Machine Learning for Retail: Predict Your Customers' Next Purchase

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We teamed up with Microsoft and Metis for a meetup on retail analytics!

How can retailers data teams use predictive analytics to deliver real value? Yashas Vaidya (Solutions Architect, Dataiku) and Arsen Vladimirskiy (Principal Azure Cloud Architect, Microsoft) will walk you through the entire data science process for predicting a customer’s next purchase using HDInsight and Dataiku.

If you can't attend, here's the link to the live stream provided by Metis:

"Customer Next Purchase Prediction for Retail: a Global Use Case" by Yashas Vaidya, Solutions Architect at Dataiku

With the rise of loyalty programs and digital touch points, retailers have been able to collect more and more data about their customers over time, opening up the ability to create better, more personalized marketing offers and promotions. Using transactional, demographic, and product data, Yashas will show how machine learning enhances a better, more pro-active and more efficient customer's behavior prediction.

Yashas Vaidya, Solutions Architect, Dataiku:

Yashas ( is assisting Dataiku's alliances team as learning content creator, data scientist and solutions architect to enable and grow the partner ecosystem. He has been trained as a population scientist and is now examining child nutrition in a 20-year longitudinal panel study as Ph.D. candidate at Brown.

"From data ingestion to data viz, how to start and complete an analytics project for retail on Azure HDInsight Application Platform" by Arsen Vladimirskiy, Azure Solutions Architect at Microsoft

Building upon the use case, Arsen will present how retailers can leverage the Azure HDInsight Application Platform ( to use applications that span a variety of use cases like data ingestion, data preparation, data processing, building analytical solutions and data visualization.

Arsen Vladimirskiy, Principal Azure Cloud Architect, Microsoft:

As part of the Commercial Software Engineering team at Microsoft, Arsen ( works directly with software engineers, chief architects, CTOs, and product management leaders of high-impact global Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and partner organizations to architect, build, and ship - scalable, resilient, innovative, and business-transforming applications on Microsoft Azure intelligent cloud.


6:00 PM: Pizza, beer, & networking
6:30 PM: Yashas’ presentation
6:50 PM: Arsen's presentation
7:10 PM: Q&A

About our partner Metis:

Metis ( accelerates careers in data science by providing full-time immersive bootcamps, evening part-time professional development courses, online resources, and corporate programs based in Seattle, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.