Clojure: A Functional LISP for the JVM

Functional Programming Brno
Functional Programming Brno
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Pekárenská 330/12, Brno 602 00 · Brno

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I'll give a brief overview of Clojure basics and present several ideas that are central to Clojure philosophy and makes Clojure elegant, powerful, practical and fun to use:

* Immutability / Values

* REPL driven development

* Sequences

* Transducers

* Clojure spec

* Protocols

* Extensible Data Notation

* and more

These ideas go beyond the scope of Clojure itself and can help you to design better systems, whatever programming language you happen to use.

This presentation is intended for people unfamiliar with Clojure but seasoned Clojurists are more than welcome.

The presentation will be in English as long as there is at least one person who doesn't speak Czech/Slovak.

After the talk, I'd like to gather some feedback and ideas for next presentations.

The location and facilities are kindly provided by our partner