WTF is a Developer Evangelist? [English]

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- Nicolas Grenié, Developer Advocate for 3scale by Red Hat
- Don Goodman Wilson, Developer Relations Strategist at large
- Jessica West, Developer Advocate at Algolia

Have you ever wondered who are those people calling themselves "Developer Evangelist" or "Developer Advocate"?

- What do they do?
- What's their role in the company?
- Who they work with?
- What are their KPIs?

You may have run into some of them at hackathons, conferences or meetups, they always have tons of stickers for you, but really, what kind of job is this?

Join us on Monday 29th to hear about the stories of 3 senior Developer Advocates from Algolia, Slack, Red Hat to learn more about this role which is critical for tech startups.

Whether you are curious about this role or you are thinking of Developer Relations as an alternative tech career, this event is for you!

Bonus: Beers are on us :)