JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg 18 June 2019

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* "Accessibility in practice" by Marie Baudy and Artur Spulnik from CTIE

5 reasons to do accessibility in Luxembourg? Tips to know: rules (with update WCAG 2.1), properties, tests, and advices.

* "WebGL and 2D: simple as Web" by Aleksandr Korotaev
WebGL is a faster rendering technology on the Web, but the API looks too hard to learn. This standard is available since 9 years but the experts in this standard are quite rare. I will show how to create 2D graphics in the browser using React or Canvas to render it using WebGL. This talk for developers who know that WebGL is too fast, but do not know the right way to reduce complexity and draw something, except one triangle that can be found in many examples from the google search results. Demos during the talk are included.

This event is sponsored by World of Digits Many thanks to them for supporting our events.