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Not So Manic Monday - Deep Work

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As part of our series of Deep Work meetups, this group is aimed at freelancers/independents, small business owners who are interested in how to plan and improve actual execution within their work.

There is no shortage of ideas, do-lists and plans, it is the execution that is the challenge for most of us.

This group will be a weekly get together, where we will collective share our weekly goals and then we will put that into action plan that will help execution of the action.

We have been running this group for a while internally within the coworking community and we are looking to widen this further and help others learn about the benefits of deep work and reducing distraction and the amount of shallow work in our weekly routines.

The benefit of meeting weekly is the opportunity to come regularly and benefit from the power of some public accountability within the group.

It will be a non-judgemental and safe environment and our values are centred around collaboration, openness, and empathy.

Planning and execution are two vital ingredients in a more successful life.

This is how we roll:

10.00 - introductions

10.10 - review and discussion on our goals and plans for the week, with tips and advice on formulating effective plans.

10.30 - constructing our weekly plan

10.45 - review of plans and progress for last week

10.50 - questions and closing