Data Science webinar: Victor Baissait: a reflection on data & data visualization

Data Science South Coast
Data Science South Coast
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At this meetup we will be joined by Victor Baissait who will deliver a talk about a broad reflection on data & data visualization.

This meetup will be delivered via webinar. Click here to join:

What are the good practices? The mistakes to avoid. How to make a powerful dataviz? How to find the data? What to do when we don't have the data or there is no data available? How can the collective and artificial intelligence help us and what are the limits?

The presentation will last 30-45 minutes with a follow on 20+ minutes for questions/debate. We can then open the floor up for any other topics or questions to be discussed.

About Victor: Victor Baissait is a French web designer, front-end dev and a dataviz/data speaker. He works for various agencies, schools, business, start-up in Paris and London (Intersec, 5ème Gauche, Collectio, Artips, Minuco, Pennighen...). he had also previously co-founded a start up.