Hands-On Storystorming

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1) Hands-on Storystorming. It's best to experience it yourself! :-)

Storystorming is a young and very lightweight set of methods to explore and understand customer and user journeys, work procedures and whole business processes by telling visual stories and by focusing on their natural language. With a very simple configuration of sticky notes we can leverage the fundamental “Subject - Predicate- Object” structure of language and enable our domain experts to tell their stories *themselves*, in the most natural way, and without requiring them to learn anything more but five different colors. (see https://medium.com/plexiti/story-storming-191756f57387).

2) Storystorming - The Background

The simple method we just tried is rooted in Domain Storytelling, however there is more to Storystorming. Together with my clients I combine ideas coming from Event Storming, Domain Storytelling, User Story Mapping, Impact Mapping and others in such a way that the result of one method can serve as a starting point for others - or can serve to validate the result of other methods. In this little talk I want to share some background info about my little "theory" behind Storystorming and the way it models "domain language" around what we know about natural language and its fundamental grammatical structures.

For over a decade Martin has been working in complex domains like energy trading, health care or wind tunnel organization. As a coder, he has a soft spot for readable and testable APIs and enjoys to design services around long-running capabilities. As a "domain decoder", he is into Domain-Driven Design and with Storystorming he tries to integrate methods which shift the focus from technology to the user value of what we do. Martin blogs at https://medium.com/plexiti and publishes in magazines like InfoQ and OBJEKTspektrum, a well-read german periodical for which he is an editorial member. In his hometown Vienna he organises meetups around Domain-Driven Design, Microservices, Reactive and Distributed Systems. Martin is a contributor to several projects on GitHub and a trainer with experience in 50+ companies and 10+ countries. He regularly speaks at meetups and conferences across Europe - and from time to time in the US.