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Bread & Butter

419 Park Ave · New York, NY

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2nd floor

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Topic: IN-DEPTH EXPOSÉ ON 맛집 (and homecooking)

Bring your top 6 NJ/NY restaurants/bars/rooftops!!!

1. How often do you eat out?
2. Do you tend to eat out in your neighborhood, near your office/school, wherever your friends go...?
3. How do you handle splitting the bill here...?!?! Restaurants in Michigan will usually split the bill for you...
4. Do you tend to order the same kind of foods or do you like to try new things often?
5. Do you eat at fast food restaurants? (no judgment, i love mcdonalds. it is THE panacea for hangovers)
6. Have you ever sent your food back because something was wrong with it?
7. Have you ever had memorably bad food at a restaurant?
8. Have you ever had memorably good service at a restaurant?
9. Do you use delivery services like Grubhub or Seamless?
10. What's the maximum amount of time you'll wait to get seated?

1. Do you prefer to cook at home than eat out?
2. If you cook at home, what kind of food do you make? Do you tend to make food you ate as a kid?
3. Do you ever try to make foods you're not familiar with?
4. What is your best dish?
5. Have you ever worked at a restaurant?
6. Would you be interested in taking a cooking class for fun?
7. Do you have a go-to recipe site or cookbook?
8. Do you have any cooking tips? Like how to cook a steak, how to make vegetables actually taste good, easy sauce recipe, etc.
9. Do you prefer to use non-GMO, organic ingredients, or doesn't it matter to you?

1. Why are so many people obsessed with food to the point we have entire TV channels, magazines, websites, dedicated to food?
2. Is food as culture important? Are "creative" versions of your culture's food ok?