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5th PHP Mauritius Meetup | Let's Lara It!

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Speaker 01 - Percy Mamdy

Title: Laravel : A framework for PHP artisans.

Durantion: 40 min


We'll take a little dive in some of the features that makes Laravel unique and one of the best PHP framework out there. We'll review features such as:
- Laravel Collection
- Eloquent ORM
- Queues
- Notifications

So take a seat, kick back, relax and let's explore Laravel together; hopefully by the end of the day you might consider Laravel for your next big idea !

Speaker 02: Atish Bagolah

This is a non-technical talk. Aims at helping our PHP developers shape & boost their career on the soft-skills level.

Further details on our website (

We look forward to be honoured by your presence.

Bring along a friend, the more, the merrier!