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Ionic Zürich
Ionic Zürich
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The event will take place in room C2 on the first floor

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Join us for the last Ionic Zürich Meetup of 2019 🎄🎅

Au menu: eCollect, dark mode, ci/cd, capacitor, pwa, web share, open source, react and native host


🚀, an E-Collecting Prototype - Sandro Scalco

At this meetup I‘ll present the first available ecollecting solution using the electronic identity solution of the canton schaffhausen.

The project is a result of my master thesis ( prerequisites for the introduction of a civictech solution by means of an electronic identity in the canton of schaffhausen ) and it's build with Ionic V4.

I will talk about the new dark mode, capacitor, ci/cd, pwa, web share and my vision to go open source.

About Sandro:

I am a digital master and consultant currently living in Schaffhausen, Schweiz.

I am the founder of club management software and, the first available E-Collecting Solution in switzerland using an electronic identity.

Please feel free to contact me


🚀 Ionic React, a sneak peek - David Dal Busco

Ionic React, a native React version of Ionic Framework that makes it easy to build apps for iOS, Android, Desktop, and the web as a Progressive Web App, has been officially announced on October 14th.

In this presentation I'll show a sneak peek on how to get started with such a tech stack and how to quick start a New Ionic React app.

As I have almost none experience with React (yet), I could guarantee that the presentation will be beginner friendly 😉

About David:

I'm a freelancer by day and the creator of DeckDeckGo by night.


🚀 Hosting an Ionic/PWA in a native host - Fabio Pisacane is a social network platform for people who love music and who
love to dance. It provides a mobile app made with Ionic for both iOS and

Creating native mobile Apps is cumbersome. You have to manage your
app-store images, descriptions, memberships and so on. Once your app
gets approved, every update takes some time too. And above all, you
cannot predict when your update is going to be approved (e.g. on
weekends). Therefore, using technologies like Vue/Angular/React etc. to
create web applications is easier in this regard. But: They lack native
capabilities like for example push notifications.

Therefore, for the teachers section of, an in-between approach
has been developed: Hosting an Ionic/PWA in a native host. The host is
able to call JS-functions on the guest PWA, an the guest PWA is able to
call native functions on the host.

About Fabio:

Fabio has been working as software engineer for over 15 years. Mainly on
the stack, but also with modern web and mobile
technologies. He has worked in many industries. Currently he is
workingin the aviation industry as a freelancer and on some other
projects like