with all state laws. I certify that I am not under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol, or other drug that may impair my understanding or judgment and that I will not at any time during the ride operate my motorcycle under the influence of any drug.
I have fully read this Release and completely understand its terms. I am not relying on any statements or representations made by the “Released Parties” and that I knowingly and intelligently execute this release, the terms of which shall be effective until revoked in writing by me.
My and my guests’ participation is MEETUP; FOUR CORNERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB rides and activities is deemed active acceptance of these terms. This “LIABILITY RELEASE FORM” will also be listed under “More” and then “Files.”