OpenStack Forum #4

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Hej allihopa!

Då börjar det äntligen dra ihop sig till nästa OpenStack Forum onsdagen den 24/10 mellan 14:00 och 17:00. Men, det viktigaste först! Den här gången sponsras kaffe, burgare, lokal och öl av Objectif Libre ( Så ett stort tack till Objectif Libre!

Agendan för dagen är:

14:00 Introduktion av alla deltagare plus nyheter från OpenStack communityt.
14:10 Autoscaling Instances on Openstack: Match your compute nodes to the workload!
14:30 Q&A
14:45 Kaffe
15:00 Containers and VMs: mix and match.
15:30 Q&A
15:45 Kaffe
16:00 The Openstack Distro Market.
16:30 Q&A
16:45 Wrap up
17:00 Burger/beer/brus/läsk @ Somewhere close by...

Mer information om talarna och presentationerna finns nedan.

Adressen till lokalen är Folkungagatan 44, Stockholm ( och efteråt tar vi lite öl och burgare på något bra ställe alldeles i närheten.

* Hur anmäler jag mig? *

Här på meetup eller via mail till [masked].

Varmt välkomna den 24/10 och kom ihåg att för sponsrad burgare krävs registrering med emailadress.


Title: Autoscaling Instances on Openstack: Match your compute nodes to the workload!

Description: Will demonstrate ways in which to scale out compute nodes from bare metal resources. This allows you to match computing demand or gain high availability if nodes fail. Incorporating a load balancer to distribute load to healthy nodes.

Speaker: Mark Joiner, Technical Manager at Interoute.

Speaker bio: With over 20 years of experience developing and implementing distributed computing systems for a wide range of fields, from 3D animation to e-commerce, to telecom and now cloud computing.
Spends considerable amounts of time outside of normal work building cloud platforms and loading them with projects such as neural networking, data analytics and realtime communication systems.


Title: Containers and VMs: mix and match.

Description: Containers are becoming a standard way of deploying applications in the cloud world. How containers and orchestrators integrate with VMs? Are VMs still needed? During this talk we will provide an overview of projects that bring the best of both worlds together.

Speaker: Gauvain Pocentek, OpenSource consultant, Objectif Libre.

Speaker bio: I have been working with OpenStack for several years, my first mostly-working deployment being based on the Folsom Release. Since then I've had the opportunity to design, deploy and run multiple OpenStack platforms as an OpenSource infrastructure consultant for Objectif Libre, a french company based in Toulouse, Paris, and soon in Stockholm! I enjoy automating all the things, developing useful tools, and running a few kilometers before starting my work day.


Title: The Openstack Distro Market.

Description: As Openstack is developing the focus from the distro vendors has changed from support of basic services and easy installation to more long term operation. In this talk I will give a vendor independent view of the Openstack distro market and comment on differentiating factors. After the vendor independent view, we'll let SUSE and any other commercial OpenStack vendors present, give their opinion about the report to see how it compares with Henriks experience of OpenStack in the market. Hopefully this will be of guidance for those considering a commercial Openstack distribution.

Speaker: Henrik Villför, Senior Consultant IP-Solutions.

Speaker bio: Henrik is a cloud architect at IP-Solutions as some 20-plus years working as specialist and technical project manager in the telco-business.

Speaker: Pieter Jenniskens, Sales Engineer at SUSE.

Speaker bio: Pieter Jenniskens is a Sales Engineer for SUSE in the Benelux. In his previous life he was a Linux consultant working with several large enterprises in the Netherlands. He started with Unix/Linux in 1992 and never let go.